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Just Another Day

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It was an beautiful day in Summer Bay. The waves were perfect, the birds were singing and the sun was high. It was peaceful, idyllic even.

The Diner was busy that day, filled with people who had been at death's door only a few days before but had experienced a miraculous recovery.

Of course since Colleen, Leah and Irene are the only people who actually work in the Diner, they were rushed off their feet.

"I asked for chocolate mud cake, not chocolate mousse, you silly woman." Morag snapped at the frazzled Colleen who had brought her the wrong order.

"Fair go, Morag." Said Alf, outwardly looking like he was sticking up for Colleen but really he just didn't want to get caught up in another one of their arguments.

All in all, it was another ordinary day in the Bay, upstairs Cassie was being beaten up by Macca, while Ric wandered the beach wondering why Belle looked so much like that girl from The OC. Meanwhile Kim was finding himself wary of the advances of yet another stalker and dealing with finding out that another of his sons wasn't really his. Little did they know that peace was about to be shattered.

"SURPRISE!" screamed Zoe, dragging a captive Nurse Julie through the entrance to the Diner causing everyone to freeze in shock.

Suddenly the silence was broken. "ARGH! ME FLAMIN' TICKER!" Alf cried, falling to the ground, clutching his chest but the only one who paid him any mind was Morag, everyone else was focused on Zoe.

"Zoe! But how?" Jack asked, leaping from his chair with surprising agility for someone who'd just had a liver transplant less than an hour ago.

Zoe looked at him blankly. "You know that's not really my name right?"

Jack's face crinkled in confusion or possibly pain, who can tell. "It's not?"

"No." Zoe replied. "While you're busy figuring it out, I'll take the time to explain everything. You see Jack, I had help, a…"

Jack was still confused. "What?"

"I had an accomplice."


"I had someone helping me, someone you all know." Zoe revealed.

"Ohhhh." Comprehension finally dawned on Jack's face. "That chick! What was her name?...I should know this. No, don't tell me, I'll get it in a minute."

"Tracey! Her name was Tracey!" Zoe snapped. "And, no, that's not who I was talking about. I had someone else as well."

Jack nearly fell over from the shock. "Who was it?"

"It's someone right here, in this room." Zoe hinted, pointing directly at Nurse Julie.

Jack's jaw dropped. "Alright, which one of you is it? Irene?"

The woman behind the counter's eyes bulged. "You're out of your flippin' mind."

Zoe rolled her eyes and pulled the gag from Nurse Julie's mouth.

"It was me." Nurse Julie revealed.

"And me." added Amanda.

"Me too." Rachel raised her hand and joined the chorus.

"Us too, ja." Chirped a trio of Swedish backpackers.

"Why? Why would you help her?"

Amanda opened her mouth to reply but Rachel cut her off before she could say anything to offend the censors. "We're not allowed to say in this timeslot."

"Timeslot?" Tony asked but, as usual, went unnoticed.

"This isn't mud cake but it's the only cake we've got." Colleen's voice whined from the kitchen.

Zoe's eyes widened when she saw Colleen come out of the kitchen, a slice of carrot cake held high on a plate.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!" Zoe wailed, shaking uncontrollably. "GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!!!" She shrieked, disappearing in a pile of smoke.

The occupants of the Diner looked at one another and shrugged.

"What the flamin' hell just happened?" Alf asked, pulling himself up off the floor and dusting himself off.

No one could come up with an answer and the incident was forgotten, when only moments later Martha waltzed in and sat on Tony.

"Oi, love!" Tony exclaimed.

Martha was shocked to see him there. "Sorry, I thought you were a chair."

All in all, it was just another day in Summer Bay.



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