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Mon 3 Jul 06 - " Democratic Society "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Democratic Society "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 3 Jul 06 - Episode # 4221)

Author Note – There was another slight amendment of the format. We had the recap, then the 1-st 2 scenes, and THEN the opening credits, before the show continued as normal.

BUSH – Its late at night, and Kimmy & kit are talking by a camp fire whilst the others sleep. Kimmy is stressing about their situation, whilst Kit appears to be much more positive (“it’s a miracle that we survived the crash” etc)

LEAH’S – Leah hears a crash in the kitchen and investigates. She finds Rachel on the floor trying clean up some broken glass. Rachel takes offence to Leah helping her, before she decides that Leah can clean it up by herself. Rachel exits the kitchen, but not before grabbing a bottle of alcohol form the fridge.

HOSPITAL – next morning, Tash & Irene tell jack that Tash is allowed to check out of the hospital. Tash & jack insist that the other takes care of themselves.

When Irene & Tash have bailed form the room, jack increasingly plays with his wedding ring.

LEAH’S – Leah tries to get Rachel to both stop drinking and to get some sleep – but Rachel insists that all she sees when closes eyes are the faces of she “killed”.

Alf arrives and says sorry for his recent outburst at Rachel, but she says that there is no need to apologise (as she says that he is right – she is responsible for their deaths)

BUSH – As they prepare breakfast for their fellow survivors, Kimmy is way worried about Rachel (as she was already stress after her mum’s death), whilst Kit is still doing the optimist thing.

Belle is WAY not impressed with the meagre amount of food that is on offer, whilst others insists that they have to ration the supplies they have.

Belle wonders “well what happens when the food runs out?”, whilst others are so keen of Belle’s whining.

Martha decides to check on the water situation – and Robbie goes with her. Martha approaches the dew etc collection device (plastic bag) that they’ve put on a branch of a nearby tree.

Both admit that they are WAY thinking about their spouses.

HOSPITAL – Tony enters jack’s room, but jack takes offence when Tony say that he knows how jack is feeling. Jack inists that Tony had 10 years with his wife before she died, whereas jack had less than a week.

Jack’s mood isn’t helped with Macca (arm in sling) enters the room. Jack wishes that it were Macca who was in that chopper, not Martha. Jack “suggests” that Macca & Tony leave the room – and they comply.

NOAH’S – Tony is on the phone. When off the phone, he tells alf that jack has gone AWOL form the hospital.

BACHELOR PAD – Tony enters frantically, by jack is not there. He phones alf (at Noah’s) but jack isn’t there either.

LEAH’S – Rachel is on the phone. She is annoyed that her brother Brad is “paying her out” about what’s happened.

When off the phone, Rachel reaches for something in the fridge (that isn’t alcohol) but is annoyed when she drops it in the floor.

Irene & Tash enter, to check on things, but they see that all is SO not well, so they bail.

BUSH – Belle & chopper pilot Colin suggests that but Kimmy & kit are adamant that they should stay with the chopper wreckage. There’s WAY tension.

BEACH – Alf spots Jack in the distance, he approaches, and suggests that jack should rtn to the hopital form his anti-liver rejection meds. Alf convinces to go with him, but not to where alf planned.

BACHELOR PAD – alf & jack enter, and alf is still trying to convince jack to go to the hospital.

Alf exits, as Tony enters. Jack insists that he wants to be here – as he feels closest to Martha here.

Tony urges him to go to the hospital – but jack yells at him to “get out!”

BUSH – There are more clashes between those wanting to stay with the wreckage and those wanting to go.

Kit suggests that they vote on it – but isn’t real pleased when Martha (“let’s try something new”) and Robbie (“I want to go home”) side with Belle & Colin.

LEAH’S – Leah enters the kitchen, having taken in the washing. She “suggests” that Rachel should stop drinking.

Rachel goes off at her – insisting that she has ALWAYS been there for Leah, but is getting NO support form Leah now.

NEAR DINER – Tash tells Irene that she’s keeping upbeat form Robbie’s sake.

Irene & Tash see Tony sitting at the diner, and they wonder about jack.

BACHELOR PAD – jack is watching his & Martha’s wedding video when Tash enters. Tash tries to convince jack that everything will be ok,

Jack WAY starts balling his eyes out.

LEAH’S – Rachel apologises to Leah (in kitchen) for her recent behaviour and tells Leah that she will do the dishes (that Leah is about to).

When leah exits the room, Rachel gets a bottle of pills out of her pocket, and takes some of the pills, and washes them down with a glass of wine !!! (end of ep)


Kit slips over as the LOST try to find help; Tash tell Jack that all will be OK; and the police had bad news form Tony, Beth & Co (could it be the no survivors were found near the chopper wreckage?)

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Belle's (now partly ripped) royal blue T shirt

SILVER – Tasha's white (with a green village-y motif) top

BRONZE – Robbie's blue (with a silohuette of several men) t shirt

HONOURABLE MENTION - Irene's white & black striped top/white & blue stripped button up shirt combo

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