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Tammin Sursok finds love and work in Hollywood

Guest Andy

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Tammin Sursok finds love and work in Hollywood

Australian Associated Press

4 July 2006

SYDNEY, July 4 AAP - Australian actor and singer Tammin Sursok has found love and work in Hollywood.

The former Home and Away star left Australia seeking fortune and fame four months ago and has already made her debut in US flick Aquamarine, starring Julia Roberts' niece Emma.

Living in Beverly Hills, Sursok is enjoying breaking into the film industry.

She's also relishing her newfound romance with American real estate broker Jake Fedder.

Sursok met the 31-year-old while dining alone at a restaurant two months ago.

"We started talking and when I went to go he opened my car door and I think that is a sign of a gentlemen," the 22-year-old said.

"Usually you wouldn't call someone back, but that made me.

"We get on really well and we are good soul mates. Sometimes things happen for a reason, you can never predict it."

She says Fedder has helped ease her homesickness blues.

"I am very homesick but I have a lovely boyfriend that makes sure I don't feel too homesick," Sursok said.

"You need somebody there who is stable more than anything else because the entertainment industry has a lot of ups and downs."

The South African-born beauty was recently ranked as the fourth sexiest women in the world by lads' magazine FHM.

Sursok was the highest ranked local girl.

She also appears on the cover of the magazine this month to celebrate its 100th issue.

The modest star laughs at the suggestion of being branded "sexy".

"Mum said when she sees me in my tracksuit pants and glasses I am not that sexy," Sursok laughs.

"It's a lovely compliment, but I don't feel like Australia's sexiest woman. There are a lot more sexier out there, believe me!"

Sursok said Los Angeles is full of beautiful people but not beautiful souls.

"Over here everyone can do something for you and it's not always genuine," she said.

"There are lots and lots of beautiful women really wanting it. They focus less on who they are as a person and more on what they look like.

"You just have to hope it's about how good you are as an actor and person."

Apart from appearing in Aquamarine, Sursok has just completed a pilot in New Mexico and is down to the final three in another secret project.

And while she would have "loved to have been a lawyer, doctor or something in the business field" her passion is entertaining.

"It's a bit of a heart and head thing," she said.

"My head says to go into business and my heart says this is what I was born to do.

"When you love something so much you have to follow it, there is no choice."

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Who cares how long?

thanks Valk.

Nobody,i just find it funny she changes her boyfriends almost as often as she changes underwear!

She is a celebrity though and most of them treat partners like accessories,so it's nothing different.

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