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Shortland Street meets Home & Away

Guest Willz

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On a Hot sunny day in the peacful town of Summer Bay was once a dangerous place to live but now the world had change

The Beach House-Irene Is wating for her sister to come

There is a knock Brenda is there

Brenda: Irene nice to see you again

Irene: Brenda what are doing here

Brenda: I came to see how you are

They both hug

The Diner-Collen is there

Colleen: nobody likes a old person

Yvonne: Hi you are not old for a friend

Colleen: Oh Hello who are you

Yvonne: Yvonne Jefferies

Colleen: Colleen Smart

The Carpark House-Sally is there

Sally is talking on the phone

Sarah comes in

Sally: Hello my name is Sally or you can call me Sal

Sarah: Hi My name is Sarah Potts

Sally: So are you looking for a place to stay

Sarah: Yeh

Sally: You can use a Caravan if you want to

Sarah: Ok thanks

Both Sally & Sarah walk out to the Caravan

The Beach-Dan & Leah are walking along untill they see a family

Leah: Hi are you new here I am Leah

Chirs: I am Chirs

Dan: I am Dan

Toni: I am Toni

Chirs: and this our son Harry

Leah: We got a son the same age as Harry

Dan: So you guys are looking for a place to stay

Leah: How about you stay with us untill you find a house to stay then VJ & Harry can play in VJ's room

Toni: That would be a good Idea

The Hunter/Holden House-Beth & Tony are there

Beth: I heard some people looking for a new house

Tony: Yeh but they can't all fit in this house

Beth: But we could make it bigger

Tony: How are we going to do that

Beth: Well we will make the house go all the to Jack's

Tony: Ok but you can ask him

Beth: Ok

Beth walk over to next door

The Pad-Jack is cooking

Beth comes in

Jack: Oh hi Beth

Beth: Hey Jack I wouder if I can talk to you about something

Jack: Ok sure what is it

Beth: Well you know there are new people here and they are looking for a new place and they need somewhere to live so I have been thinking If we could Join My house to your so that way we all can get to know eachother

Jack: Well I will have to see if Kim,Rachal are alright with that

Will Summer bay be shock by the news that Irene & Brenda are sisters?

Now that Colleen has a friend could Colleen & Yvonne be the worst Gossipers in Summer Bay History?

Will Baxter & Clarie arrived In Summer Bay or just stay in Ferndale?

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A few days later Summer Bay is still the same with the Shortland street people in the bay

Diner-Colleen,Yvonne are talking they notcie Irene & Brenda walk in

Yvonne: What are are you doing here I thorugh you are catching up with your son Mark

Brenda: Yvonne keep that to your self

Irene: You have a son

Brenda: Let not talk about it here ay

Colleen: Tell your son to come here

Brenda runs out of the diner

Irene starts having a go at them both

Irene: There is no need to speak to my sister like that oh and colleen teach her how to non-stop talking

Nearby beach-Brenda is sitting down on the sand Irene walks up to her and sits down

Irene: Sorry about that Colleen is a town local gossip so don't worry about her guess what she annoy the hell out of me you know

Brenda: I just wish Yvonne was never around

Irene: You must really hate her

Brenda: She so nosey and get in everyone buisness that why I came over here

Irene: So what about your Son Mark is he here

Brenda: I don't know I didn't ask him Yvonne told Mark who his mum is

Irene: I am going to slap her right now

Brenda stops Irene

Brenda: Irene we need to sort this and besides I don't know if Mark will talk to me any more

Irene: I am sorry I shouldn't be like this but you are right We do need wait for Mark

They both walk along the beach

The Surf Club-Maia,Jay,Eti are there

Jay: So Eti why don't you go and find Feilca

Eti: Nah but this one is hotter

Eti points his finger to Mattie

Lucas walks up to them

Lucas: Hello are new here

Maia: Yep

Jay: My name is Jay

Eti: Hi I am Eti

Jay: Eti Why don't you hang around with Lucas he probly will be at the same high school as you

Maia: Where do you live

Lucas: 23 Summer Bay Rd

Eti gose off and Join Lucas and the gang

The Beach-Eti,Lucas,Ric are walking along untill Eti sees Scarlett,Belle,Mattie,Cassie

Cassie: Oh hello I am Cassie

Eti: I am Eti

Scarlett: Eti so what are you doing here

Lucas: You 2 know eachother

Eti: Yeh her dad is an awsome doc

Ric: Cool sounds like we are going to make a great team of Teenagers

Robbie & Tasha walks up to them

Mattie: This is my older brother Robbie

Scarlett: Hi

Robbie: New friends Mattie

Mattie: Yep better than that one who got me hit by a car

Tasha: Mattie we want to ask you somthing

Mattie sure

Tasha: Have a neat day with your two new friends

Mattie: Thanks Tasha

The Town Hall-Everyone is there

Irene: Brenda I think we should tell everyone that we are sister's before the Gossips tell everyone

Brenda: Ok

Irene tells everyone that her & Brenda are sisters

Everyone are Suprized

Tasha: You didn't tell me that before Irene

Irene: I know tasha but things are privet for My sister & Me

The Beach House-Irene & Brenda are sitting on the couch

Irene: So have you got a call from Mark

Brenda: Yes he is coming at 7:00 pm and he wants to know his Aunty and Me so he can fit in

Irene: That great I am now Aunty Irene yay for me

Brenda: I can't wait he is 27 now

Will Mark cope that his aunty is a few years older than him?

Will Eti & Scarlett ever get back together?

Look like Yvonne & Colleen nosying around everyone Priatvie life gets out of control

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It is different But I wanted to make a story to see how Shortland Street & Home & Away could be like for eg: Irene Sister is Brenda who is from Shortland Street and how Yvonne is Nosy and Colleen never stop talking I hope you like it I will post some more when I am ready

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The Beach House-Irene & Brenda are there

Irene: only 20 more minutes to go

Brenda: I been missing him

There a knock on the door

Brenda opens the door

Brenda: Hello Mark

Mark: Mum I need to talk to you

Brenda: How about if you met your Aunty Irene

Irene: Hello Mark

Mark: Hi Aunty Irene

they all have dinner together

The Hunter/Holden House-Beth is talking to Maia & Jay

Beth: So you are Lesbins

Maia: Yep

Jay: So Beth you have 5 Childrens

Beth: Yeh who told you that

Jay: Lucas

Beth: Oh I think I know what he been teying to say to me

Maia: What

Beth: He wants me to adpot him cause his mother died when he was a baby

Jay: Poor thing

Maia: I am just going to ring mum ok

Jay: No Maia she dosn't need to come

Colleen House-Colleen,Yvonne,Magdet are talking about Irene & Brenda beeing sisters

Yvonne: She a smoker

Colleen: So is Irene. Irene gets pysco when she is angery

Magdet: So Yvonne want to talk about your life

Yvonne: No but my Husband died like 10 years ago

Colleen: Woh that long man I am sorry want a coffee

Yvonne: Ok then

Madget: Ypu know there this evil mayor and this Vixven trying to destroy summer bay

Yvonne: Sound pretty alful

Dan & Leah's House-Chirs,Toni,Leah,Dan are eating at the tabal

Toni: This is great you are a great cook Leah

Leah: Thanks Toni so what dose Harry like for Pudding

Chirs: Chocolate he a little chocolate lover

Dan: Same as VJ

Will Peter come and plant a bomb in summer bay?

A deadly Crash takes place and will anyone make it alive?

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