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Crazy In Love

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Chapter one

Jack awoke to find Martha snuggled up close and his arms encircling her tightly.

He smiled to himself, noting how lucky he was, and kissed the top of her head gently.

He then gently disentangled himself from Martha, not wanting to wake her, because he had to get to work.

Martha stirred at the lack of contact with Jack.

Jack sat back down on the bed and stroked Martha’s cheek, “Ssssh, go back to sleep.”

Martha smiled in her sleep.

Jack got dressed and went out to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Ten minutes later Martha walked out from the bedroom, still in her pyjamas, to join Jack in the kitchen.

“Hey,” Jack greeted her.

“Hey,” Martha smiled back, walking over and giving him a kiss.

“You want me to make you breakfast before I leave?”

“Oh no, I couldn’t eat a thing,” Martha proclaimed weakly, as she sat down next to Jack.

“Are you ok?” Jack asked concernedly, “You look a bit pale.”

“Yeah, I’m not feeling too good,” Martha replied.

“Awww, come here” Jack held out his arms and Martha gratefully fell into his embrace.

Jack kissed the top of her head, “You want me to stay home and look after you?”

“There’s nothing I’d like better, but you can’t stay off work just for me.”

“Are you sure?”


“You’ll have to let go then,” Jack laughed.

“I don’t want to,” Martha pouted. “Stay ten more minutes.”

Jack laughed, “Sure.”

(Kinda short for now but i have a couple more chapters planned so far. Be nice - it's my first fanfic, and i love Martha and Jack!)

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Thanks for your great comments guys! I really appreciate them. They made me very happy!

Chapter two

The next day, Martha was sitting in the diner with Robbie and Tash.

“Are you sure you don’t want anything to eat?” Robbie asked as he was served a big fry-up.

“Eugh, no way…” Martha started to feel sick again.

“Sure?” Robbie waved his fork of food at Martha.

Martha was hit with a wave of nausea, and she ran from the diner to get some air.

“Martha!” Robbie called out.

“Way to go, Rob!” Tasha exclaimed.

“I didn’t mean it, I was just fooling around,” Robbie said worriedly.

Tasha rolled her eyes at him, but she couldn’t help but smile.

“I best check if she’s ok, you wait here.”

Meanwhile Martha almost ran into Rachel as she ran out of the diner.

“Whoa there, are you alright?”

“Sorry Rach, I just had to get away from the smell of food.”

“You not feeling well? Actually you do look a bit pale.”

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind sitting down,” Martha admitted.

Rachel led Martha over to a nearby bench

“Martha, are you alright?” Tasha asked, walking towards them. “Rob’s really sorry.”

“It’s not his fault. I’m sure I’ll be fine in a minute.”

“Why don’t you come to the hospital, and I can check you out,” Rachel offered.

“Oh no, really, I’m fine” said Martha.

As she stood up, Martha suddenly felt very dizzy.

“Hey, we’ve got you” said Rachel.

Rachel and Tasha caught Martha and gently sat her down again.

“Martha, I really think you should go to the hospital.” Tasha said taking Martha’s hand.

“Come on, my car’s just over here.” Rachel said.

Tasha was sitting cross-legged on the end of Martha’s hospital bed chatting away, when Rachel came back in.

“Hey Martha, I’ve found out what’s making you sick.”

“Is it serious?” Martha asked.

Rachel took Martha’s hand, “You’re pregnant.”

Martha blinked a couple of times with her mouth hanging slightly open, before her mouth curled into a smile.


“Really!” Rachel grinned back at her.

“Oh Mac, that’s fantastic” Tasha squealed as she practically jumped on her friend, hugging her.

Martha laughed.

“Just make sure you keep your blood sugar level up – it’s very important,” Rachel advised.

“Sure thing,” Martha agreed happily.

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