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Fri 30 Jun 06 - " Opportunity Knocks "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Opportunity Knocks "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 30 Jun 06 - Episode # 4220)

Author Note – just like in the recent explosion aftermath ep, there were no opening credits.

BEACH – Leah approaches Rachel, who thinks that all is lost for the ppl aboard THAT chopper.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly (wearing a brown spaghetti strep top over her bandage covered burns) arrives home form hospital. Beth is totally upbeat about everything, but Tony confronts her about this, insisting that he’s not buying her act.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Morag talks to Alf. She is \V concerned about how down he, and the rest of the town are.

HUNTER HOUSE – Luke tells Tony that he is muchly worry about how Tilly is coping, esp. because Tilly isn’t talking about her ordeal.

Tilly enters the kitchen (where Tony & Luke are) as does Beth who goes on ‘they’ll (Robbie & kit) be alright’ overdrive.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Alf is about to go for a walk when Morag confronts him. She wonders where are all those ‘we can face anything speeches” that Alf is famous for. Alf says that he must make a speech like that as he had to believe what he’s saying and right now he doesn’t.

HUNTER HOUSE –Beth is way fussing over Tilly, which the latter takes offence to.

After Tilly bails form the room, Tony once mopre confronts beth. He thinks tat she is not coping, but she insists that she just knows (‘call it women’s intuition’ etc) that her children are ok.

LEAH’S – a female reporter arrives and wants to speak to Rachel. The reporter R grills Rachel when Rachel says that she arranged the plastic surgeon & the chopper flight.

Rachel runs form the house when the reporter begins to R infer that this is all Rachel’s fault.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tony & Luke are talking when Tilly enters the room and apologises for her recent behaviour.

After tony bails (to do some washing), Luke suggests that he & Tilly should get some fresh air. Tilly takes some convincing but eventually agree. She however decides that she must get something before they bail.

BEACH – Rachel approaches Alf, who blasts her for what has happened, i.e. ‘6 ppl are dead and it’s all your fault’

NEAR SURF CLUB – tilly (now also wearing a big pink jumper) & Luke are walking and talking. Tilly decides to take a chance and remove the jumper, but she regrets this after they are approaches by |SBH classmate Jill, who says that she could never be so brave to go out in public looking like Tilly (note – I get the feeling the comment was meant to be encouraging) but tilly takes it a different way … and starts running away.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly returns home in such a state, which is not helped by Beth wanting her to tell her where she is going at all times.

Tilly bails (to her room I assume) and Tony once more insists that Beth is NOT coping.

SOON AFTER – tilly (with THAT jumper back on) apologises to Luke for her behaviour. Luke then can’t belief it when a crying Tilly says that she is a bad person – for only worrying about herself when the like of kit & Martha are lost.

NOAH’S – Tony catches up with Beth, and both try to get the other to see things for their perspectives. In the end, Beth’s ‘all we can do now is hope’ theories will out.

VAN PARK HOUSE – Morag has just returned form a walk, where she tells Alf that everyone in town is downtrodden when they shouldn’t be. Morag gets way emotional, insisting that this town NEEDS to fight, and the one way to ensure that is if they hear that Alf (the spirit & soul of this town) IS indeed still fighting.

THAT female reporter knocks at the door, and asks Alf if he has anything to say about the current situation.

INTERCUT SCENE – the likes of Luke, Tilly (hunter house), Beth, Tony (Noah’s) the search parties (bushland), and Rachel (who is drinking) & Leah (Leah’s place) hear – on the radio – one of those awesome, way inspirational, fighting speeches that Alf is famous for.

LEAH’S – Leah confronts Rachel about her current mood. Rachel insists that the reporter (& Alf on the beach) got it right – that Rachel IS responsible for all of this.

BUSHLAND – we sees the crashed chopper, before the camera pans left and we see the muchly alive Belle (who has left arm in sling), Robbie (bandaged left elbow), Martha (bandaged right wrist) & Kimmy … but no sign of Kit or the chopper pilot.

Belle says ‘no one is coming for us, are they?” (end of ep)


Kit HAS survived as well, but since no one know where the survivors are there are still WAY challenges to face – and a policeman (in person) is about to give the likes of Beth & Tony some bad news

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Jill’s rainbow coloured spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Beth’s aqua wide collar top – with matching necklace

BRONZE – Rachel’s royal blue “athletic” zip up hooded top

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