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D.S.B Will Change and Make You Live Forever

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Chapter one:

Cassie and Ric walked into the caravan park with big smiles on there faces after a good day out with Matilda, Lucas and Belle. As Ric gets a peice of fruit from the cupboard, Cassie finds a note on the table and reads it to Ric.

Cassie: Oh my god!

Ric: What?

Cassie: It is from Sally.

Ric: What is?

Cassie: Listen.

Ric: Ok.

Cassie: Bye!

Ric: What else does it say?

Cassie: Nothing.

Ric: Why did she only write bye?

Cassie: I do not know.

Just as they were about to talk more deeply about the letter, two people walk into the caravan park and asked to see Sally.

Scarlet: Excuse me.

Cassie: What?

Scarlet: Can we see Sally Saunders please.

Cassie: No she is not here.

Ric: Anyway who is asking to see her?

Scarlet: Detective Scarlet Jones and my collauge want to question Sally.

Cassie: Why? She has not done anything wrong.

Scarlet: I know that Cassie but we fear for her and other Summer Bay residents lives.

Cassie: What do you mean?

Scarlet: My collauge will explain.

Detective John Turner then takes over the conversation leaving Cassie and Ric more worried. They then hold each other hands for safety because they did not really know who these people were.

John: Please take a sit.

Cassie and Ric both take a sit worrying.

John: Has Sally's general behaviour changed in anyway in the past month or so.

Ric: How do you mean?

John: Mently and physically.

Ric: I guess not.

Cassie: Can you just tell us what is going on?

John: Two months ago in the city, we raided a warehouse with lots of people inside. Unfountunly many got away. While we was looking round the warehouse we noticed a little room called room 67. We and my fellow officers went in and found pictures of local Summer Bay reisdents. We then took a further look around the room and found petrol bombs and threatning letters addressed to certain Summer Bay residents. We then found a file on the floor. I myself looked inside the file and found a hitlist and a organisation name called D.S.B. It apparently stands for Destroy Summer Bay.

Cassie and Ric look in horror as they realise the letter from Sally, the D.S.B organisation, the pictures and the hitlist could all link up to one big massive event in the future. Cassie then begins to cry holding Sally's letter in her hands.

Next time:

Is D.S.B about ot claim a life of a favourite resident and Sally makes a shock return to Summer Bay and a lot of things have changed about her.

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