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Tues 27 Jun 06 - " Jack Holden - Crisis Negotiator "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Jack Holden - Crisis Negotiator "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 27 Jun 06 - Episode # 4217)

Author Note – Due to various circumstances, this guide is less detailed than usual.

Alf is totally “doing a Rachel” and totally throwing all his efforts into coordinating the rescue – despite suggestions for the likes of Sally that he is risking his heart by being this intense/single minded.

Tash was waaaaaaaaaaay stressing about her premature labour. The nurse calls for assistance by a female doctor, who insists that Tash MUST control her emotions – and all Tash’s fright frilled adrenalin is causing further contractions.

Things are further complicated by the fact that, if Tash does give birth, its going to cause massive complications, as Tash is only 26 weeks pregnant.

Tash also has so much adrenalin that it’s negated any drugs that the doctor & now Nurse Julie are giving her.

Jack is talking to Luke about Martha & the other ppl on the chopper when he hears about Tasha’s situation – and he insists on speaking with her.

When jack enters Tasha’s room, he IS able to steadily calm Tash down – so the drugs can take effect – and the contractions are stopped.

Btw, from the way that jack was talking, it sounds as though he is using, like, a similar technique to those a police officer would use to calm down a person who is threatening to commit suicide.

When, soon after, Tash is waaaaaaaay calm, she & jack talk about the farming property that martha & jack are dreaming of having … completed with horses etc.

Cassie tells sally – and, later, Macca – that Ric’s words (against Macca) are tainted by his comments that he is still in love with Cassie.

Sally suggests that Cassie should remain cautious about her friendship with Macca.

When Cassie visits Macca, he is agitated and wants to be out searching for Martha – by Cassie thinks that he should get himself better 1-st.

When Cassie isn’t at the hospital, Macca hears a news report on radio, telling of how difficult the searchers (like Tony & Ric) are finding the bushy, rocky terrain.

Macca decides that he must act – and Cassie is shocked/annoyed when she arrives at the hospital to find that Macca had discharged himself.

Tony, Ric & the search parties get word of what’s happened. Ric offers to try to find Macca.

When Ric does, Macca taunts him (about how it appears that Cassie cares more for Macca than Ric). Ric walks disgustedly away from Macca, but V soon after, Macca hears Ric calling for help.

Macca finds Ric hanging from a cliff (complete with a BIG drop). Ric pleads for Macca to help – but Macca appears apprehencious – is it just that Macca thinks his still injured arm isn’t up to the task or is it something more sinister ??? (end of ep)


Will Macca refuse to help Ric (in a bid to get his rival for Cassie out of the way), whilst alf & the other worry that its been over 24 hours since the chopper went down and there’s no sign of their friends.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Sally’s blue "hollywood tape" top (with black op beneath)

SILVER – Luke’s red, blue & green horizontal striped collared shirt

BRONZE – Cassie’s purrple wide collar top

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