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Mudside 2006


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The Bush-Rachal is still fighting for life

Not far away she can hear a car going pass as rachal runs out on to the road she collaspe the car stop

as the ambulance arrvied Dan,Leah,Kim are waiting for her Kim is now blaming him self

Docter Green says that Rachal will be fine But she will need some rest

The Beach House-Irene is alone but there is a knock on the door

Irene Can't beleve it Paris Irene start huging him

Paris: It nice to see again Irene but I have got sad news for you

Irene: What is it

Paris: I am Dying Irene

Irene Immeadilty starts to balling her eyes out

Irene Is Heartbroken

Who Collapse?

Can Rachal be able to still conutine on her carerer or will she lose it?

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The Hunter/Holden House- Bethis in the Kicten

Beth: Ouch

Beth feels a pain in her stomch

The Beach House- Irene,Tasha,Robbie are talking at the Tabel

Irene: So love how are going on at school

Robbie: It ok but I want to work at the diner

Tasha: But what about school

Robbie: I am still at school but I will also be working at the diner

Irene: Love I will ask Leah but first who do you like working with

Robbie: You and you have got great cooking Skills

Irene: Thanks for saying that I never get good reply from custmors

The Diner Flat-Morag,Alf,Jack,Martha are there

Alf: Morag when my Flammin Tea

Morag: Oh stop moning you old tart

Jack: So Alf how have you coping since Duncan left

Alf: It good mate

Martha: He such a little brat

Morag: Now that is not nice to say about Duncan

The Hunter/Holden House-Beth is lying on the couch

Beth: Tony please come home now there somthing worng with the baby

Beth get up and then collaspe

Tony arrives and call an ambalnce

Will Beth be ok?

Will Rachal find the truth about Charile and his drug mate?

Will Irene Kiss Robbie by mistaking that he sound like Paris?

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The Hospital-Beth is in Labour

Beth starts srecming Tony holds her hand

Beth: Is the baby ok

Nurse Juile says yes your baby will be fine but you may have to give birth at 32 weeks

Beth: but I can't handle that

Nurse Julie: Beth It will be ok it will will just be like giving birth at 9 months

The Beach House Robbie Is Vacum cleaning Irene comes running down the stairs and both Irene and Robbie falls down with Irene on top of Robbie Irene Kiss Robbie on the lips

Robbie: Irene look who you are on top of

Irene: Paris..Robbie

Irene quickly gets up and start to talk to robbie about her problem

Irene: Robbie every time I see you you sound alot like Paris

Robbie: Well Paris Isn't here

Irene: I know but I still love him

Robbie: Do you know where he lives

Irene: Darl I wish I knew but I dont

A few months later now that the Stalker was revealed- they were Charile,Peter,Sarah,Zoe,Tracy,Macca

The day begins with everyone looking happy some are Married some have giving births

The Hunter/Holden House-Beth decied to give birth at the hospital today

Beth is in labour she really start sreacming

Beth: Ouch Push the is coming out

Tony: Beth only the legs now ok on the count to three One...Two...Three push

The baby is finally out beth is sweaty and tired Tony rubs her back

The Diner Flat-Martha is Feeding Harry

Martha: You are going to be a big boy when you grow up

Jack comes in he Intodroucd Will & Brenda to Martha

Martha: Hi I am Martha Holden

Brenda: I am Brenda Holloway and this is my Husband Will

Will: Hi Martha

Jack: So you guys want anything

They say no

Martha: So how long have you been Married

Will: Since 1982

Martha: Woh you must have really Strong feelings for eachother

Will: Yeh we do so what about you and Jack

Martha: Since 2005

They all have a great time

The Holloway Hotel-Will & Brenda are there

Will: guess what happed at Shortland Street Hospital

Brenda: What

Will: A Virus just broke thorugh out the hospital

Brenda: Who started it

Will: The Paific Island Girl

Brenda: I know that one Chirs was talking to me about that

Will: I hope no ones dies

Brenda: Yeh but we are luckly when did it start

Will: Snice we landed In Summer Bay

Will & Brenda have a little pash

Who makes a shocking returned to the bay?

Can Rachal save her Patinet or will the Disese break though the hospital?

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four years later as the departues of Barry,Amanda,Charile,Dan,Leah,Robbie,Tasha,Peter,Zoe,Sarah,Morag,Macca all live out side of summer bay

The Holloway Hotel-Will,Brenda,Irene,Hayden are there

Will: So Hayden what do you think you are doing today

Hayden: Dont know yet

Irene: How about we go to the surf club

Both Irene & Hayden leave for the surf club

Will: So babe we now are at home alone now

Brenda: Yeh wanna go to the movies

Will: Ok at 10:00 clock

They both start having a pash

The Beach House-Sally,Chirs,Toni,Beth,Tony are there

Sally: So have you found out that Virus yet

Chirs: Not yet but I need to call Will & Brenda

Chirs rings up Will on his cellphone

Chirs: I need to be here now


en all arrived at the hospital

Who Will Falter and Panic during the Virus outbreak?

Who Fanits during the Virus outbreak?

Who will Die during the Virus outbreak?

PS:Summer Bay will still be the same but there are more Shortland Street people so we can use the Yabbie Creek Hospital more often I hope you are ok with that :)

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Who Will Falter and Panic during the Virus outbreak?

Who Fanits during the Virus outbreak?

Who will Die during the Virus outbreak?

Im glad Rachael survived her attack from Charlie..Please update soon :)

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Yabbie Creek Hospital-all the Nurse & Doctors are there

Brenda: I want to be with you

Will: Babe I will always be with you

They both hug

Ok everyone listen up we will know now that there is a killer virus and we need to be seprate

Ok let go Guys

Everyone now gose in their seprate ways

Who will make out of the hospital alive? Will,Brenda,Taina,Chirs,Toni,TK,Racal,Le Mei,Alice,Baxter,Craig,Sarah

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