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Mudside 2006


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Diner Flat: Alf & Martha are there

Martha: Grandad I feel sick every time when I look at my fat tummy

Alf: Love you are not fat and trust me you are going to be fine

They both hug

Outside a black Street-A dark Figure comes outside Dan & Leah's house creeps into VJ room

Inside Dan & Leah's Place

Rachal gose to the Toilet little she know's that the stalker is only one room away

The stalker lashes out at Rachal as she start's Sreacming Kim,Leah,Dan all run where rachal is

THe Stalker unmasked him self Leah & Dan are shock Kim's face is red with fury

Hunter/Holden house-Beth & Tony are there

Beth: So how are we going to tell the Kids

Tony: I don't know but we could suprize them

Beth:stop right there

Beth gets down on one knee and says 'Tony will you Marry Me'

Tony looks suprize

Tony: I don't know what to say if you are happy about it

Beth: I am you are the Man I want to spend the rest of my life with you

Tony: Well ok then Yes I will marry you

Tony Lift up Beth and they both Kiss

Mattie & Lucas are shocked

Mattie: Mum what you lied to me about everything You are Pregant and you are getting Married I know what you said I been listing every word you said

Lucas: How can you do this to us I am 16 and know I have a Brother/Sister who gonna be 16 years youger

Tony: guys just calm down

Mattie: Don't you tell me to calm down let go Lucas

Mattie & Lucas stormed out the door

The Vale house-Amanda has a gun

Amanda pulls the triger and bang the gun had went off and then runs off

The next moring

The Beach House Irene & Belle are there

Belle: So Mum what are you up to today

Irene: Nothing really But how about a Mother & Daughter Day how about that

Belle: Yep I would love that I am glad I found you Mum

Irene & Belle hugs

Who Died? who is Kiddnaped?

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Amanda's Flat- The Dead Body of Barry is still lying still

Police Station-Jack & Peter are there

Jack: Pete I think we need to find out why the three stalkers is on the loose

Peter's cellphone rings It Dan

Dan says he just walks into the flat and saw barry dead on the floor

Amanda's Flat-Dan,Jack,Peter are there

Peter: another death who could this be

Jack: I don't know but telling Irene won't be easy

Dan: Yeh I think you should tell Irene as that Barry was killed

The Hunter/Holden House-Mattie & Lucas are there

Mattie: Lucas do you know how my mum and your dad are getting married

Lucas: Yeh

Mattie: Well we could throw an engament party

Lucas: That would be a brillent Idea

The Beach House- Irene is There

Irene is watching Shortland Street on TV2

There is a knock on the door

Jack comes in He look Sarced

Irene: Jack what is it

Jack: You know Barry he died at Amanda's Place

Irene way balling her eyes out

Tasha comes in

Tasha trys to talk to Irene

Irene runs off up stairs

Night Time: In Irene's bedroom

Irene is still crying

Robbie comes in and put his hand around Irene shoulder

Robbie: Irene I am really sorry about barry

Irene: Robbie I just want to go to sleep but every time when I wake up I still think he still here I just miss so much

Irene is now out of Control

Who share's a Shocking Kiss

The Hunt for Barry Hyde Killer is under way

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Diner Flat: Irene & Alf are there

Alf: Hello love what are you doing

Irene: Can I talk to you for a minute

Alf: Sure what is it

Irene: I never felt this strong before about you

Alf: Irene are you ok

Irene moves quckily towards Alf and Kiss him on the lips

Alf: Woh Irene I never had a Person that was a good kisser like you

A bush: Charile & Rachal are there

Charile: Be quite you annyoing B**** or I will have you make you even more hurt

Rachal: Let me go you Flammin Beast

Dan & Leah's Place

Leah: Kim have you call Rachal yet

Kim: Yeh but no answers

Leah: Man I wish we never met Charile

Dan: Yeh you know I hope Rachal is fine

A road Martha & Jack are driving

Jack: Babe do you want a special lunch

Martha: Yeh...ouch.ouch

Jack: Are ok martha

Martha: No I think the baby is coming out

Jack: Ok hold your bum tight

Martha: I can't Jack hold my tummy Jack

Jack: Martha I am driving ok

The Hospital

Martha is in labour Jack is holding her hand

Martha: The baby coming Push

Jack: Babe calm down

Police Station: Peter is in his room

Peter open a file could this be it Barry Hyde Killer is Revealed

Stay Tune

over the next 2 weeks

The Killer is finally exspose?

Will Irene & Alf get to together?

Who get Raped?

Will Rachal be safe?

A New Family arrived In Town

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Ok The Day start off with Amanda revealed as Barry Hyde Killer

The Bush: Rachal is alone

Rachal tries to undo the ropes She gets out and makes a run for it

Charile comes back where his little camp ground is he is shock that rachal is'nt there he runs off to find her

About 20km away from the campsite rachal feels a pain in her head she collaspe

The Beach House-Irene is reading the newspaper Alf comes in

Alf: Hi love remeber that kiss last night I just want to pretend it never happen

Irene: Ok

Irene gose to her room she starts to cry

Night Time Cassie is walking on the beah after the shouting at sally so much

Cassie is konck down to the ground she srecms for help

The night of her rape gives her nightmares

Will Paris return to Irene?

The news of the next death send shockwaves to the bay?

Will Rachal make it to the hospital alive?

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A road which lead right at the start of summer bay-A car gose by

The Hunter/Holden House-Beth & Tony are there

Tony: Guess what Babe I am a Grandad I can't wait to met the baby

Beth: I can't wait either

A New Street-THe new Family had arrived

Will & Brenda Holloway are now Intodroucd to The openings Credits

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