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Mudside 2006


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It a rainning day in the peacful town of Summer Bay

The Beach House-Irene,Tasha,Robbie are there

Irene:Guys do you want a drink

Tasha:No thanks Reinnie

Robbie:A hot Chocolate for me Irene

Irene:Ok darl

The Hunter/Holden House-Beth,Tony,Mattie,Lucas are there

Beth to Tony: can you please shut that door,I don't want the house soked

Mattie: Mum can I go and see Cassie

Beth: No you can't not in this weather you will have to ring her If you want to see her tomorrow

Lucas: Mum sorry Beth I didn't mean to call you mum but I need to go to my room

The Rain is getting Heavier

The Diner Flat-Alf,Morag,Jack,Martha are there

Alf: Flammin what all that Nosie coming from

Morag: Don't be silly Alfred It only rain

Martha's room-Jack & Martha in Bed

Martha: Do you love me

Jack: Cause I do we are having a baby together

The Patterson-Baker House-Leah,Dan,Rachel,Kim are all having dinner at the Table

Leah: Anyone want a drink of Wine

Rach: Yes Please

Kim: Thanks

Dan: Ok

Leah is in the Kitchen

Leah Pour the wine into the glass

Dan: so Rach have you found anything about that creepy Charile

Rach:not yet I would be shocked if he is hiding somewhere

Outside there is a Msytery Black figure walk toward the Van House Carpark

The Mudside hits the bay in 20 mins

Everyone coverd from Shelter

Will anyone make it or will the horrfic disater contiunes to werk the bay

6 Loves one will die?

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The Stalker is still out there but how many are there

Part 1 contiunes

Hunter/Holden House-Beth & Tony bedroom

Beth: Beth Pull out a Pregency Test It says Postive Beth Begins to Cry

Tony knocks on the door Tony comes in

Tony: are you ok you have been acting odd alot lately

Beth: I'am fine Just a sore tummy

Tony: Want me to kiss it better

Beth: No thanks

Tony leaves the Bedroom Beth cries even more

The Beach House-Irene & Tasha are there

Irene: why are'nt you are asleep darl

Tasha:I want somebody as a Mum you know when my Mum died

Irene:Yes I do Tasha what is gonig on is there something you are not telling me

Tasha: I never felt this way about you before Irene. Irene looked Shock

Irene: Are you trying to say you want me to adopt you

Tasha: Yes

Irene: Tomorrow we will see a lawyer ok

Tasha: Thanks Irene

As the night gose by

THe Van carpark House-Sally,Ric,Cassie,Belle are there

Sally: Cassie it Mattie for you

Cassie: Hello Mattie

Ric & Belle sit on the tabal wating for their Breakfast been serve

Cassie: Sal I am just going to see Mattie

Sal: NO Cassie it too Dangerous out there There two Stalkers which I belive that are still out there

Cassie walk off up stairs

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The next Day Rain grow even more heavy

Hunter/Holden House

Beth is sitting at the tabel should she tell Tony,Jack,Lucas

Mattie:Mum are you ok look like you been crying you know you can always talk to aye

Beth: I know I just want you to know that I love you very much

Beth & Mattie Hugs

The Diner Flat-Alf & Jack are there

Jack: Can I ask you a favor Alf

Alf: Sure what is it mate

Jack: It Martha she seems so happy about the baby but I don't know if I can handle being a father

Alf: Mate just let it take time when I had my first child I didn't know that I couldn't handle Duncan but I will tell you one thing once the baby is born he/she is going to have the best father it can have

Patterson-Baker House-Dan & Leah are in the living room watching telly

Dan: guess what Amanda not coming back to the bay any more

Leah: why

Dan: You know Kitty,Belle,Amanda,John saga well it turn out that Belle mum is not Amanda

Leah: woh Dan so who do reckon it could be

The Beach House-Irene & Robbie are there

Robbie: So what have you decide to do about adpoting Tasha

Irene: I don't love

There is a knock on the door

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Morag comes in

Irene: Giday Morag what can I do for you

Morag: I just found a shocking serect about the baby that was born on April 14th 1990

Irene: Hang on do you mean the baby was stolen

Morag: Yes the mother of the baby is you

Irene: What I thorght is died so what her name

Morag: I can't tell you but I know she is in Summer Bay

Irene; No It can't be ture Belle is my own daughter my mother & Father lied all long

Morag: I am really sorry Irene

Belle walks in

Belle: Oh Hi Morag

Morag: Hello Belle I am just leaving so Irene I think you should tell when time is right for you

Hunter/Holden House-Beth & Tony are in the house alone

Tony: Babe you really need to tell me what going on

Beth: Ok I am....I am.... Oh Tony I can't say it I am too Sarced I am sorry

Tony: Beth look at me just tell me ok I won't get mad at you

Beth Leaves the house Tony wonders what going on

The Beach House- Belle & Irene are there

Irene: do you remeber anything when you were a baby

Belle: Yes My Parents who are my Grandparents Stole me from my BirthMother

Irene: Ok please will not sream at me when I say this Belle I am your BirthMother

Belle looks shock Irene is in tears as belle walks up stairs

Beth arrived see Irene crying on the couch

Beth: what is it Irene

Irene: I told Belle that her real BirthMother is Me

Beth: Irene I am so sorry

They both hug

Beth tells Irene that she is pregant

Irene: woh how did that happed I am really sorry Love

Beth: It I am sarced to tell Tony

Irene: Love if you tell him you won't have to worry about it

Beth arrived home

Tony: Where have you been

Beth: At Irene's

Tony: What were you going to tell me

Beth: I....am....Pregant

Tony: What

Beth: I am so sorry please don't leave me I love you I want us to spend the rest of our life together

Tony: I don't know how when can tell Mattie & Lucas

Beth Finally told Tony about the Prengncy

Will Beth Propose to Tony?

Can Irene & Belle cope now that Belle Mother is Revealed to be Irene?

Who fired the gun and who get shot?

Is the Stalker either Peter,Zoe,Sarah,Charile which one is alived,which one raped a teen?

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