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Mon 25 Jun 06 - " Positive Vs Negative "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Positive Vs Negative "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 25 Jun 06 - Episode # 4216)

HOSPITAL – Rachel tells Alf, jack, Tash & Co about the chopper crash – and how the chopper went way off course to avoid the storm.

Whilst some of the ppl (like Jack) are pessimistic about the situation, others like Irene are more positive. Also, colleen says another of her usual priceless (tactless) lines that made you want to yell at the TV “Shut up, Colleen” !!!

Elsewhere, in the hospital, Tilly is walking in the corridor, but you get the sense that it’s a dream sequence, as nurses etc are reviling in horror at Tilly’s fully on show [unbandage] burns. Tilly awakes in terror, but is calmed by Beth who is bay her bedside.

VAN PARK HOUSE – things are uneasy between Ric & Cassie (because she is sticking by Macca). And even sally talks to Cassie about the situation, as she is afraid of Cassie being hurt again.

Cassie insists that she is supporting Macca through this, as he risked his life to help others after the explosion.

The phone rings – and sally gets that bad news about what’s happened. Ric, Cassie & sally immediately bail.

HOSPITAL – whilst sally & Ric go into the room where jack. Alf & the others are – and sally joins those that are positive bout the situation, Cassie goes into Macca’s room.

She thinks that he should be in with the others, as they are all sharing this same shock, but Macca thinks its right that he stays where he is. He even tries to get Cassie to rejoin the others.

A news report about the chopper crash comes in the radio – and to the absolute horror the likes of alf, sally & all those we care about, the radio station plays the WAAAAAAAAAY distressing Mayday call that the chopper send out when it struck trouble.

The Mayday call features the voices of the pilot, Martha & belle the most. All are stunned, and alf is WAY angry that this disturbing filth was put to air.

Meanwhile, Beth approaches Rachel, and wants Rachel to actually acknowledge that something BIG is happening, but Rachel goes about her work without a moment’s thought.

Soon after, alf is on the phone blasting the radio station. When the call ends, Rachel “suggests” that alf should remember that he is in a hospital.

Alf too is shocked that Rachel is soooo emotionally detached, and things get worse when Tash is standing behind Rachel when Rachel tells alf that there’s no chance of survivors, as form her experience, choppers crash to the ground like a brick (when their engines fail).

Tash runs in her hospital room, followed by Irene who tries to console her.

Elsewhere, an unknown man begins to ask Ric & Cassie if they are friend, relatives of those abroad the chopper. Alf sees the guy, and can clearly sense that he is from the media. Alf grabs the reporter’s small dictaphone-like recording device and smashes it to the ground. Sally arrives as this is happening – and as the reporter bails, sally is clearly not that happy with alf.

VAN PARK HOUSE – when sally, alf, cassie & Ric rtn home, they are standing far apart form each other into lounge & kitchen.

Sally approaches alf, as she is V concerned about what all of this is doing to his heart.

MONTAGE – with a moving piece of music in the background, we sees things like alf in the van perk house lounge (with Ric not wanting to alf to leave his sight), jack at the hospital looking at the wedding photo album, and Rachel showing a bit of emotion (finally) whilst by herself in a corridor at the hospital.

SURF CLUB – next morn, alf & many others have assembled for a briefing about the search for the chopper, several ppl form the bay has volunteered to join the SES crews form the area where the crash is believed to have happened.

Many are a little surprised when alf says that he will stay at the surf club, to coordinate the search, rather than go out with the volunteer searchers. When the others have dispersed, alf puts his hand of his chest. He is clearly not well.

HOSPITAL – Rachel enters Tasha’s room, and when Tash questions her about THAT brick line last night, Rachel insists “that’s just what I believe”.

Irene enters, as Rachel examines Tash, and when Rachel bails, Irene tries to assure Tash that Robbie (and the others) have no doubt survived this – and will bring back greats stories of their ordeal.

When Irene goes to get Tash a fresh glass of water, Tash begins to feel some serious pain.

By the time that Irene returns, Tash is REALLY EALLY in pain. Irene calls for help, and presses the emergency buzzer.

A nurse arrives, and Tash & Irene are shock when the nurse suggests that Tash has gone into premature labour. Tash is now even MORE distressed. (end of ep)


The search for survivors is on – and it looks like Ric, whilst searching, in hanging from a cliff. He calls for Macca’s help – but injured (arm) Macca seems apprehencous.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Irene's peach top/unbuttoned light blue shirt combo

SILVER – Rachel's red plunging V neck top

BRONZE – Colleen's white (with rose motifs) button up shirt

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