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It All Starts With The Summer

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Yes I know I have a lot of fics going but I am juggling them all and they will all be updated I have not forgotten about any of them


I got out of school I could fell the Summer starting I walked down to the beach not knowing what the Summer was going to hold for me I took off my shoes and held them in my hands my school uniform sitting nicely around my body. I walked down closer to the water so the waves were hitting my feet. I closed my eyes and let all my worries fade away I stayed like that for a while until I realised I should get home. I turned around and made my way home.

On the other side of town a BMW parked outside a mansion and to boys got out followed by an older man.

Older boys POV.

I looked around at what know I would call home I wondered what would be install for me this summer I’d moved so much I never got to be in a real relationship I’d always been the popular boy that everyone liked all the pretty popular girls liked and I didn’t want that I wasn’t like that but people always take one look at me and think popular. On the other side of things I’d never got the normal family life mum had died years ago and had left me my little brother and dad all by our selves well at least until Marian turned up and turned my life into more of a living hell that it already was.

I looked around and saw a silver porch drive up. I sighed and turned around to face my dad. “I’m going to check out the beach and with that ran down to the beach leaving everything that I hated behind everything that was messed up in my life and tried to forget about it for at least a couple of minutes.

Girls POV.

I got home and opened the door to see Sal getting ready for diner.


“Hey Sal” Martha said as she entered the kitchen.

“Hello Martha” Sally said cutting up the carrots.

“Martha” Pipa said running down the stairs (pipas five)

“Hey princess” Martha said picking her up.

“Hey Martha can you go get some dessert from the diner please” Sally said.

“Yeah sure Sal” Martha said heading to the door.

“Can I come” Pipa said.

Martha looked at Sally “can she” Martha asked.

“Sure sweaty” Sally said smiling.

“Come on” Martha said opening the door.

“Bye” Sally called out.

“Bye” called Martha from the distance.

Sally sighed she thought about how strong she was after her grandfathers passing when she was just nine years old. She was such a good girl and Pipa adored her but Martha was sixteen and had never let another man figure into her life she shut off from guys completely. Sally wondered if Martha would ever be able to let a man into her life she new how deeply hurt Martha had been hurt by her Grandfathers passing and when she had gone to meet that good for nothing Brett Macklin that had turned her away in an instance that girl had been through so much and she wanted the best for Martha and she was going to make sure nothing ever hurt her again.

Martha walked into the diner with Pipa on her back who had insisted on a piggy back she put Pipa down and went to order.

“I’ll have a strawberry cheese cake please Irene” “sure love” Irene said and went to get a cheese cake.

“here you go love fifteen bucks please” Irene said. Martha got out her purse and pulled out a ten and a five and placed it in Irene’s hand “Thanks” she said taking the cake “come on Pipa” Martha said and took Pipas hand and led her out of the diner.

Martha walked along the beachside holding pipas hand when Pipa spoke.

Pipa shook on Martha’s hand and Martha looked down “yes sweat heart” Martha said looking down.

“Can I go and collect shells” she asked Martha.

Martha sighed “honey we have to go home mummy’s waiting” Martha said.

“Please” Pipa said.

Martha looked at her “five minutes” she said and they headed down to the beach.

Pipa started running down the beach but stopped Martha could see that she was talking to a man in the distance she ran up to them.

“I like that shell it’s pretty” Pipa said pointing to the shell in the boys hand.

“Here you can have it”

“Pip come on we should leave this man alone” Martha said

“look” Pipa said holding up the shell as far as she could.

“It’s very beautiful pip thankyou” Martha said looking at the man.

“That’s ok” he said looking at Pipa “she’s a good kid she your sister” he said.

Martha shook her head “foster sister my mum died during birth then my grandfather died when I was nine I live with my foster mum and dad know Flynn and Sally they own the caravan park but by the look of you I don’t think you would have a clue where or what that is” she said looking at his posh but very hot clothing.

“Jack Holden” he said “I’m knew here from Sydney my dad” bought one of those mansions up in those hills” Jack said pointing to the hills where numerous mansions were.

“oh you and your parents” Martha asked.

“me my dad my brother and Marian”

Martha looked at him “Marian”

“Gold digger” Jack said.

“Right” Martha said.

“Anyway you don’t need to here about my problems maybe we could meet up some time” Jack said.

“I’m not sure” Martha said.

“Ok” Jack said.

“I just don’t really associate with guys if you know what I mean” Martha said.

“Come on it will be like to mates hanging out I just moved here and don’t have any friends.

Martha looked at him “believe me you’ll have friends in no time you’ll have Amber, Sarah, Lauren, Gretchen for the girls and you’ll have Daniel, John, Craig and Jock ok you’ll have plenty of friends in no time”

Jack looked at her “your not like other girls” Jack said.

Martha looked at him “no I’m not I guess I’ve just been hurt too many times to let myself out on the edge like that again ok”

Jack looked at her “ok but I’m not giving up”

Martha looked at him and said “anyway I’ve got to go Sal will be wondering where I am, come in Pip” Pipa turned around and waddled up the beach and Martha took her hand “bye” she said too Jack before turning around and walking up the beach.

“Bye Jack yelled Martha put up her hand and singled good-bye.

Jack smiled to himself and turned around to make his way home.

Martha arrived home and Sally turned around.

“Hey what took you so long” Sally asked.

“um Pip wanted to collect sea shells so I took her down to the beach for a couple of minutes”

“ok” Sally said and turned around.

“Sal I’m going to bed I’m not very hungry” Sally turned around.

“Are you ok” Sally asked.

“Yeah I’m fine” Martha said and headed upstairs.

Sally frowned she knew something was up she put the cheesecake in the fridge and headed upstairs.

“Knock, Knock” Sally said.

“Come in” Martha said from inside her bedroom.

Sally went to sit on Martha’s bed.

“What’s up” Sally asked.

Martha looked at he “nothing: she said.

Sally looked at her “I can tell when something is up and something is up” Sally said.

Martha sighed “well” she started “I met this guy on the beach today”

Sally grew wide eyed “oh” she said she had never had Martha talk to her about boys before.

“And he kind of asked me out” Martha said.

“And” Sally said.

“I said no” Martha said quietly.

“ok” Sally said.

“But I wish I had said yes” Martha said.

Sally pulled her in for a hug.

“Sweetheart it’s ok to let a boy in”

Martha looked up at her It’s just so hard” Martha said.

“I know but you can let men in it’s ok”

Martha nodded and neither of them new the journey ahead.

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This is a really short update and I will probally put the next bit up later tonight or tomorrow.

Jack arrived home in a daze he had never met a girl that didn’t just throw themselves at him he liked it and he hoped that he would see her again then an idea came to his mind.

He ran down the stairs as fast as he could nearly tripping over.

“Hey dad” he said when he got to the kitchen but came face to face with him and Marian kissing.

“Ewe dad gross” jack said.

Tony spun around “sorry mate what did you want”

Jack looked at Marian with a smile on her face he hated her so much but he had to put that out of his mind “um where’s the map of this place”

“on the table mate” Tony said pointing to the table.

“Thanks” Jack said heading for the door.

“Hey where are you going” Tony said.

“Somewhere be back soon” Jack said and before Tony could answer Jack was gone.


Sally spun around from the sink where she was doing dishes and went to the door.

“Hello” Sally said.

“Hey hope I didn’t interrupt anything jack said”

“No it’s fine” Sally said “did you want something” she added.

“Yeah does Martha live here” Jack said.

Sally looked at him he must be the one she met on the beach Sally thought.

“Um yeah are you Jack” Sally said.

“Yeah” Jack said wondering how the woman knew his name then it clicked.

“You must be Sally” Jack said.

“Yeah” Sally said “Martha’s bedrooms upstairs first one to the left”

“Thanks” Jack said and hurried up the stairs.

Sally looked on she didn’t know how Martha would take it if she got hurt again it looked like she had just started to get her trust back in men.

Jack knocked on the door and opened it to find Martha dancing shaking her bum side to side he just stood there amused until Martha saw him in the mirror and quickly spun around “what are you doing here” she asked.

“Um I told you I wasn’t going to give up” he said trying not to laugh.

“What do you want” Martha said.

“I want you to hang out with me tomorrow please I really don’t want to be home with my freak of a brother and the evil step mother”

Martha gave out a small laugh “she can’t be that bad” Martha said.

“Believe me” Jack said “she’s evil.

Martha laughed “your not going to want me as a friend after you meet the poplars your drop me like garbage” Martha said.

Jack looked at her “I won’t I’m not like that”

Martha looked at him “promise” Martha said.

“I promise” Jack said.

“Ok meet me at the beach tomorrow at nine I’ll show you some sites”

Jack nodded “ok it’s a date” he said.

Martha smiled “It’s a date”

And Jack left the room.

Martha bit her bottom lip and fell onto her bed she was daydreaming when she heard the door open and she sat up.

“Well how did it go” Sally asked.

“We’re meeting at the beach tomorrow”

Sally nodded “just do what you think is right” she said.

Martha nodded “I am she said” she said.

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May not be suitable for people under thirteen don't know but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Two months later Martha and Jack sit on the beach Martha in between Jacks legs as they watched the sun go down together. Martha spun her head around so she was facing Jack then adjusted the rest of her body so she was sitting on his lap.

“I can’t believe the summers nearly over” Martha said.

“I know back to school” Jack said.

Martha sighed “yeah I can’t believe it’s my last year”

“I know it’s scary” Jack said.

“This has definitely been the best summer of my life” Martha said.

Jack smiled “me too” Jack said.

“I love you” Martha said.

Jack looked at her surprised but responded with “I love you too”

They smiled at each other and kissed.

The next day Martha was in her room when Tasha knocked on her.

Martha spun around “hey” she said.

“Hey Mac what did you want” she asked.

“Tonight could be one of the biggest nights of my life”

Tasha looked at her “what do you mean” she said.

“I want me and Jack to take it to the next level”

Tasha looked at her “really she said”

Martha smiled “he told me he loved me yesterday” she said.

Tasha smiled “well what are you going to do” she said.

“Well I’ve asked Sal for the house tonight and her and Flynn are taking Pipa to a movie and then they are going out to dinner they said they wouldn’t be home until eleven thirty”

Tasha nodded “ok so are you going to make dinner.

“Yep everything has to be perfect” Martha said.

As she got out her phone and text Jack “meet me at the beach in ten” she wrote.

Jack was at the diner having a milkshake when his phone beeped and he read the message.

He quickly finished his drink and headed for the beach.

Jack had been at the beach for five minutes when he saw Martha coming towards him “hey” he said as she reached him and he gave her a quick kiss “what’s up” he said.

“I need to talk to you about something”

“Ok” Jack said.

“I want you to come to my place tonight”

Jack looked at her “why” he said.

“Because I want it to be our night”

Jack looked at her “do you mean”

Martha’s grin said it all.

“Are you sure” he said.

“Yep just meet me at my place at seven ok” she said.

“Ok” Jack said and gave her a kiss before she started running up the beach.

“Do I look ok” Martha asked Tasha as she turned away from the mirror she had a black dress on that had a slit up one of the sides showing of her perfectly tanned leg with slip on black high heels on her feet, her hair was done up in a high pony.

“You look gorgeous Mac” Tasha said.

Martha nodded her head “ok” she said.

“Anyway I’ve got to go Irene will be waiting for me”

Martha smiled “ok thanks” she said and Tasha left the room.

It was a hour later and Martha was sitting at the table waiting for Jack when it was seven thirty she decided to go looking for him.

She walked through the doors of the surf club and was about to go into Noahs when she saw Jack with Amber kissing on top of him and pulled away “now wasn’t that better than anything that country girl could give you” “ Face it mate we know all you want is to get her into bed but it’s not going to happen she’s a good girl” “as a matter a fact it’s happening tonight” At that Moment Jack looked around saw Martha.

He went to speak but she shook her head and ran out of the surf club.

Jack jumped up and started running after her Martha took her heels off and started running even faster.

“Martha wait” Jack said but she kept running until she collapsed in the sand.

Jack caught up to her.

“Go away” Martha yelled at him.

“Martha please” Jack said.

Martha looked up at him “what” she said.

“Just give me a chance to explain” he said.

Martha’s face grew angry “explain what how you could use me like this I should of known that all guys are the same but I thought you were different I didn’t think you would be like the others proves how wrong I was” Martha said starting to break down but started to get fired up “Tonight was suppose to be special I was going to give you something that was important to me you were the guy that I wanted to be with you told me you loved me was that all a lie” Martha said starting to cry.

“Martha I would never want to hurt you” Jack said trying to reach out to touch her But Martha pulled away.

“Don’t touch me don’t come near me don’t talk to me just stay the hell away form me” she screamed and started to run up the beach leaving jack standing there wondering what he was going to do to win back the girl of his dreams.

Martha slammed the front door open with tears streaming down her cheeks and ran up to her room and collapsed onto her bed when she saw out of the corner of her eye a picture of her and Jack when they had gone to Luna park for the day her eyes grew angry she picked up the photo and threw it at the door and dug her head back into her pillow.

Three and a half hours later Sally , Flynn and Pipa walked through the door to find the table still set with burnt out candles and the food going cold in there places Sally frowned something wasn’t right she headed upstairs and knocked on the door.

“Martha can I come in” Sally said from outside.

Martha dragged her head onto it’s side she had a throbbing headache from crying so much “yeah” Martha said.

Sally opened the door to find the photo frame smashed on the other side of the door.

“Dinner didn’t go to plan I take it” Sally said.

Martha shook her head.

“What happened” Sally asked.

“It wasn’t suppose to be just dinner” Martha said.

Sally looked at her “what do you mean” She asked.

“It was suppose to be our first time you know” she said.

“Oh” Sally said “what happened” she asked.

“Well I told him to be here at seven but when it got to seven thirty and he wasn’t here I wondered what was going on so I went looking for him and when I got to the surf club I saw him kissing some girl and then heard him talking about me and what we were suppose to be doing tonight and then he tried to explain but I wouldn’t let him” Martha said starting to break down.

“It’s ok” Sally said trying to calm her down.

“I just thought he was different” she said.

“I know” Sally said “I know”


Jack tries to get Martha back.

Please comment.

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Some parts may not be suitable for younger readers.

Jack arrived home opened the door and quietly closed it behind him he lent his body back on the door and closed his eyes how had he done that how had he betrayed Martha like that he had ruined everything actually he had only ruined one thing the best thing in his life the only thing that meant to him. He opened his eyes to see his dad standing in front of him.

“Would you like to tell me where you’ve been till two o’clock in the morning” he asked.

Jack sighed “Me and Martha had a fight and we kind of broke up” jack said.

“Oh” Tony said “do you want to talk about it” he asked.

Jack shook his head “no I just want to go to bed”

Tony nodded his head “ok mate night” he said and watched Jack walk up the stairs.

Martha woke up. Her pillow wet from tears she managed to lift her head from the pillow and get to the mirror she looked into it and sighed her make-up she had done perfectly the night before had run and the mascara had left big black lines under her eyes she turned around she felt so empty yesterday she had pictured herself happy and totally in love but the turn out was somewhat different she slumped back onto her bed and laid back closed her eyes and another tear gently ran down her cheek.

Jack ran down the stairs nearly knocking Marian over on his way.

“Hey excuse me” she said.

Jack turned around “your excused” he said.

“I heard what happened between you and that Martha chick so sad” she said sarcastically.

Jack glared at her “your truly evil aren’t you” he said.

“Oh sweetheart she would of just ended up being a gold digger believe me I can pick them”

“Yeah that would be right it usually can pick your own kind but Martha isn’t like that” he said.

“Whatever she wouldn’t get much you may think your set for life with daddies fortune but when he falls off the plank I’m going to be right here to pick up his millions and your getting none” she said smartly.

“Whatever” he said and turned around opened the door and slammed it behind him.

Sally walked down the stairs to see Flynn playing with Pipa “she still not saying anything” Flynn asked.

Sally shook her head “she’s just hurting” she said and at that moment there was a knock on the door.

“I ’l get it” Sally said walking to the door.

Sally opened the door to find.

“Jack” Sally said.

“Hi” he said “is Martha here” he asked.

Sally nodded “she’s not speaking to anyone” she said.

Jack sighed “she told you” he said.

“Yes she’s been bawling her eye’s out all night how could you do that to her”

“She doesn’t know the full story” he said “can I please just try and speak to her”

Sally sighed “fine” she said “but don’t push her”

Jack nodded “ok” he said and walked up the stairs.

Martha was lying in her bed when she heard someone knocking on the door thinking it was Sally because she had been pestering her all morning she said.


But her eyes widened with anger when she saw Jack appear from the other side.

“Get out of here” she said.

“Martha listen to me” she said.

“Why so you can make some pathetic excuse”

“Martha please” he said as he stepped forward but stepped on something he looked down and saw the smashed photo on the ground.

“I’m so sorry Martha”

“It’s to late Jack” she said.

“Please this time yesterday we were happy why can’t we go back to that”

“Cause It looks like you’ve found the people you belong with” she said.

“No Martha I don’t belong with them I belong with you and you might not be able to see it now but you know how great we are together and you know your happy with me”

Martha looked up “I did love you Jack and probably deep down I do still love you but you hurt me Jack you promised me you wouldn’t hurt me and the person I’ve seen over this summer I fell in love with but last night at the surf club I saw someone completely different someone that I hate”

Jack looked down “I didn’t kiss her she kissed me she just came on to me”

“Jack it’s not the point you didn’t stop her you took it and then you said that it’s happening tonight Jack how’s that suppose to make me feel”

“I know Mac but if there’s anything I can do to make it up to you I’ll do it anything to get you back anything we can take it slow I don’t care as long as your not mad at me”

Martha sighed “I wanted us to work Jack I really did but”

“No buts Jack said moving closer to the bed and sitting down “no buts”

“Jack how do I know you won’t do the same thing to me again”

“It won’t I love you to much to lose you again that is if you want to try again”

“We can give it a shot” Martha said.

“Really” Jack said starting to get excited.

“Really” Martha said putting her hand ion his cheek and placing her lips on his.

They continued to kiss as Martha wriggled around so she was sitting on Jack’s lap and lying him down.

Jack flipped her over and Martha wrapped her legs around his waist.

Martha started tugging at his shirt but Jack pulled away.

“Whoa are you sure” he asked.

“Positive” Martha said as she lifted his shirt over his head.

Jack gently slid her top up and over her head.

Martha placed her hands on Jacks belt and started to undo it when Sally came through the door.

“Hey Mar what the hell is going on here” she said looking at Martha’s naked upper half as was Jack.

Jack rolled over so Martha could sit up and Martha quickly pulled Jacks shirt across her body.

“Jack” Sally said Jack looked up with a frightened expression on his face “out side now and Martha get dressed and meet me out there” Martha nodded and Jack stood up and left the room followed by Sally.

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