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Hard Times

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Hard times

Set in the future read through your dreams first

Wyatt sat in his year six class room reading out his assignment to the class,

”So that’s my speech” He said sitting down,

’Good job A plus again” His teacher said,

”Thanks Sir” Wyatt said

The bell rang at the end of the day.

”Wyatt you coming” His best mate Dave said,

’Yeah sure, I’ve got to pack I’m going to summer bay this weekend” Wyatt said

”Have a great time” He said, Wyatt saw his dad’s police car arrive at the school,

“Hey buddy you want a life” He said as Wyatt got in the car.

“Where’s your sister” Jack asked

”Over their” Wyatt said showing her walking towards them

”Hey dad” She said getting in the car,

”Okay kids we have to go home and get packed” Jack said, they arrived at their home and got packing, Wyatt had his packed and grabbed his art book, They arrived at the airport in Summer bay, Wyatt was running over to the pet area, grabbing Dusty from the cage as Jack appeared behind him, Dusty was Wyatt’s dog, the dog was a golden retriever but a smart and well trained dog. They drove in the large car to a small dinner, Jack stopped the car as Wyatt and Bree saw the beach,

’so kids what you think” He said getting out,

“Its great” Bree said looking at locals walking around,

Wyatt got out of the car and placed Dusty on the lead, he grabbed his art book and backpack and walked with his dad, mum and Bree into the dinner, Jack saw Alf and Ric talking, ”Martha” Alf said rushing to his granddaughter, Rick walked up to Wyatt as Dusty stayed between him and Wyatt,

”Rick” Wyatt said,

”You remember me” He said as Dusty moved aside, “

’Yeah” Wyatt said hugging his uncle, (What ever he is)

“You must be Bree” Alf said as he saw the shy girl behind Jack,

‘Hi” She said “I’m your great grandfather’ He said as Martha and Jack turned attention to Rick,

”I bet you kids are thirsty and hungry why don’t u grab a seat” He said as Wyatt and Bree sat outside with Dusty who was running off lead on the beach, Jack walked out as they were looking at the menus “Mate put your dog on the lead’ Jack said

”Dusty” Wyatt said wiling to the dog who ran towards them, as soon as they had finished eating Jack and Martha walked along the area of the beach, They were staying in the apartment that they owned their holiday home, Martha had made them all unpack and she and Jack were going off to see Tasha and Robbie while Bree and Wyatt were going to the beach, Bree and Wyatt sat on the sand they had been in the water and were drying off, as Wyatt got his pen and book out, he started drawing the view as Tony and Beth saw them “Hey kids you lost” He said, Wyatt stood up

“Wyatt” Tony asked, surprised

“Hey grandad” He said as he looked up,

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