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Dissatisfied with the non-explanation behind Zoe/Tracey provided by the show, I've decided to write my own. This is just a teaser to try and gauge the level of interest. Let me know what you think.



When Eve had first moved next door, Tracey's father had taken one glimpse and announced that she was bad news. Trouble with a capital T. Tracey didn't know why. All she saw was a tall, skinny, slightly awkward looking young girl with an uncontrolled mane of curly blonde hair. In other words the polar opposite to herself, Tracey, was short and slightly chubby and had dark hair that was straight as a pin.

Eve seemed friendly enough, smiling brightly and waving to her new neighbours as a man in a suit led her up the stairs to her new home. Tracey felt sorry for her. The family she was going to, the Owens, weren't the nicest people in the world, at least not to her. Tracey had begun to think that they hated kids but if that was the case why would they foster this one? What made her so special?

It was two days before Tracey saw Eve again. She had been trying to recreate a multiple vehicle accident ,with her brother's toy cars, for a school project, in her backyard when Eve's head had popped up over the fence making Tracey jump and squeal in surprise.

Eve laughed at the older girls' reaction. "Sorry, did I scare you?" She said, not looking very sorry at all.

"No!" Tracey protested, wiping her sweaty palms down the sides of her jeans as she watched Eve gracefully drop down off the top of the high fence.

"Oh." Eve pouted a little but her disappointment only lasted a moment. "I'm Eve." She said, sticking her hand out.

"I'm-" Tracey began enthusiastically reaching to shake Eve's hand, only remembering her father's warning at the very last second. "I'm not supposed to talk to you." She finished reluctantly, her hand only a few centimeters away from Eve's outstretched hand. "My Dad's forbidden me."

Eve quirked an eyebrow and looked thoughtful for a second. "Yeah, that's not going to work for me. See-" She paused, waiting for the older girl to supply a name.


Eve nodded her thanks. "See Tracey, I've decided that I like you."

"You like…you have?" Tracey stuttered. Nobody had ever told her that they actually liked her before.

"Yes. And I want us to be friends and that might be hard if you can't talk to me, I mean, I could probably talk enough for the both of us but that would get a little boring after a while, don't you think?"

Tracey laughed, she liked this girl, Eve. She didn't understand what her father had against her. "I guess so, but my Dad…"

"Doesn't have to know." Tracey's face twisted in confusion at Eve's words. "We could keep it a secret, come on, it'll be fun." Eve urged.

Tracey was torn, Eve wasn't like any girl she'd ever met before and most importantly, she liked her! Tracey didn't want to reject Eve's offer of friendship but she didn't want to get into trouble with her father either.

"I don't know Eve…" She answered hesitantly.

Eve sighed heavily, eyes downcast, and turned to leave. "Look, if you don't want to be my friend you don't have to lie about it to get rid of me, I'll just go. Sorry for bothering you."

*But you weren't bothering me!* Tracey was instantly riddled with guilt, she shot out a hand, grabbing Eve's arm to keep her from leaving. "No! That's not it at all. I want to you to stay. I-I want to be your friend."

Eve turned, a grin spreading across her face. She held out a fist with only her pinkie finger sticking out. "Super secret friends?" She asked without a hint of uncertainty.

Wanting to make up for her earlier affront, Tracey responded without hesitation. "Super secret friends." She confirmed, wrapping her pinkie finger around Eve's and shaking it firmly.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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That is really awesome stuff! I'm so glad you're writing a Zoe/TT fic - it's really wicked! I like their secret friendship - can't wait 'til you write more! Just one question, are they teenagers at the moment? They seem pretty young.
In this part they are teenagers. I'm going by Zoe's original DOB (28/02/81) rather than the one that the show came up with this time (05/06/83). Because it makes sense for a experienced nurse to be younger than the newbie she was impersonating, yeah okay I believe you H&A. So in this part Eve is 12 and Tracey is 15 but acts younger because she is a little socially isolated.

The flashbacks are going to be used in between scenes set in the present with Zoe being 25 and Tracey 28. Also I'm probably going to be changing the title.

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*also sits patiently for next fic* LOL! I really love this story so far! It's intrigued me with the whole Zoe/TT thing. Considering they didn't explain on the show about why Zoe/TT are working together maybe you can invent something :) And yes flashbacks are awesome, that's why Family Guy is great :)

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And yes flashbacks are awesome, that's why Family Guy is great :)
I love Family Guy. Stewie Griffin rules!

And the new title will be *drumroll please* Girl Next Door. I know, so imaginitive, right?

Anyway here's a little teaser since you've both been so supportive, you get presents.

Tracey turned away, unable to look at Eve in case she noticed her furious blushing and shook her head. "Enough about my screwed up family, what about you? How did you end up in foster care?"

Eve looked away. "Eve?" Tracey asked cautiously when the other girl didn't answer, she hadn't meant to upset her.

"My granddad killed my grandma." Eve admitted quietly, causing Tracey to choke on her beer.

"What?" She sputtered, wiping the liquid of her chin.

"There was a problem with the car." Eve replied blankly, her gaze never wavering from the candle's flame. "With the fuel line or something...I can't remember. But granddad said he'd fix it. Grandma wanted to take it to a proper mechanic but grandpa was stubborn and he said he'd do it, I remember that they got it a fight about it, there was a lot of yelling but eventually grandpa got his way. Gran was on her way to her knitting club and when she started the car...it just exploded, I saw the whole thing from my bedroom window...It was so loud, she was screaming and I was screaming and there was nothing that I could do. She died. A few months later he died too, he fell asleep with some candles burning when I wasn't home. The whole house burnt down with him inside it."

"That's awful." Tracey said, her voice thick with emotion.

"He got what he deserved." Snapping out of her daze, Eve shook her head. "Anyway, it's not important now."

"What about your parents?"

"They're dead too. I guess you could say that I kinda killed my mum. It was a difficult birth and she lost to much blood. She died a few hours after I was born. My Dad blamed me, one day he couldn't deal with it anymore and he hung himself." Eve said, completely devoid of emotion.

"Oh God, Eve." Tracey choked out, reaching out and capturing the birthday girl in a tight hug. "I'm so sorry."

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