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Facing Up to Life

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I wrote something up before how mattie should deal after her burns and how school will :)

Hope everyone likes so far thanks to Jackieleanne for Coming up with the idea.

It was 2am in the morning everyone was sleeping, Matilda Came out of her room started walking around anxious around the lounge room she decided to sit down and have a think “ 1 Month had passed since that night she will never forget, that had scarred her.

Matilda Had horrific burns from the explosion her family have been trying to get her through this she knows there helping and she is grateful for that but she just feels so alone.

She had Missed Lucas so much he was trying to be they’re as a friend to her but she wants more then that.

Tomorrow she would have to face school Lucas tried to convince her that it would be all right she just agreed with him to shut him up. She knew it will be hell and everyone will stare and tease her.

The burns were still sore but not as bad as when the Explosion had happened they hadn’t healed yet, Every night when she goes to bed she cry’s to sleep , she has felt so depressed lately and No one is there to help her get through this she misses Lucas so much “ Matilda Looked at the clock it was 2:15am she couldn’t Sleep she was to worried about what would happen when she faces school tomorrow.

She Got up went walking over to the window looking outside at what a beautiful night it was she felt like going down to the beach right now To help maybe get to sleep.

She opened the front door and went out down the driveway and off to the beach, little did she know that Lucas had heard her leaving and decided to follow her.

It was now 2:35am and Mattie was sitting down at the beach in the sand she was crying, Lucas was watching from behind her and hated seeing her so upset he decided to come up to her

“Hello Mattie” Matilda Looks up at him asking why is he here.

“I heard you walk out the house, what’s the matter?” “Nothing ok” she says

He sat down and put his arms around her “Come on you can tell me”

“I can’t face them I cant!!” She yells.

“Who?? School??” He says “Yes Im so scared what they are going to say or how they treat me” She says as she breaks down in tears” Lucas feels so sorry for her and just hugs her “Don’t worry Mattie ill be there with you all the way” They sit there for a while comforting each other.

If anyone has any ideas or wants anything to happen all up for it :0

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Next few chapters are long and some people might not make sense well here it goes

chapter 2:

Maddie Woke up sweating with a terrible nightmare of that night with Zoe, She looked over to clock it read 7am ugh she will have to get up for school for now.

Beth Came in and sat next to Mattie “Come on Sweet you have to get ready for school and face it”

“I don’t think I can mum I’m Scared of what’s Going to Happen there” She replies.

Beth Hugs her Daughter “Nothing will happen, you have Cassie, Ric & Lucas There to Support you”

When she hears the name Lucas she was starting to think about last night when he came down to the beach and helped her she was lost in her thoughts when Beth nudged her.

“Matilda” Beth Said

Maddie Snapped out of her thoughts “Sorry Mum, Ok I will go”

Matilda was already for school and had left to walk when Lucas ran up behind her “Hey don’t worry Maddie it will be alright” He says.

“ I know it will I mean have you Cass and Ric to help get me through today”

Lucas paused for a moment “ Um Maddie Cassie and Ric Have gone away for 2 weeks with Sally and Pippa”

Maddie’s Faced had Dropped “Oh my god No I cant go now!” She Panicked and headed back home.

Lucas Stopped her “Maddie No you can do this Come on I don’t want to go with out you please?” Lucas Begged “Ok I will go and try to deal with anything that happens” They Walked off to school.

They walked into school Soon as she walked in everyone started staring at her Maddie and started whispering Lucas said “Ignore them, sorry Maddie I have to go to my English class ill see you next period remember stay confident” Lucas Walks off, Maddie Heads to her Math’s class when she enters the room everyone starts staring at her some people start laughing at her and whispering names.

Matilda went and sit down at her desk and tried to block it all out of her head she just wished Lucas was here, Someone Comes up behind her and Puts there hand on her shoulder and She screams in Pain and Looks up and see its Lee the girl Lucas hanged around when he was Being angry with the family.

“Well well its Madilda, Look girls it’s the girl that has went from drama queen to ugly queen” All of Lee’s Gang were laughing and teasing Matilda.

“All right Class that’s enough” The Teacher Yelled, Matilda Just wished it to be over Then something Hit her on the head she looked around and Seen Lee Chucking Paper at her.

The bell had went Matilda Was finally glad it was over she just wanted to run away from it all But she decided to stay. Lucas came up to her “Hey how was your class” “Don’t ask Lucas just don’t! I want it all to be over now!” She walks in and sits down Lucas Goes and Sits down in the corner of the room He Notices Lee and her gang go up to maddie and say something to her and walk off to there Seats he was worried what that was about.

Matilda Couldn’t think she felt so unsafe here at school someone interrupted her thoughts when a paper was passed to her table she opened it up and it said “How does it feel to be ugly and all burned Tilley Haha” Matilda Looked around to Lee and her mates they all laugh at her and mouth “Ugly Tilley” Matilda tried to Concentrate but Lee’s Friend Behind Matilda Poked her in the back and Matilda Yelled in Pain and got up and screamed “ I have had enough of this everyone treating me like this its hard enough I got to deal with it alone now all of you Leave me alone!” Matilda screams and runs out the room crying. Lucas got up and was running out the door when The Teacher and Lee Interrupted him “Lucas were are you going!” He replied, “I’m going to go find her and see what damage you have done to her” He yelled

“But she is just a skank” Lee Said Lucas got angry “She is not a skank she is beautiful and I love her” Lucas said running out the room

Little did he know Matilda was around the other side of the wall that Lucas had passed and heard him call her the love of his life she felt happy but she decided she needed somewhere to go and let it all out”

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