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Wed 21 Jun 06 - " Hello Kitty "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Hello Kitty "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 21 Jun 06 - Episode # 4213)

OPENING CREDITS – Peter is ALREADY gone, and the scene from last year, with Dan, Amanda & Colleen is back

HOSPITAL – The ambulance officers bring in Macca. Dr young (who calls Macca “Michael” and is corrected) goes to work treating Macca. Dr young discovers that Macca’s spleen has problems (here we go again – is everything else thinking about Shane?)

LEAH’S PALCE – leah & Dan enter. Both are way numbed by what have happened, and are that talkative.

HOSPITAL – Cassie is way stressed about Macca, much to Ric’s bemusement.

Dr young approaches and says that they operates and had to remove Maccas’ spleen, and now that are partic worried about if Macca’s injured arm gets infected.

As soon as Dr young says she can, cassie goes into Macca's hospital room.

McADAMS MANSION – Next morn, amanda & kitty are in the kitchen, commenting about the emergency vehicle sirens which kept them awake.

Amanda wonders what time kitty’s appointment with her cancer specialist is. Kitty says that she had forgotten about it – and that its at 11am, so she will still easily make it there on time .

Amanda answer that phone – and is shocked at the news she receives. When off the phone, she tells kitty that peter is DEAD !!!

LEAH’S PALCE – leah is on the phone, when the call ends, she tells Dan that jack’s operation has recently finished (Tony on phone), and now they hope that jack doesn’t reject Peter’s liver. Leah thinks its good that something good has become of this (another life saved).

Leah is worried about Dan’s rather silent behaviour, but he is not keen to talk about it.

Amanda arrives, and offers her condolences. She proceeds to tell tem a funny story about Peter, who once went sailing with his then new g/f … only to discover at the end of the cruise that the boat belonged to the woman’s exc … and there were police waiting for them.

Dan tells Amanda to get out !!!! but when Amanda is gone, he admits that he’s not angry at Amanda, he is angry at himself for wasting those times when he wasn’t speaking to peter because of what happened with Amanda.

HOSPITAL – After nurse Julie tends to Macca, and bailing form the room, Macca wonders why cassie is in the room supproting him, given all that he did. Cassie insists that until Macca is better, that is all she’s worried about.

SOON AFTER – Nurse Julie tells sally that belle & Morag wre transferred form Reefton lake hospital and should be here soon, and that tilly & Kit should be transferred this afternoon.

Sally talks to Ric, who wonders why cassie is acting this way towards Macca. Sally isn’t worried about it for now, but Ric voices his concerns about what if Macca && cassie get back together because of this. Sally tries to allay his fears, but doesn’t seem to have much luck.

Morag & belle (both in wheelchairs) are taken pat where sally & Ric are talking. Morag says that the wheelchair makes things look worse than they really are.

Belle (in a sarcastic tone) tells Ric that she has minor burns and smoke inhalation … and “thanks for your concern”

McADAMS MANSION – Kitty gets a txt form John (belle’s adopted dad) “I’m still waiting”.

Amanda enters, and she is annoyed that Dan treated her that way.

She then wonders about kitty’s appointment. Kitty has forgotten again. Kitty says that she will catch a cab, but Amanda insist on drive her …as Amanda wants to speak to specialist too.

HOSPITAL – kitty & Amanda enter and kitty tells Amanda that she insists that she doesn’t want Amanda to go with her into the appointment.

Kitty goes into a corridor … and is shocked to see the wheelchair bound Belle !!!

LEAH’S PALCE – leah & Dan talk about how Dan is feeling, before Dan phone his parents … he is way crying as he tells them the news.

HOSPITAL – kitty is in belle’s hospital roo with Morag & sally. Both are a tad surprised that kitty is belle’s gran. They also are intrigued when kitty says that she has business dealing in the bay (which is why she is here now).

Morag wonders how belle found out that kitty is her gran, so belle tells the “i thought she was mu mum” story. Morag then asks about belle’s mum … and is told that she is dead. Morag apologises for the question.

Alf enters, and kitty is bailing. Kitty is a tad abrupt with him, and alf comments to Morag & Co that he hopes that he didn’t say anything to offend.

When kitty encounters Amanda again, her daughter comments that nurses said specialists offices are in the direction opposite to the way kitty went. Kitty talks her way out of things, and insist that they bail as specialist was called away on emergency.

Elsewhere,. Macca suggest to the dozing cassie that she should bail. Dr young enters and is concerned about Macca’s left arm, esp when Macca can’t feel anything when it touches that limb.

Dr young tells Macca & cassie that (worst case) if the arm gets further infect, will have to remove it (because of the loss of his spleen earlier).

SOON AFTER – cassie can’t believe things in happening, whilst Macca says that THIS is his punishment for hurting cassie.

LEAH’S PALCE – leah bails, - to go get VJ, whilst Dan opens today’s mail. It include a wedding anniversary card from peter .. in the card, peter has written “to the best & brightest couple I know”. Dan is waaaay emotional.

HOSPITAL – sally & Co are about to bail when Ric sees cassie. He tells sally that he’ll catch bus home.

Ric then confronts cassie about the way she is behaving around Macca. Cassie wondered why Ric is acting this way. He adits that “I’m still in love with you” cassie rebukes him, and thinks that Ric is selfish.

CHURCH GROUNDS – alf & Morag talk about the irony of being here for jack & martha’s weeding, and soon to be here for Peter’s funeral.

Alf & Morag go their separate ways, and we see, nearby, kitty & Amanda.

Kitty hopes that this visit wil allow Amanda to begin to grief. Those two go in opposite directions.

Morag sees Amanda walk by .. and wonders how she knows kitty. Amanda says that kitty is her mum, and wonders why Morag ask.

Morag says that she has seen kitty before, but Amanda says that it probably be because kitty is actress. Morag says that she saw kitty this morn … and was introduced to her as belle’s gran. Amanda wonders ho this is possible ….. until the penny drops.

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda finds THAT photo of belle in kitty’s handbag … and confronts kitty as soon as she returns home (end of ep)


Kitty tells Amanda what happened THAT day

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Cassie's soot mottled bridesmaid dress

SILVER – Nurse Julie's blue & white work shirt

BRONZE – Amanda's bluey/green top

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