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Hey guys :D

The lovely KatieroxNZ requested the following tutorial for this coloring


So... were going from nicoleandpenn-1.png to penn-nicole.png

1. Grab your image your going to use and crop, resize and place it where you want it.

2. Duplicate your image and set it to Screen with 100% opacity now every image is different so you might have to go back and change the opacity when you done... but for now leave it at 100%

3. Now you want to create a new Color Balance Layer so go to >Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Color Balance and then do the following settings.

Shadows: -20/+6/+15

Midtones: -20/-27/+24

Highlights: +15/+13/+13

4. Now your going to create a new Selective Color >Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Selective Color and do the following settings.

Reds: -100/+10/+58/+5

Yellows: -53/-1/-33/-100

5. Now its time for a new Channel Mixer Layer >Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Channel Mixer and do the following settings.

Red R:+83 G:+14 B:-20

Green: R:-5 G:+110 B:-5

Blue: R:-12 G:+12 B:+110

6. Now this next step is using the vibrance which I think is only available in photoshop CS4 but those who dont have it then Hue/Saturation does the same thing.

for those with CS4

>Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Vibrance

Vibrance: +8

Saturation: +8

For those with any other photoshop

>Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Hue/Sat

Hue: +8

Saturation: +8


Now if your picture is quite bright, go back and change step two to 50% opacity

The Nicole/Penn icon was 100% screened

The Ruby Icon was 50% screened.


home-from-scool.png = 50%

diner-is-diff.png = 100%


would love to see your results ^_^

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Step 4

New Curves layer (Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Curves) with these settings:

RGB: Input 88 | Output 67


I'm using GIMP for this but when I go into my layers drop down I don't have the 'New Adjustment Layer' so I can't use curves. Or is the same if I just go to 'Colours>Curves'?

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KatieroxNZ requested a tutorial for this icon


Unfortunately, I didn’t save the PSD, so I had to recreate the colouring from scratch. I think it matches up all right.

So, we're going from inditut_01.png to inditut_02.png

1. Open your base. Crop it, sharpen it and do whatever else you like to prepare it.

2. Duplicate your base three times. Set the first copy on screen at 100% opacity. Set the second on screen at whatever opacity it suits your image, and set the third to soft light at 100% opacity.

3. Add a new fill layer and fill it with #FFF200. Set this layer to soft light at 35% opacity.

4. Add a new selective color layer and use these settings.











5. Create another selective color layer and use the following settings.









6. Yep, another selective color layer.





7. Add a new fill layer and fill it with # E3E3E3. Set this layer to soft light at 50% opacity.

And that's it!


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Hi everyone. :D My friend on lj requested the coloring of this icon, and I thought I would post it here too. :)


This tutorial is very simple.

Resources: the image I used was from www.lauren-online.net and the texture is by me (credit if you use it.) click

Step 1: crop your icon or resize it however you want, then slap it on a 100x100px white canvas.

Step 2: Usually I prep the image before coloring, for this icon I just sharpened it, go to filter >> sharpen >> sharpen

Step 3: Coloring:

Add the texture and set it to soft light 100%. Then go to layer >> new adjustment layer >> color balance layer

Midtones: +24, -29, -43

Shadows: +11, -11, +13

Set this layer to normal 100%.

Step 4:

Go to layer >> new fill layer >> solid color

Fill with #fafafa and set to soft light 20%.

And you are done! :D

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I need help with my Photobucket account. :( They changed their presentation (which I find awful <_< ) and now I can't see any of my icons in my artwork thread or on my Livejournal (I used another site for my last update), which is really annoying. My other Photobucket account, on which I used to upload screencaps, seems to work as I can still see the caps and I can see other people's icons which have been uploaded on Photobucket. As some of you use Photobucket, I was wondering if somebody could help me. :unsure:

I've fixed the problem. :)

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Quiet Achiever wanted to know the colouring of this avatar:


So here it goes, we are starting with this: 4a7ecc79e7.png

1. You might have to lighten your base or duplicate it and set the dupicated layer to screen if it gets too dark.

2. Start with your screencap/picture etc and apply a curves layer:

Point 1: Output: 153 Input: 114

Point 2: Output: 176 Input: 145


3. Apply a solid color layer

Fill it with a dark blue colour, I used #1c0855 and set it to exclusion


4. Add a selective color layer:

Reds: -100, -4, +100, +100

Yellows: -100, -60. -100, +10

Cyans: +100, -100, +100, +100

Blues: +100, +100, +100, +10

Whites: -100, -100, -100, -100

Neutrals: -10, +3, -2, 0


5. Finish with a color balance layer:

Midtones: +17, +2, +8

Shadows: -36, +12, +5

Highlights: +8, +10, +5


I hope that was useful :)

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hi all,

It been a while seen i have been on here i just updated my stuff but at the moment im having trouble uploading my avater is there something im doing wrong i made sure it 120x120 and i save it as gif,png but it still won't come up? any one could me that be great. cheers guys

P.s Im sorry if i have post this in the wrong section


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