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Mon 19 Jun 06 - " Reception Crashers "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Reception Crashers "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 19 Jun 06 - Episode # 4211)

CHURCH – As the like of Beth, sally, Morag, Kimmy & Rachel approach the entrance to the sacred building, Rachel & Kimmy comment that its great that jack & martha are letting them share their reception (as it will also be Kimmy & Rachel’s engagement/farewell party).

Rachel also comments that although her mum can’t make it to the jack/martha wedding she will be at the reception.

As they are about to go in, Kit arrives – and insists that there is no way that she’d miss a party like this.

Inside, jack & Co are waiting eagerly for the ceremony to begin.

Back outside. The bridal cars arrive. Bridesmaids Tilly, Tash & cassie exit form one car, and alf helps martha form the other car – after she finishes her glass of champagne.

As Martha & Co approach the entrance of the church, Morag speaks to martha. Morag tells martha that Roo would like to have been here, but she can’t. Morag is V honoured to take Roo’s place at the ceremony.

Also, sally can she that cassie isn’t keen on entering. Sally convinces cassie (who is stressing about the make up covered bruise) to come inside.

The bridesmaids, then Martha, walk rather briskly up the aisle, and then the bay’s usual female celebrant begins the ceremony.

Jack and martha say vows that they have written themselves – both V muchly reminiscing about their sometimes rocky (fake spiders, nude runs etc) road to romance. (note – its all V heartfelt and wonderful).

The celebrant then announce them as husband & wife, and tells jack that he may kiss his bride. Jack eagerly dies so. When the kiss finishes, martha cheekily says “you may now kiss the bride again” … and this time they REALLY pash.

OLD BARN – All are surprised when they arrive at the place that martha has chosen for the recaption. Indeed, alf says “I’ve been thrown out of dodgier places that this”.

Peter is way stressing that he’s not heard form Tracy, and that she is not answering her phone.

Rachel re-introduces her mum to leah, and Rachel’s mum is a tad surprised (with her condition and all) that leah is a married woman. Rachel, meanwhile, tells the likes of leah & Dan that her brother brad will take care of their mum whilst she is O/S.

Alf then introduces the just arriving wedding party - starting with bridesmaids etc, and finishing with Jack & martha. We see jack & martha’s entrance as though someone is looking at them from afar – but its not the stalker, it’s Macca !!!!

During the reception, Belle & Ric have several spats (about recent events).

Also, cassie decides that she can’t handle things, she goes outside followed by Ric. Cassie can’t believe it when she sees Macca sitting by a tree nearby. Ric also can’t and whilst cassie suggests that Macca should bail, Ric decides that physical approach will probably make Macca understand that message more. Sally approaches, “suggest” that Ric & cassie should go inside, and she also makes its clear to Macca (once more) to steer clear of sally & her family.

Soon after cassie & Ric go inside, they are talking about what’s happened – and martha (of course) overhears this. She charges outside and confronts maccca.

When he says that what he did is an accident, martha suggests that physically an emotionally hurting cassie ISN”T an accident. Martha suggests that Macca should go away until that he can PROVE that he’s reformed - even if that means sitting atop a maintain for 2 years. (note – martha got all breathy, like she does, when she was “telling off” her brother.

When martha goes bask inside, most have REALLY got into the country theme – doing hoedown type dancing etc before Alf invites jack & martha to the floor for the newlyweds dance.

Then come the last off the official duties – the girls assemble and martha throws that bouquet, which cassie catches. When jack throw martha’s garter, Ric catches it (shock, horror).

As Ric (wearing the garter as a headband) and cassie dance, they both disagree wit the old wives tale about the ppl who catch bouquet etc being next to marry.

Nearby, leah & Dan mention that its approaching their wedding anniversary – which prompts Colleen to mention that the stalker almost ruined that wedding day (note – I thought was amanda’s job???)

Right on cue, the stalker enter the reception venue – with Tracey as her hostage.

Peter offers himself as her hostage – but the stalker rebukes that.

She also says that peter was right all along – she does have a rather close accomplice. Peter & Co are SHOCKED when the stalker releases Tracey form her grasp, and Tracey tells peter that she deliberately contacted him – knowing that this would be the perfect way form the stalker to have revenge ion the bay (note – I thin, given the Mafia conversation that Peter had at the hens/buck party, that that is why Tracey is involved).

Sally then ask can anyone else smell gas, and we see a small gas container on the ground. One of the catering ppl enter the room with a cake with lit sparklers on top.

Peter urges everyone to get down – and then … KABOOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (end of ep)


The aftermath of the explosion – all are frantic, incl. martha screaming out for Jack !!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Belle's satin-y black leopard-y "hollywood tape" top

SILVER – Kit's shimmery scarlet dress

BRONZE – Irene's apricot, floral motifed top

HONOURABLE MENTION - Sally's silvery, dragin motif spagheeti strap dress

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