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Preview of J&M Wedding ep

Guest Andy

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Home And Away

Daily Telegraph

19 June 2006

Seven/Prime, 7pm, PG

Yet another Summer Bay wedding where the happy couple are barely out of their teens. Then again, considering the average soapie character will tie the knot at least four times in the course of their lifetime, perhaps it's best they get started early. Martha and Jack's ceremony goes off without a hitch, although with a stalker lurking, it's a celebration destined to end with a bang.

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Wedding surprise

The Gold Coast Bulletin

15 June 2006


Weekdays, 7pm

Seven, Prime

REMEMBER when life on the Aussie soapies used to be simple ... all surf, sun and sand.

Don't be fooled into thinking it's going to be all happily ever after if you tune in for the wedding of Summer Bay favourites Martha (Jodi Gordon) and Jack (Paul O'Brien), who tie the knot in Home and Away's wedding of the year.

Martha looks a dream in white, attended by three of her closest friends as bridesmaids; Jack is handsome in a tux and a swag of Summer Bay favourites don their Sunday best to help the happy couple celebrate their big day.

But joy turns to tragedy when serial killer Zoe (Emily Perry) strikes again, detonating a bomb as the day comes to an end that will see a swag of cast members fail to make it out alive.

It has been rumoured some favourites will die in the blast while others, including Matilda (Indiana Evans), will be left to battle against horrific injuries.

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Bad day at the bay

The Age

15 June 2006

Just when you thought it was safe to get hitched in Summer Bay ... Mere months after the blessed union of Robbie and Tash, Home and Away's two Logie winners, Jodi Gordon (Martha, pictured) and Paul O'Brien (Jack), will get married on Monday.

But celebrations turn to panic when an explosion leaves one cast member dead and others injured.

Producers have put the week's storylines under lock and key, but warned that the week will bring more tragedy for diehard fans.

Eloping is looking like a good option.

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Bay marriage shock looms

MX (Australia)

14 June 2006

Home and Away's hottest couple Jack Holden and Martha MacKenzie will tie the knot next week after pushing forward their wedding plans.

The on-off couple will put their tumultuous past behind them with a romantic ceremony to air on Monday.

But their wedded bliss will not last for long when the dreaded Summer Bay stalker crashes the wedding.

Insiders say one cast member will be killed instantly in an explosion.

In real life, actors Jodi Gordon and Paul O'Brien both won Best New Talent Logies this year for their portrayal of the Summer Bay characters.

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