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Save Me Jack

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Martha woke uo to the sound of Jack getting ready for work, he was trying to be quiet after last night sine Martha wasn't feeling well. Meanwhile Martha was struggling in a nightmare. She was sweating all over the sheets and Jack sat on the bed as she woke up gasping for air.

"Hey it's okay, i;m here" Jack said. Martha laid back as Jack leaned over her, he felt her forehead.

"Your warm you okay" He asked, she was shivering, proberly a fever.

"I'm just going to get you a drink okay" JAck said to her, he got up and got a themonitor, face washer, drink and headed to his room to find Martha up,

"Hey, hey you long lady are not going anywhere, sleep" He said,

"I'm fine" Martha lied,

"Your not," Jack said as Wyatt cried from the bedroom,

"I'll get him" Jack said, walking into Wyatt's bedroom, Wyatt was screaming as Martha was crying in pain, he got his mibile out calling Tasha.

"Hello Tash" Jack said holding Wyatt,

'Could you take Wyatt today Martha's not feeling well" Jack said, Tasha said she and robbie would pick him up in ten mins and he could stay te night. Jack picked up Wyatt dressing him in a pair of cargo pants and a green top, he was doing Wyatt's shoesliaces up when Tasha came in. He had a backpack and Wyatt was holding his teddy bear as Jack placed him on the ground.

" Martha are you okay" Tasha said through the doorway, Jack came to the doorway holding Wyatt as Robbie approched them,

"Okay buddy you behave for Tasha and Robbie" Jack said kissing his son before handing him to Robbie, Wyatt held onto his teddy bear Boddy.

"I packed his PJS and a pair of clothes, he has his toy and he has his nappies" Jack said as Tasha took the bag, Robbie smiled,

"Don't worry mate well take good care of him and have fun" Robbie said as he left Tasha said good bye and left as Jack came over to Martha,

"You'll be okay" Jack said.

Tasha and Robbie entered the surf club where Tony and Beth were working.

"Hey little guy" Tony siad taking his grandson in his arms. Wyatt was hugging his teddy as Tony sat down with them

"Where's MArtha or JacK" He said

"Wyatt's staying with us Martha's sick and she looks it too" Tasha said, Tony was fully concerned,

'Sick is she okay, i hope its nothign serious" He said

"I don't now but Jack thinks its a fever" Tasha said.

Jack was running a bath for Martha, she had just been examined by rachel and she has a fever, Rachel told Jack to get her in a cold bath and then give her a sleeping tablet.

Jack was adding cold iceblocks to the bath as Martha came in shivering, she didn't want to have a bath, Jack had her in hsi arms as she was shivering,

Martha undressed as Jack held her in the bath as she shivered, two mins in the bath that shoud do it, Martha kept shivering and gripped Jacks arms as he poured water on her hair and washed her hair, he then helped her out she kept shivering as she was in PJS, Jack let her hop in bed and he out six glasses of cold water and a sleeping tablet. Martha sat awake but shivering, Rachel waas in their room checking out Martha, Her temp was down by she was stressed but at least her feaver was gone.

"Martha are you okay" Jack asked sitting down as Rachel got a heart beat,

"Okay Jack Martha needs to come down to the hospital and have an IV or i can put it up here" She said

"Here if its oaky" He asked,

"Its fine" She said getting it set up, Jack was watching the T.V and at ten he went to see Rachel checking an healthy Martha,

"She's fine" Martha smiled at Jack as he entered, Rachel left as they thanked her. That night Martha slept the best she had ever.

The next morning Martha woke up at ten and Jack was at work.

"Martha, can pick Wyatt up this morning see yah surf club one love jack" Martha had breaky and got changed heading down to the dinner, Tasha and Robbie were sitting with Wyatt in Tasha's arms,

"Hey little guy" Martha siad he voice was still crocky but she wanted to see her son, Her eyes were still tired as Rachel approched,

"Martha you sould be resting your still recovery from the fever" She said,

"I'm fine" She said, Rachel felt her forehead,

"Your temp is still high" She said as Kim appeared next to her,

"Martha you don't want Wyatt to get sick" Rachel said as Tasha took him into her arms,

"MAc go home asleep" She said as Jack walked in.

'Jack Martha's temp is high still" Rachel said as Jack raced over to Martha,

"I told you to stay home and rest" He said,

"But i was bored so i" Martha stopped, she sat down as Jack kneeled to her.

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Good start :D Maybe you could just get the spelling and grammar checked? (don't take offense but in places i find it a bit hard to understand who's saying what). Nicole's thread does a wonderful job, they are all a great help with that sort of stuff :D

Yea I would agree with that (I get mine checked - it's a great help!). But honestly that's a great start and I'm so happy that there is another J&M fic on the board!! Aww Jack was so sweet to Martha!! aww =) Can't wait for an update!

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