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If You Believe

Guest ~Natasha~

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I know there are many Jack and Martha fics on this forum so one more won't make a difference. :o) xxx

If You Believe

"Do you Martha Mackenzie take Jack Holden to be your lawful wedded husband?"



"Martha wake up" Martha opens her eyes to find her fiancé smiling at her. "Morning sunshine" He giggles and throws a pillow at her.

"Oi" She picks up the pillow that he threw at her and throws it back at him and laughs.

"I tried to wake you up an hour ago but you weren't having any of it" He jumps onto the bed. "Must of been dreaming" She smiles at him and then gets out of bed.

"Something like that" She checks the clock in the corner of the room. "Oh no, I was suppose to be in work half an hour ago" She goes into her wardrobe and finds something to wear while Jack leaves to go back to the police station.


"Martha.. Martha, are you exited?" Tasha asks as she leans on the counter at Noah's bar. "1 day to go" She said to Martha acting all exited. "Martha?"

"Yeah, oh hi Tash" Martha turns to face Tasha. "Yeah I can't wait" Martha replied but she didn't sound that enthusiastic.

"What’s wrong Mac?" Tasha asks Martha concerned because she was very exited about her wedding day a week ago.

"Nothing, I can't wait for tomorrow to come" Martha smiles and then looks away. "What if something goes wrong? I've always dreamt about what my wedding would be like and it would be so perfect"

"And it will be, just be positive" Tasha jumps up suddenly.

"Tasha is something wrong?" Martha asks moving closer towards her.

"No, the baby just kicked for the first time" Tasha squeals. "Feel it" Tasha takes Martha's hand a places it where the baby kicked. Martha smiles as Tasha gets all exited. Jack then walks through the door.

"I thought I'd say bye to you as this will be the last time I see you before the wedding" Jack leans over the counter to kiss Martha and then hug her really tightly.

"See you tomorrow Jack" Martha suddenly gets all exited about the thought of getting married to Jack in the morning. Her wedding would be the best day of her life.


Jack arrived at his Dad's and Beth's place to find his Dad, his brother and a lot of his friends in the living room. As he comes in everyone starts popping party poppers in his direction so Jack got covered in a very confetti like substance. He laughs and then sits down with them.

"How do you feel on your last day of freedom?" Robbie asks, holding his hand towards Jack's mouth to look like a microphone. Jack is still laughing a lot and then starts drinking all the bear they have placed on the table in very neat lines.


Meanwhile at the Martha and Jack's place, the girls are getting into the party mood with dancing and lots of alcohol.

"I'm getting married tomorrow!!" Martha repeats for the fourth time that night.

"Yes so maybe you should take it easy on the drinking" Tasha giggles as Martha gets up and goes to dance.

"Oh just because you aren't drinking at the moment" Martha replies while sticking her tongue out at Tasha.


As the night progressed both Martha and Jack had a very good night getting drunk and hyper. Will the big day go to plan? Will Martha get the perfect day she had always dreamed of?

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