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Emily Symons eyes Will and Grace gig

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Emily Symons eyes Will and Grace gig

Saturday Jun 17 06:49 AEST

Actor Emily Symons has buried her past as ditzy Summer Bay resident Marilyn Fisher, but wouldn't mind packing her bags and starring in American sitcom Will and Grace.

In the seven years since Symons left Home and Away, she has been busy playing Australian bartender Louise Appleton in high rating British soap Emmerdale.

Symons was this week in Sydney to promote the Yorkshire based series, which will premiere in Australia on UKTV in July.

She says good roles don't last forever and hopes her next gig is a comedy.

"I would love to explore the comedy side of acting I think," said the 36-year-old. "I would love to work on Will and Grace.

"I am a comic actress, that's where my strengths lie. Everyone says to me I am a mix of Karen and Grace (from Will and Grace). That's what I would like to do."

Symons knows the pressures of ageing exist in such a fickle industry and believes moving to the United States to seek a comedy series isn't an option.

"I would love to go to America, but I think I might be a little too old now," she said.

"I am staring 37 in the face and I don't know if I could start again in America.

"Isla Fisher (formerly of Home and Away) said if I did it I would get work but I would have to hang in there and it could take years.

"Let's face it, Naomi Watts didn't just come out overnight."

After playing fun-loving Marilyn on Home and Away for more than a decade, Symons moved to London in 1999.

She nearly came home after two years of unsuccessful auditions.

"It was incredibly hard to get work over there," Symons recalled.

"All the actors are working hard at selling themselves all the time and I wasn't used to that. I thought I would never make it."

Now with her own home, a swag of new friends, including Socceroos' star Harry Kewell's wife Sheree Murphy, and a new family in the Emmerdale cast, she feels at home.

"Sheree and I met on the show and even though she has left she is one of my best friends," Symons said.

"In the days of Home and Away I never had any idea of what life would be like beyond that.

"If you had have said 10 years ago I would be working in a British soap I would have said you were crazy."

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Maz was one of the best characters ever throughout her time there - I loved all her phases and stages she went through until her last and final run-away... And she was definitely a funny character, she added the comedy value to the show with class and she seemed so believable no matter how clichéd she was... Emily Symons seemed like she enjoyed playing her...she was great at keeping in character, considering she is nothing like her in real life, I love that - it’s what makes an actor a real-deal to me...

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Someone should tell Emily Symons that production on Will and Grace has ceased.

I think the show has moved on from Marylin, and I think Marylin has moved on from the bay. I wouldn't mind a "bubble" episode between her and Donald, for some *real* closure over that storyline. She probably could fit back into the bay, but I'd rather maintain the memory.

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