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Never Walk Alone

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Hmm, interesting. I agree with everyone else, I wonder how the Hunter/Holden family will react!!?? Goodness me, isn't the baby going to be very attractive with it's hottie parents!!

Excellent work again!! Looking forward to next update!!


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Part: 6

Matilda was a Mum, Lucas was a Dad. She had given birth at last and now everyone was about to find out the troubled teens secret. But how would they react to the news? And how will Robbie break it to them as he is still in shock himself?!

Never Walk Alone

Matilda, Lucas and the newborn had gone off to hospital, leaving Robbie to wait for his Mum and the rest of the Hunter/Holden family members to arrive home. Beth and Tony soon arrived home.

"What..." Beth said as she looked at a passed out Kim on the sofa. "What happened?"

"I'll explain that later" Robbie replied. "I've got something else to tell you and I don't think you will be very happy about it, both of you"

"What is it Rob?" Tony asks him confusedly. Beth didn't say anything as she gave dirty looks to Kim as she had noticed the vomit stains on the carpet.

"Its about Mattie... And Luc" Robbie explains. "Well... Er..."

"Spit it out Rob" Beth says as she still admires her newly decorated floor.

"Matilda and Luc are at hospital" Robbie says to them both.


"No it okay, there both fine" Beth and Tony look at Robbie, really confused.

"Then why are they at hospital?"

"Because..." Beth and Tony had started to get really annoyed with Robbie. At that moment Henry, Kit and Scott arrived home. Robbie looked relieved as they had turned there attention to the others and they had stopped grilling him for information as he didn't want to tell them as he had no idea how they would react. They soon looked at Robbie again, giving him a knowing look. All the others sat down, anywhere that was away from Kim.

"Robbie" Beth says getting annoyed at him. Then Martha and Jack staggered through the door. Robbie hadn't noticed them.

"Because she's had a baby!" Robbie blurts out to the shocked family.

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