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Never Walk Alone

Guest ~Natasha~

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My new fic. I hope to update it once or twice a week, that’s my aim. This is just a prologue, so nothing will actually happen till part one or two. This is just a diary entry but not many of the other parts will be. Xxx

Never Walk Alone

Dear Diary,

I know I haven't written in here for a few days but me, Luc, Cassie and Ric were on a school trip to the city. We stayed in this really beautiful place and we stayed there for three nights because we went on Tuesday and came back on the Friday.

Well On Tuesday we got to our hotel pretty late, so me and Cass went straight to our room. I think the guys went to play pool in the games room. I then went to sleep because I was so tired but was later woken up when I heard Luc and Ric jumping on Cassie's bed. I couldn't wait until they went back to their own room. We did consider sharing a room with the boys but we weren't allowed- Typical. They did leave eventually and then we both went back to sleep.

On Wednesday all four of us went swimming in the hotel pool, it was huge and was quite fun. Cassie and Ric were all over each other in the Jacuzzi so me and Luc decided to leave and go on the beach. We both had a nice walk along the water until Lucas started a water fight in the sea. By the time we got back to the hotel we were soaked from head to toe but it was a laugh. We got back and ate and played in the games room for a bit, then went straight to bed. No interruptions from the boys, I guess we were just lucky that night.

Well Thursday started off well, we went out on the beach again except all four of us went that time. Later on in the games room we had a table football competition- Girls against boys, we lost and they will never let us live it down, never! Then after that we did more things but it’s kind of blurry what we actually did at that time, I just can't remember.

I guess that’s when it all started, it was about nine or ten at night and Cassie was in Ric's room and she had told me she was going to spend the night in Ric's room. Lucas then promised Ric that he would stay out of their way that night so he stayed in my room. We were up talking for about an hour before he said he was going to sleep and kissed me which was natural; it was just what happened after that which scared me.

He hasn't talked to me since and the journey home was extra weird.


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Thanks for all your replies. :o)

Part: 1

It was about a month since their school holiday to the city and Matilda and Lucas still weren’t talking. Well they did but only when it was really necessary and it was still very strange when they did say anything to each other. They had made the whole house wonder what was going on but they didn’t dare ask either of them.

Never Walk Alone

Matilda was walking gracefully along the golden sand, flicking her long hair back as it was quite windy and it was going in her face. She stood still for a split second as she thought she saw someone wave at her but they had disappeared, that was until Cassie jumped up behind her which scared the life out of her.

“I’ve not spoken to you in ages, well not girl to girl anyway”

Matilda didn’t reply but instead she had tears coming down her face from her eyes. Cassie sat down on the soft sand and pulled Matilda down with her.

“Mattie what’s happened?” Cassie asked her friend with a very concerned look on her face.

“Cass it’s terrible, everything is such a mess” Matilda replies as she starts crying more and more.

“Have you and Lucas broken up?”

“I wish it was that simple”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t believe I let it happen, I’m so stupid” Matilda gets up of the sand and starts walking off, Cassie follows looking confused.

“Let what happen?” Cassie grabs her hand lightly to stop her walking away.

“That night, that night you were in Ric’s room. I’m so stupid” Matilda repeats over and over again. “And now I’m not even talking to him because I don’t know what to say, what should I say Cass?” Cassie didn’t reply for a few minutes, she just looked shocked and surprised at Matilda.

“I have no idea” She finally said. “But your going to have to talk to him sometime soon”

“No its fine, I guess its always going to be like this with me and Luc. I’m just going to have to live with it” Cassie just smiled because she didn’t know what to say. “I hate not talking to him, I love him so much Cass” Matilda walks off, still crying and this time Cassie didn’t follow her.


Beth heard her daughter vomiting violently in the bathroom, she went in to see if she was okay, Matilda just nodded and was adamant that she would be fine in a few hours. A few minutes later she came out and found Lucas sat on the sofa watching Tv, he turned his head around to see who was behind him but turned back and went bright red when he saw it was Matilda.

“Luc we need to talk, you know we do and we have been avoiding it for ages so please speak to me”

Luc turned around again and she sat on the arm of the chair.

“I’m sorry, you obviously regret it and it did happen very fast as we’ve only been together about four or five months”

”Luc I don’t regret it, well not much. I just thought you did and that’s why I didn’t know what to say to you, anyway I just thought I’d sort things out between us if you’d like to”

”Course I would”

“That’s good, I love you Luc”

“I love you too”

Matilda kissed Lucas and then went into her room; she sighed and pulled something out of her bag- A pregnancy test!

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