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Standing on the beach sand between my toes my hair blowing in the breeze lost in my own thoughts looking out to sea the beach is the best place to be it’s the most beautiful place in the world to me but nothing will compare to the one back home, home what a word what is home is it merely a house or is it the place that took your heart and all the people there have a part of it. I turn around to look at the place which I call home now my beautiful waterfront mansion right in the heart of Sydney I thought back to what landed me here what took me away from what I cared about most I looked at my finger it was the day that was supposed to open up the next chapter of my life and well it certainly did that. I looked down at my hand the two shiny rings placed on my left finger. Every time a woman looks at that finger there supposed to smile and remember the day that sealed them and the one they loved together forever. But all that happened when I look at that finger I remember screaming and flames and then black that’s how my perfect day ended it ended in black that nothing colour. That day I had lost my Grandfather, my brother my auntie, my cousin, my best friend and her husband. I covered my face in my hands even though it was three years ago to the day I still remembered everything to the last detail I remember how the day started and how it tragically ended. I never stoped thinking how lucky I was to get out of there alive and I certainly never stoped being thankful that my husband of just a few hours at the time had come out of there alive. It wasn’t long after then that we had to say goodbye to the ones we loved it was definitely one of the hardest times in our lives. After one month we started to get our lives back on track one day Jack got a phone call from his grandfathers lawyer saying that he had died and all of his assets had been left to him at the time we saw it as a way out a way of starting again getting out of the place where to many memories were, too many hurt full memories it took us while but eventually we decided to move to the city. Once we got there I felt numb everything was different it’s weird once you get everything you’ve always wanted you realise that it might not be what you wanted all along. I would give anything and everything to have back what I lost that day anything at all I turn back to the sea and sit down. While I am slumped in the sand I think about how I am supposed to break the news to him how will he react on the anniversary on the day we lost everything I had to tell him that he may be about to lose someone else that he loved it wasn’t going to be easy but it had to be done otherwise the longer I put it off the harder it was going to be when the time came. I think my biggest fear of telling him is the fact that once I have told him we are going to have to revisit the place that tore our hearts into tiny pieces all those years ago.

What do you think should I continue?

Please review.

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This is a realy realy short update but it's something I will put a big part up by Friday.

All of a sudden a shadow overcome me I turned around to come face to face with him I took in a deep breathe it was going to be soon and all I wanted to do was have a normal wedding anniversary unlike other people who would usually go out for dinner and relive the day that they were celebrating go through photo albums but even if I did want to do this and relive that day I couldn’t all the cameras were burnt and I didn’t have any photos to look at to remind me of that day probably a good thing too I probably would of burned them myself if I had them.

“What’s up” he said reaching out his hand to touch my cheek.

I put my hand up and placed it on his and pulled it away.

“There’s something I need to tell you” I said hesitantly.

“What is it” he said taking a step closer to me.

“I got a phone call today”

“Who from what’s going on Martha your scaring me”

“It was from Luke”

I saw his face light up.

“Luke oh my God I haven’t spoken to him in ages we should invite him and Dad up”

“Yeah that’s what I need to talk to you about’

“What” Jack said confuse.

“The reason Luke called today was because your dad, because your dad’s been diagnosed with leukaemia”

“What” Jack said.

I could see the tears forming in his eyes.

“how” he said falling to the sand.

“I’m so sorry I know what it’s like I’m here for you ok I’ll always be here for you”

Jack nodded his head “thankyou well I suppose we’ll have to go back to the bay”

“Yeah” I replied there was no doubt I wasn’t looking forward to it, it had to be done

“I’ll ring the station and make arrangements to get some leave”

I nodded and prepared for the pain it was going to cause going back there.

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