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What if?

Guest Lilone

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Peter walked out of his flat closing the door behind him.

As he walked to his car he felt like he was being watched so he slowly turned around but nobody was in site.

He then walked over towards his car and got in and headed to the station to start work.

As Peter was driving towards work he saw Jack and Martha hand in hand heading towards the station.

Peter wound his window down and shouted ‘Come on love birds, don’t put me off my dinner will ya’

Martha and Jack started to giggle and Jack replied saying ‘Aye boss just because you haven’t got a love life’

Peter looked at Jack and a small grin appeared on his face.

‘Mate you want a lift?’ asked Peter.

‘erm….’ Said Jack.

‘Babe you go with Pete and I will meet you later’ said Martha

Jack kissed Martha goodbye and opened Peter’s car door.

Jack put his work bag on his knee and pulled out an envelope with Peters name on it.

‘What’s this’ asked Peter.

‘You don’t like surprises do ya mate’ replied Jack

Peter looked at Jack and opened the letter.

‘Wow next week, that’s soon’ said Peter.

‘Yeah well after what happened with zoe the other day, me and Martha decided why wait to get married’ Jack said happily.

‘I wouldn’t miss it for the world’ replied Peter.

Peter and Jack arrived at the station.

Peter got out the car and started to look around the police station car park.

‘What’s up?’ asked Jack

‘I just feel like someone is watching me’ Peter said still looking around the car park.

‘Pete look at me!’ shouted Jack trying to get Peter to stop looking around.

Pete still would not turn around so Jack headed in to Peters office to wait for him.

After about 10 minutes Peter walked in to his office to find Jack sitting in his chair.

‘You want my job do ya Jacky boy’ Peter said whilst going to pull Jack up out of his chair.

‘No not at all’ replied Jack.

Jack goes to walk out of Peter’s office but stops at the door and say’s ‘Mate, have you been getting any sleep’

‘Yeah the best sleep I have had in ages since that Looney has been locked up’ said Peter.

Jack continued to walk out of Peter’s office but Jack knew that Peter was lying to him.

Lara walks over to Jack and hands him some paper work.

‘Hey Lara do you think Pete is ok now?’ asked Jack.

‘I thought after

Zoe being caught he would cheer up but he’s still not like the old Pete I knew before Zoe started last year….. Maybe he needs a women’ laughed Lara as he she walked out of the station.


Tracey and Peter working on Zoë’s case, laughing and joking in Noah’s bar after work.

Peter smiling when Jack mentioned he had no love life.

Jack reached in to his pocket and pulled out his phone.

He looked through his phone book until it came to ‘Peter’s Tracey’

Jack grinned while pressing the ring button


What’s wrong?


Nothing is wrong I just thought I would ring you!


Ow ok, I just thought….


Yeah you thought something was wrong with Pete.


Well actually I just was shocked to see you ringing me!


There is absolutely nothing wrong I was just wondering if you had any plans for tonight?


Are you asking me out constable?


Don’t be silly, I am virtually married you know.


I was only playing, why do you want to know if I have got plans for tonight?


Well I, Martha and others are going for a drink at Noah’s I wanted to know if you would join us, it’s about our wedding next week.


Yea ok I’ll see you later.

Jack came off the phone to Tracey and walked in to Peter’s office.

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