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Only With Your Smile

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Description: A Jack and Martha Fic

Type of Story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

BTTB Rating: T

Does story include spoilers: No.

Is Story being proof read: No

Any Warnings: Mild Violence

Summary: Jack and Martha are happy together. Is a blast from the past holding a grudge about to ruin it all?

Chapter 1

Jack Holden stood in front of her and smiled. Slowly, he edged closer to her, until he could hear her heart beating. Taking his hand, he placed it on her delicate cheek, and stroked it softly with his thumb. He looked into her eyes, and for the first time, he noticed just how beautiful they were. A sparkling blue. He gently placed his hands onto her cheeks, and moved his face closer to hers. Hearts beating faster, their lips softly brushed together. She cupped his face into her hands and ran her fingers up and down his back, passion overtaking her body...

One hour later, and they lay, side by side, in Jack's bed. Buried into his chest, she felt so safe, having his strong arms wrapped around her. Silence filled the room. It was a happy silence though. A silence that would be ruined if words were to be spoken. She gently arised her head from his chest and looked up at him. His soft blue eyes met with hers, and without making a sound they gently kissed again. The sun gently set in the sky, as they wrapped their bodies together, and gently closed their eyes.

"Good Morning". Martha slowly wiped her eyes and looked up. It hadn't been a dream. He was there. Stood over her. She smiled at him. "Morning" she whispered. He handed her a cup of coffee, and climbed onto the bed. Moving towards her he kissed her softly. She looked at him. "Last night wasn't a dream?" she laughed. He smiled at her. The smile that melted her heart. "If it was then we had the same one" he replied. She smiled. "Any regrets?" she asked. He shook his head. "How can I possibly regret spending the night in your arms?" he asked. "You?". She looked at him, eyes so delicate and replied. "Not one". He kissed her forehead softly and left the bedroom. As he did so, the smile gently disappeared from her face. Obviously, things weren't as perfect as they had imagined.....

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As promised: Chapter 2

Walking into the bathroom, she shivered slightly as her feet came into contact with the cold, wooden floor. Walking over to the mirror, she gazed at her reflection. She was wearing no make up and her hair was hanging loose over her shoulders. She smiled, sadly as she though back to the previous night. For so long she had dreamt of being in his arms. Of listening to his heart beat. Of kissing his lips. Last night that dream became a reality. Yet she knew that her new found happiness wouldn't last for long...


"Morning Jack" Detective Laurence Mirling smiled. Jack looked at him and smiled back. "Morning Detective" Jack replied. Laurence looked at him. "You OK mate? You look tired". Jack let a smile creep on his face. Laurence raised his eyebrow at him. "Spill..." he said. Jack shook his head and got a cup of coffee. "Later. We've got work to do. A call has just come in. There a hostage situation just outiide Yabbie Creek. Two men armed with knives and guns"

"Hostages?" asked Laurence.

"A young woman, described as being around 30. A young child around 5 years old. An elderly couple and a man in his mid 20's."

"Reason?". Jack shook his head. "Hasn't said. Although seems very attached to the elderly couple". Laurence nodded to show he understood and grabbed his police hat. "Let's go". Laurence held out his hand and stopped Jack. "Hang on, Holden. We have to think this through. We can't just go barging in there. Sirens blazing. It will put the hostages in more danger"

"So what are you suggesting?" asked Jack, confused. He thought of the hostages. Every minute spent discussing what they were going to do was another minute of their lives on the line. Laurence looked at him. "There is something we can do. It could put us in further danger, but it will hopefully be successful". Jack looked at him, a sinking feeling spread through him as he guessed what Laurence was going to say next. Laurence smiled. "What do you say, Holden? Fancy doing your first undercover challenge?"

What do you think upto now?

I apologise for it being short. I didn't want to do to much as I feared it may sound too much like Nicole's 'Undercover Cop' and I don't want to make her feel as though I'm copying her ideas. Hope it's ok, Nicole.

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Chapter 3

Jack sat on a chair in the office and placed is head into his hands. It had been ten minutes since he'd been asked to do the undercover challenge and, although it was something he had always wanted to do, he knew he couldn't go into something like that without talking to..... his eyes filled with tears just thinking of her name. His beautiful girlfriend. He loved her so much. They'd spoken before of Jack's job and she'd always told him to follow his dreams, knowing full well that going Undercover was something he wanted to achieve.

Meanwhile, Martha was in her bedroom, nervously changing into various outfits. She'd spent the last few hours preparing a romantic meal for Jack. She wanted tonight to be perfect. Finally deciding on an outift she looked at her reflection in the full legth mirror. The black strapless dress she had chosen fitted neatly against her upper body and floated softly at the bottom. Jack had always told her she looked 'amazing, like an angel' in it. She smiled to herself and straightened her hair through with her fingers.

Jack was stood against the wall in his office and leant his head against the wall. He thought of how, when he was child, he would dream of going undercover and coming out as the Hero. Now that dream was a reality, but he had so much more to consider. His Family. His Dad and Lucas. They'd given him so much and he didn't know if he could go through with something so dangerous. Then, of course, there was Martha. His beautiful girlfriend. Barely back together for a day, he couldn't bear to do something that would risk their future. His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. He watched as Laurence entered. "Jack, we need to go. Can I count on you to come with us?" he asked. Jack bit his lip, and then nervously smiled at Laurence, grabbing his hat, and heading out of the door. He knew he should discuss it with Martha first, but he didn't want to miss the oppurtunity.

Martha sat at the table, her hands resting neatly under her chin. She checked her watch for the millionth time and sighed. She needed him home. She needed him with her. She needed to tell him the truth, she knew it would hurt him but he had to know. She quickly snapped out of the daydream as his voice called to her. "Martha it's Jack" she got up from the chair and followed his voice, which lead her to the answering machine. She felt her heart sink. "I know we arranged to have dinner tonight, but I'm afraid I can't make it. The truth is..well, I shouldn't be telling you this, but I've agreed to work undercover for the station. I'll explain more when I get home. I'm sorry" he said. Martha felt a tear trickle down her gentle cheek as she realised she couldn't tell him the truth just yet. His voice again spoke. "And Martha..." he sighed. "I love you..." The line went dead. She closed her eyes. She didn't know what she felt. She was angry with Jack for agreeing to something that could be so dangerous. She was sad that he wasn't coming home to her. But most of all she was frightened because she knew that for every minute she didn't tell Jack the truth, would make it ten times harder when she did. Emptying the plates and placing them into the dishwasher, she blew out the candles she had earlier lit and headed towards the stairs. She looked at the answering machine as Jack's words spun into her head. She softly whispered 'I love you too Jack' and headed upstairs, her secret still with her....

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Chapter 4

Jack sat in the passenger seat of the car and rested his head on the headrest. Due to being undercover, he had been ordered to wear his own clothes, so he had opted for a pair of jeans and a tshirt, as they had been in his locker at work. Laurence looked at him. "You sure about this, Jack?" he asked. Jack slightly lifted his head. "Yeh. Course, why wouldn't I be?" he asked. Laurence shurgged. "Undercover, Jack. It's a dangerour game. We've lost some of our best officers during Undercover. Can you risk your life like that? Especially with that gorgeous lady of yours"

Jack smiled. "If she loves me, she'll understand" he said. But, he himself wasn't too sure what Martha would be thinking. They'd been together for just under a day, and he didn't know how their future would pan out. He knew he'd already let her down. She'd told him to keep that night free because she had a surprise for him, but he knew he'd made the right decision, or at least, he thought he did.

Meanwhile Martha was sat on her bed. It was almost 11 oclock. She always found it hard to sleep when Jack wasn't with her. He made her feel....safe. She climbed of the bed, the feel of the cold hard floor against the bottom of her feet sent soft shivers down her back. Walking towards the bathroom she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her face was pale and she seemed too be a lot thinner than she used to be. It wasn't something she had noticed until now. She knew it had something to do with.....that but she didn't want to be reminded of it. She just wanted Jack. She wanted him to hold her. To tell her that everything was going to be alright. Even if she herself wasn't sure of that she needed to hear him say it.

Meanwhile Jack and Laurence pulled into a secluded area, and unbuckling their seat belts, they climbed from the car and headed towards where the hostages were.

Sitting on the edge of the bath, Martha felt her head begin to spin. Clinging onto the bath, she steadied herself, before leaning over the toilet and throwing up. She lifted her head up. The colour drained from her face and she felt the room spinning. Then everything went black...

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Chapter 5

Jack stood still and looked at the crowd of people gathered just a few feet a way from him. He could have sworn there was more people than he'd been told. Shaking his head he slowly moved towards them, as casually as he possible could, fearful of them discovering he was a cop. His heart beating fasting, this was it. Make or break. His life in a strangers hands....

"Morning Martha" Alf called as he walked into Martha's flat. "I thought you could do with some company, with Jack being away and...Martha!" he cried as he saw her curled into a heap on the floor, he raced towards her and knelt down besides her. He desperatly tried to rouse her. With no success, he grabbed the phone and dialled 000. "Yeh, hi. I need an ambulance. It's my grandaughter she's collapsed I can't wake her.....yes its the Beachside Diner flat....Yes that one. Thank you. Please hurry!" he called and put the phone down, rushing to Martha's side. "Martha, it's me Grandad. Love, can you here me?" he shouted. He watched as her eyes slowly flickered open and closed again for a few seconds. A wave of relief spread over him. AT least she was breathing. He cradled her in his arms and waited for the ambulance.

As casual as he possibly could, Jack slowly walked to the hostages. His heart raced, yet he knew he couldn't let it show that he was scared. He placed his head down, in the hope that the thugs would think he was passing by and tell him to sit down with them. He was in luck. As he placed hands in his pocket to check he had his handcuffs, he let the man grab his arm and push him in direction of the others, where he sat next to thr young woman. His thoughts again turned to Martha. His future. His one and only. His life. He knew he'd defied her by coming here, but once he'd got the hostages back to safety, he knew it would all be worth it. He just hoped Martha would think the same.

Meanwhile, the paramedics raced into the Diner Flat. There were two of them. A man and a woman. The man immeadiatly rushed to Martha's side. "Hello can you here me?" he shouted. Martha drifted out of consciousness. He looked at the Female paramedic "We need to get her to hospital now" he said. The woman nodded and began to place Martha on the stretcher she had carried up. The Male paramedic looked at Alf. "What's her name?" he asked. "Martha. Is she going to be ok?" Alf replied. The Paramedic gave him a blank look. "We need to get her to hospital. We can't say until we have checked her over properly. Are you her emergency contact?" he asked. Alf nodded. "Yeh, me and her Boyfriend, Jack..Jack Holden"

"Constable Jack Holden?" asked one of the paramedics. Alf nodded. "Yeh that's the one" he said. "He's away though, with work. I don't think he left a contact number." said Alf, panicking. "He needs to know"

One of the paramedics nodded. "OK, we'll keep trying to get intouch with him, but for now we need to get Martha to hospital OK?"

"Yeh of course" Alf replied. And they headed towards the ambulance. Martha lay on the stretcher carried by the paramedics. A blanket over her. Alf watched as she was lifted into the ambulance. "Can I come with you?" he asked. The Paramedic nodded. "Of course". Alf sat besides Martha, gripping her hand tightly.

Meanwhile, Jack was cradling the young child in his arms, trying to protect her. He knew he would be placing them in danger but her didn't care. He just wanted to save the child. "Let go of her, and sit over there!" the Thug called to Jack. He shook his head. "No, Take me instead, don't punish some innocent child!"

"Shut up!" the thug snapped and grabbed Jack by the throat pinning him against the wall, a gun gripped in his hands, poised to shoot.....

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Chapter 6

Jack stood, his back roughly pressing against the wall. He felt his body shaking with fear, as he thought back to the fateful incident that brought him to Summer Bay in the first place. Memories overshadowing his growing fear and anger. Hating himself all over again for the one thing he was learning to move on from. He hated knowing what he'd put that young girls family through. He hated that he'd agreed to do this Undercover challenge when things were going so well with Martha. He'd punished himself many times for waiting so long to be with her. Now he was so close to being parted from her again.

"Mr Stewart?" a voice interrupted Alf from his daydream. He looked up and saw a doctor stood over him. He quickly stood up. "Doc? What is it? Is Martha ok?" he asked, The Doctor took a deep breath. "I think we'd better step into my office" he said, as he nodded towards where his office was. Alf threw him a worried look, but did so all the same. He sat on the chair infront of the Doctors desk and watched as the Doctor closed the door and sat opposite him. "I'm Doctor Smith. I'm treating your grandaughter" he informed Alf. "How is she?"

"We've ran some routine blood tests and scans and we it appears the problem is in her kidneys. We can't say much more until the results from the latest tests have come back"

"So what happens now then? How long will it take to get them back?"

"A couple of hours. I'd like to keep Martha in overnight. To keep an eye on her condition" Alf nodded to show he understood. "Can I see her?" he asked. Doctor Smith nodded. "Of course" Alf stood up, shook the Doctors hand and headed towards to hospital room where his Grandaughter was lay, sleeping on the bed. He walked over and dat down on the chair next to her bed. Without saying a word, he simply placed her hand into his and gripped it tightly.

Meanwhile, Jack, who was still pinned against the wall, was now face to face with the thug. He could smell cigarette smoke on his breath. "Who are you?" asked Jack. The thus looked at him. "I ain't telling you" he grumbled. Jack slowly moved his arm from his throat and backed away. "See, I'm not going to hurt you" he said. The thug looked at him. "I've seen you before. Who are you?" Jack felt his heart race. "You're that policeman, the one from The local station aren't you?" Jack looked towards where Laurence was stood. He had learnt from training that if a fellow officer was in danger not to intefere, as they could put them both in further danger. He looked at Jack. Jack knew what he had to do. Use self defence, but with the gun still in the thugs hand, he knew that wouldn't be a good idea. "Let's talk about thi..."

"SHUT UP!" snapped the thug, who was now becoming more aggresive. The rest of the hostages let out cries as they feared for their lives. The young girl Jack had been protecting was crying. He tried to smile at her, yet he couldn't seem to. "I'LL DO IT!" said the thug, with the gun poised back towards Jack. The yiung girl let out another cry. "SHUT HER UP!" he snapped. Laurence was still staring at Jack, who had now realised her was in serious danger. "Don't do this. You know..." cried Jack, the sound of a shotgun, and Jack collapsed to the floor, cluthing his stomach....

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Chapter 7

Jack lay on the floor, motionless. His version was blurred and he was in a lot of pain. He knew he was still alive, but he knew he needed an ambulance quickly. He tried to lift his head up to get a view of Laurence, but his vision had blurred. He could hear people scuffling around him and he couls hear shouting, but he couldn't see much. He placed his head on the floor again, too weak to make a sound, and closed his eyes...

"Grandad?". Alf stood up and walked to Martha's bed. "I'm here love. Just rest love. You're in hospital but you're going to be OK." he said. Martha felt her lip quiver. "What's wrong with me?" she cried. Alf placed his arm on her shoulder. "Don't get yourself worked up, Martha. We're not sure yet. We're waiting for results of blood tests and scans."

"Where's Jack?" she cried. Alf shook his head. "I don't know Love. We've been trying to contact him, but we've had no success. His phone was turned off"

"He's undercover. He won't have it with him!" she cried. "Oh Grandad. I need Jack. What if he's in danger!" she cried. Alf placed his finger to his lips. "Shh. It'll be alright. I promise. He'll be here soon" he said as he kissed her hand and placed his arm around her shoulder. "Don't worry. I'm here. I'll stay as long as you need me" he said.

Laurence ran towards Jack. "Jack? Can you here me?" he shouted. Jack murmured. "Jack, squeeze my fingers if you can here me" Laurence called and placed his fingers into Jack's hand. He breathed a sigh of relief as Jack squeezed his fingers. "Good. Now I need you to lie as still as possible. The ambulance is on it's way" he informed Jack. Jack looked at him. His face was pale. "Mar....Martha." he muttered. Laurence smiled. "Yeh, you'll see her soon mate, I promise" he smiled. He'd listened to Jack so many times talk about her, and he knew he worshipped the ground she walked on.

"Can I get you anything?" asked Alf. Martha shook her head. "I think I'll go to sleep. Can you promise me you'll find Jack?". Alf nodded, "I promise"

"We're here!" Laurence waved to the ambulence that had pulled up. He watched as they ran towards them, closely followed by two police cars. "Where are they?" shouted the officers. Laurence nodded to the direction he'd seen them run in, and the police officers ran towards him. Meanwhile, the paramedica were trying to rouse Jack. "We need to get him to hospital NOW!" called one of the paramedics as they lifted Jack onto a stretcher. "We're going to lose him"......

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Chapter 8

The doors to A and E swung open and the trolley of which jack lay upon was wheeled in by the two paramedics that had rescued them. Laurence follwed closelt behind. A blanket was wrapped around his shoulders. Three doctors rushed to Jack's side, including the Top Doctor of the hospital. "OK, Male, shot wound to his stomach. Blood pressure dropping fast. I can feel a faint pulse. Julie, beep theatre, tell them to keep a theatre free, we need to get him in now. Jan get me some anti-sickness fluids." he ordered. The nurses did as they were told as Laurence watched on. "He's going to be alright isn't he?" he asked. Jack wasn't just his fellow officer, he was his friend too. The doctor looked at him. "We can't say until he is in theatre. Are you a relative?". Laurnence shook his head. "No. Jack and I are police officers. We were on a job and...It all happened so fast" said Laurence, who was shaking. Another nurse came over to him "Let's get you into a cubicle. Take a look at you" she said holding his arms to steady him. Laurence shook his head. "No. I'm alright. I need to contact Jack's family. They'll need to know". The nurse shook her head. "We're on it. I need to take a look at you. Please" she said. Laurence looked at her and sighed. "Fine. Just promise me they'll look after Jack" he called. She smiled at him. "He'll be fine. Don't worry he's in safe hands now" she looked towards where the doctors were preparing for theatre. Laurence sighed and follwed her to a cubicle.

"Oh my god. Is he Ok?.....Ok thanks...Yeh, we'll be right there. Bye". Tony Holden placed the phone down on the table and turned to look at his youngest son, Lucas. "That was the hospital. Jack's been taken in"

"What? Why?" asked Lucas, whose voice was quivering. Tony looked at him. "He's erm...He's been shot"

"Oh my god! Is he alright? Is he dead?" Lucas asked panicking. Tony shook his head. "No. They're just going to get him to theatre. We'd better go. I'll call Alf on the way and get him to inform Martha, she's still in hospital" He grabbed his jacket and keys, closely followed by Lucas. "Lets go"

"Oh.. Thanks for letting me know. I'm going back to the hospital so I'll inform Martha. Yeh, I suppose I'll see you there then" Alf said. "Oh, and Tony, I'm thinking of you all. Yeh, bye mate" Alf put the phone back in it's designated spot and headed back out to the hospital.

"Martha!" he said, breathlessely, as he entered the room she was in. "Grandad, what's wrong?" she called. He took a moment to get his breath back. "It's Jack..He's been shot". Martha felt tears well up in her eyes. By now she was sat in bed. The pain she had experienced had gone but they were still waiting for blood tests to come back. "What? Where is he?" she cried. Alf looked at her. "On the ward just above yours. He's in theatre at the minute though." Martha let out a small cry. "Theatre?"

"Yeh, they need to stitch the wound" Alf informed her. She shook her head. "This isn't happening. I want to see him Grandad" she sobbed, He nodded. "When he comes out of theatre. Just relax. Don't get worked up. It's not good for you. I'm going to get a drink. Do you want one?" he asked, Martha shook her head. "No" she cried. Alf left the room. Gentle tears formed in Martha's eyes as she lay back on her bed, praying Jack was alright. It's all my fault she thought to herself. I should have told him the truth. And I will, as soon as he's out of theatre. I'll tell him the truth. I promise.......

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Chapter 9

Martha rolled onto her side and looked at the clock that hung on the wall in her hospital room. It was almost half one in the morning and Jack had been down in theatre for almost 6 hours. Her stomach felt weak and her eyes were stinging with uncried tears. She tried to remain strong. For Jack's sake. She was determined they could get through this together. They jumped every hurdle that had been thrown their way since they were first together a year ago. The spider incident. Martha telling Tony about Jack's ear. Corey. She felt blessed that Jack had ever looked at her again, let alone wanted to be with her. She wanted to tell him just how grateful she was that he was with her.

Knock Knock. The door to Martha's room opened slightly. The nurse who had been observing Martha walked in. "You not asleep?" she asked. Martha gave a weak smile. "You don't know how Jack is do you? Jack Holden. He's in theatre." The nurse smiled. "I can't really say anything I'm afraid"

"Please? He's my boyfriend" pleaded Martha. The nurse sighed. "As far as I know, he's still in theatre, but it's all going well"

"So why is he still in theatre?" shouted Martha. The stress of the past few hours getting to her. "It's a complicated operation. And it will take time. In the mean time, you need rest. The doctor will be in tomorrow to see you with the results of your test. Try and sleep" Martha sighed. She lay down on her bed and closed her eyes. A million thoughts buried in her mind. Jack. What had he done to deserve all this. All she had wanted was a simple happy life with the man she loved. Loved? She shook her head. No Martha, you don't love him. she told herself. You can't love him. No she didn't love him. Did she?

One hour later, Martha turned onto her back and looked up. "Jack?" she cried, wiping her eyes to make her vison clearer. There he stood, besides her bed. She smiled at him. "Jack?" she cried. He looked at her. His face looked angry. "Jack, what's wrong? Why are you here? you've just had surgery" she said, looking at him. He shook his head. "It's your fault I'm here. You've done this to me!" he snapped. She reached out her hand to touch his face, yet all she could feel was the fresh air. "Thanks to you, I can never see my family again. They have to live the rest of there lives with out me"

"Jack, please..."

"No, Martha. I hate you...I hate you....I hate you...."

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Sorry it took so long to update.

Chapter 10

"Martha! Martha!" Martha woke with a sudden halt. Her body shaking and her face sweating. She sat upright and took a deep breath. She looked around the room. Had it been a dream? Would Jack really leave her without saying goodbye? She looked at the clock hung on the wall. Half past five. She could hear rain pelting against the roof. She slowly climbed from her bed and walked towards the window. Her thoughts focusing on Jack. Reliving every detail of his body in her mind, scared that she would never see it again. Never again hold him close to her. Never again bury her head into his chest and listem to his heart beating. Her thoughts were stopped by a knoock on the door. She watched a nurse enetered. "You feeling better?" she asked. Martha gave her a gentle smile. "I will be when I know Jack's ok" she said. "Well I have some good news and some bad news" Martha felt the colour drain from her face. What was the bad news? "The good news is the doctor said that you can go home in the morning. He can't find anything wrong with you. But if you have nay more problems you must come back"

"And the bad news?" asked Martha. The nurse sighed. "Jack's operation was tricky. He lost a lot of blood. We almost lost him" Martha felt her chest tighten. She clasped the bed and sat down. "No!" she cried. The Nurse gave a sympathetic smile. "Luckily, the doctors were able to save him, but he's still unconcious and I'm afraid that the next 24 hours are crucial" Martha shook her head. "No. This isn't happening. Is he going to die?" she asked. The nurse looked at her. "I don't know" Martha clasped her head into her hands. "NOO!" she whailed. "He can't leave me. We've just got back together!" she cried. The nurse placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Nothing's certain yet. He's in recovery. I can't say anything else. We'll keep him monitored" she said. Martha lay back down. She wiped the falling tears from her eyes. Was Jack really going to leave her? Just like he did in the dream? She shook her head. Stope it Martha she told herself Jack will be fine. He will be fine She told it to herself, letting the words repeatedly spin around in her mind. Jack wouldn't leave her. He just wouldn't.

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