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Sunset Beach

Guest Izzy H

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Bump !!

I've just re-watched Terror Island and its fantastic ,again.

Mark getting killed was just so sad . Mark and Gabi were the best :wub: . Susan Ward acted her socks off in that storyline !!

I love the scene where Meg is in the upsatirs bedroom on the island and Derek was breaking down the door .Followed by the kitchen scene .

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SB should of never be cancelled!!!

Yeah it really shouldnt.

I would have loved to see the show if it was still running today. I twould be interesting to see whos still there and whos not.

I dont think Meg would be there for starters because she really outacted them all.

The show was a massive hit and they just ended it. :angry:

I loved the storylines they had , from the earthquake,shockwave , crazy Virginia and I loved all the stuff with Derek and Ben - especially all the stuff that went on when with Meg up at the cabin. Brilliant.. oh and the madonna statue with all the Rosario jewels was soo good as well.

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