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Song In The Week 22 Promo

Guest Cal

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Sarah Aubrey is the girl that played Gilly in 2000 (Tom's English girlfriend who wanted to marry him so she could stay in Australia). Recognised her on the website. Strange she is now singing in the promos 6 years later! lol.

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i believe im on a role for finding songs this week well i have found this one if anyone wants it let me know and il post it since im guessing people who haven't brought the cd still haven't found it well im more than happy to upload this for anyone but i would say go get the cd its amazing all of it so let me know if anyone wants me to upload it

Sarah Aubrey - Siren Song

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for some strange reason yousendit dosent like me i will try but if not i know a place i can upload to that i know you will have no problems with and yes i will convert the song to mp3 for you as for the album if you look around the internet you might find it but im not sure sorry i cant help with that but if you go to her website you can listen to more of her songs

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