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Reasons Beyond Me

Guest Frankie

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Reasons Beyond Me premiered at Fox studios on 6/6/06. It was written by Trilby Beresford...who plays Kathleen Campion( Dr Frank Campion's autistic daughter) in All Saints. It was directed by Dana-Lee Mierowsky. The film stars Lynne McGranger, Trilby Beresford, Alex Davies and Penne Hackforth-Jones. It was produced and self financed by Trilby Beresford, Josh Goding and Dana-Lee Mierowsky. Several Home And Away cast members attended.... despite the timing of Home And Away filming schedules..... including Clarissa House and Lyn Collingwood.

MOD EDIT: The images previously posted have been temporarily removed.

We have been advised that publication of any getty images requires a license and payment of a fee of approx. £90 or $220 per picture and we do not have that kind of cash....we wish....:P.

Secondly the other images although posted in good faith and provided by what we thought was a reliable source may be the property of a private individual. We have therefore decided to remove the images until this matter is resolved.

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Maybe that's why the movie's called 'Reasons Beyond Me'. No one quite knows why Lynne has got a role! I mean, don't get me wrong, she's a great actress, but it just seems a bit odd. Also, would being in a film break her contract with 'Home and Away'? Does this mean that she could be leaving?

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