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Made For Each Other

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This is my first fan fic. Its about Jack and Martha, just after they've gotten back together!! Hope you like it, please review and enjoy!!

Chapter one

Jack rolled over in bed. He saw Martha sleeping, her long brown hair let down free against her pillow. She was beautiful. She made him feel so special and important.

He got up quickly and quietly and made his way to the kitchen in their new apartment. He was going to make her breakfast in bed, to show her how much he loves her. It was 9:00, just then he heard a knock on the door.

Jack went to answer it and Martha woke up. She came out in her pyjamas. There standing at the door was Jeremy. Martha's ex boyfriend, from high school.

“Jeremy” said Martha.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I was in town, and i thought I'd drop off some of your clothes that you left behind last week” Jeremy said.

“Last week? What clothes?” she asked.

Jack stood there with a rather shocked look on his face.

Jeremy pulled out a large bag, like a sack and emptied a whole heap of clothes on the floor. Mainly bras and undies though.

“They're not mine” said Martha.

“Who else would have left clothes at my house Martha?” Jeremy said.

“I don't know, maybe your girlfriend???” Martha yelled.

“Yeah, exactly. That was you.” Jeremy yelled.

“I was your girlfriend in high school Jeremy. Then we broke up... remember?” said Martha

“So what, you just sleep around with any guys you talk to do you?”

“No, i never slept with you Jeremy. Now if you don't mind, i would like to spend a nice morning with my boyfriend... Jack! So goodbye.”

Martha closed the door, leaving the clothes on the front steps.

She saw jack on the couch. He was sitting there, with his hands on his head.

“You never told me you slept with him Martha”

“Thats because i didn't.”

“Okay, well you still left a lot of your clothes behind.”

“They're not my clothes!!!”

Jack laughed.

“What?” yelled Martha

“It's just very hard to believe, you didn't sleep with him but you expect me to believe that those bras and undies aren't yours?”

“and last week???”

“Can't you see?” asked Martha.

“He's trying to set me up!!”

“He's just got some other girls bras and undies and pretended they are mine so you will think I'm cheating on you! Check the size, and have you ever seen them before???”

Jack didn't say anything. He didn't even look up. He had thought his relationship with Martha was truthful and would last forever, but after this he wasn't so sure anymore.

“I'm sorry Martha, I can't do this.” Jack said and walked out the door.

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OMG, i can't believe my luck at how many J&M fics there are, it's fantastic!!!! Now back to youe fic.............What the hell is Jack doing? Of course Martha didn't sleep with him you idiot, turn around and apologise, NOW! Stupid Jeremy guy. Well done, please update soon.

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Yaaay.. thanks for the comments.

Here's the next chapter...

Chapter 2

Martha was shocked. What had just happened? She had known Jeremy in high school. They had dated for about 7 months. But that was in year 10 when she was just 16. Then they broke up at the end of year 10 and barely spoke since!! She loved Jack now, and Jeremy couldn't come between them!

Martha walked back to the bed just as a tear slowly fell down her face. And then she couldn't help but let it all come out. She loved Jack, and if she didn't make Jeremy prove that he was lying, she might never sleep in the same bed as him again.

She ran down to the beach to see if he was there. And then she saw him, out in the ocean surfing. I'll talk to him later, she thought.

Then she saw Alf, fishing.

“Hi Grandad” said Martha

“Hey Martha, whats with the sad face?” he asked.

“Oh, its nothing” she said

“I'd better be going, I've got a shift at the surf club in 10 minutes” She lied.

Instead she went to the cliff. The cliff that Martha had nearly jumped off to get back in Jack's good books. For some reason she felt safe there.

She sat there, and sat there until it was after one. I'd better go get some lunch, she thought. She walked to the diner, but on her way she saw a strange figure in the background trying to catch up to her.

“Martha, Martha wait!!” the person yelled.

She then realised it was Jeremy.

“What do you want now. You have ruined my life, now there's nothing left for you to have” Martha said, trying to hold in the tears.

“All I want, is for you to go out with me. To dinner, one date thats all I'm asking.” Jeremy said.

“You're crazy” Martha said and walked off.

“But Martha, now you've broken up with your boyfriend you can go on a date with me!”

“You're the one who is responsible for me and Jack breaking up, what makes you think I would want to go on a date with you?”

“Well you had to have a reason when you were 15.”

“I was 16, and thats quite different. I've changed and so have you”

Martha ran off, Jeremy stood there. Puzzled. He wasn't sure what to do next.

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its really good, like Jack&martha!!! said loving the amount of j and M fics. yay. please update sooooon.

Jack: dont be a stuborn idiot and believe everything someone tells you.

you muppet

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