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Only You And Me

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Hey guys! This is my first fan fic so don't be too harsh.=] Hope you guys like it. All you need to know is that Jack and Martha have been together for around a year and are very happy and in love.

Chapter 1

The morning sun crept in through the window and shone straight into the eyes of Jack Holden. He awoke and saw Martha snuggled up with him. They had been together for a year and Martha had just recently moved in with him. Everything was perfect and he loved her so much. He had never felt this way about anyone before but now he had found someone who he could talk to and someone he wanted to be with forever.

Martha began to stir and woke up to find herself in Jack's warm and comforting arms. That trademark Jack Holden smile appeared on Jack's face upon seeing Martha.

"Mmmm.. Morning babe,"said Jack.

"Morning Jack,"Martha replied with a wide grin on her face.

"Would you look at the time I have to be at work in half an hour," Jack said as he got out of bed and went straight to the bathroom.

Martha also got up and went into the kitchen to prepare some breakfast. A few years ago, she would have never imagined herself cooking breakfast for herself not at the very least someone else but now she cooked breakfast for Jack most of the time and she actually quite enjoyed it.

Today it was bacon and eggs and once Jack had gotten out of the shower he wolfed it down so quickly. He was already running late so he quickly pecked Marha goodbye on the cheek and hurried out the front door.

Martha did the dishes and also left. She had a shift at Noah's soon and wanted to take a nice, cool walk on the beach before going to work. Walks on the beach were one of her favourite things to do but she especially loved walks with Jack.

Once arriving at the beach, she took off her sandals and started strolling down the beach. She headed north, in the direction of the cliff where she and Jack had first kissed, and when she caught a glimpse of the cliff a wide smile appeared on her face. She loved that spot in spite of her fear of heights. The feel of the grainy sand between her toes was comfortable and she loved feeling the beach in her. It was nearly time for her shift at Noah's so she started strolling up towards the Surf Club.

Beth was already there finishing up her shift and told Martha all the stocks were in and the till had been filled. Martha was hardly paying any attention as she was thinking about Jack and all the fun times they had had so far and she hoped there was more to come. She loved him so much and never wanted anything to come between them.

Next chapter...

A surprise arrival will stir things up for Jack and Martha.

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