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The sites got avatar challenges running, and while the getting there has been a little bumpy, eventually all the kinks have been sorted... and I was thinking, with Summer holidays approaching for Europe, and Winter holidays approaching for Aus/NZ, that maybe to fill in some boredom time, we could have a Fan Fiction Challenge. Something along the lines of a Summer/Winter Challenge.

I have no idea what would go on with judging or anything. The other Fan Fiction Challenges I've seen have given prompts, or asked for items/sayings to be included, and have awarded winners in categories such as Most Romantic, Funniest, Most Angst, Best All Round etc.

This is just a thread putting the idea out there, because a lot of people here seem to love writing stories, and it's also a good time filler. Feel free to leave your thoughts, critisims, ideas, I'm open to anything. Also, if you hate the idea, don't be afraid to say that either, because it is only an idea, I haven't committed to anything, I just wanted to see what other people thought.


Also, I think there may have been a similar thread a while back. Sorry if this was supposed to be added with that thread, if it needs to be merged, well... it needs to be merged.

Updating this post so everyone can find it without having to flick through the pages.


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I think it's a great idea! :D

If we were to judge by poll, would it be anonymous, or would we have to do the whole "Give a reason for why you voted", because I'm not too keen on that. I have quite a few friends on here (Not that I'm Miss Popular.. lol) and I'd feel very uncomfortable picking one of their fics, let alone having to say which one I'd picked. I wouldn't want it to be seen as favouritism. :) Lol. Obviously, I'd post on the end of each entry, telling them good points. :D

Also, is there a limit to how much you can write? Because I know you said one shot fics, but if I were to do one, it'd never end.. lol I just don't know if there is a certain number of words and such?

Hmm.. I like both idea's about the challenges. The "phrase/item" one, and the "Romantic, Funny etc" one.

I think I've covered everything here. lol.

Like I've said before, if you need a hand, I've got two! :D

Nicole x x

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Yea like Nicole said I'd be willing to give you a hand too! Sounds like a brilliant idea to me!! And it would definitely keep me entertained for some of the summer holidays!! I really think we would get some fabulous fics out of it!

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I think that this is a great idea! Maybe the length of the FanFic could be written into the rules, either like a one shot or X number of chapters, to prevent them becoming epics... :P And yeah, I think they should be anonymous, but I still think that we should give a reason. Afterall, if it's anonymous, then no one could really be accused of favourtism.... :P But I'm not the one making the rules here, I guess that's someone else's job, these are just suggestions....

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Yay, other people like the idea.

I was thinking for length we could have one shots no longer than maybe 2000 words, or up to a four parter that's no longer than 4000 words. That way people could choose which ever one suited them, and if their story progresses then they could also change.

With the judging, a poll could work. That's the part where I was stuck the most, so ideas are more than welcome.

I was also thinking of getting a fanfiction account and posting the entries on there, that way we've got them all under one username, and if there are other challenges, we can post them there too.

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Sounds good! I think I'll give myself a MAJOR challenge! Lol. Now I can't give too much away, because then I may aswell not be annonymous, but I'm going to make it hard for me, so it'll be a real task. Lol. I'm not bothered about winning, only if I accomplish doing a fic which I normally wouldn't! :)

I really like the idea of this, at first I wasn't going to participate, but jackandmartha!!! kind of persuaded me! Lol.

So, how would it work exactly. Would it be one certain genre, or any genre? I'm a tad confuddled :S

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