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Tues 6 Jun 06 - " Belle …. And The Number 15 "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Belle …. And The Number 15 "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 6 Jun 06 - Episode # 4202)

CHARLIE’S PLACE – Charlie looks at his new creation, ie he’s put THAT Kimmy photo (in a frame) beside a pic of himself.

Charlie then looks at some of the funeral arrangement info.

BACHELOR PAD – Kimmy & Rachel talk bout Rachel’s situation. Rachel can’t believe that her job is on the line again.

Rachel then bails, in a bed to clear her head.

McADAMS MANSION – Kitty wonders, to Amanda, what her clash with bell was all about. Kitty is pleased when Amanda says that she only knows belle as an annoying loud-mouthed teen.

DINER – Irene “suggests” that Belle should stop writing in her dairy etc and actually do some work.

They both enter the kitchen, where Leah hopes that jack & Martha will like the food that she has made for their upcoming surprise engagement party.

Alf enters, and Irene & Co are annoyed when he says that Amanda’s film now has council approval. Belle is partic fired up, so Irene “suggests” that belle should go and clear some table etc.

BACEHLOR PAD – Jack enters and talks to Kimmy about Charlie. Jack insists that that police can’t investigate Charlie (as there’s not proof that he’s done anything illegal).

Jack also suggests that Kimmy shouldn’t attempt to talk to Charlie.

CHARLIE’S PLACE – Kimmy takes no notice, and tries to talk to Charlie about all of this. Kimmy acutely gets somewhere, by apologising for recent events.

After Charlie lets Kimmy inside the house, Kimmy comments on the funeral arrangement paperwork, AND he pays partic interest to THAT framed photo.

DINER – Irene asks belle to clean out the fridges – as it smells like some milk has gone off.

Amanda approaches Irene, and hopes that she will reconsider letting Amanda use the beach house as a location for her film. Irene insists that it's not going to happen, and Belle rather (verbally) forcefully reinforces the point – to Irene’s annoyance.

Belle suggests that she’d LOVE for Amanda to “wear” the milkshakes that she has in hr hands. Amanda then deliberately bumps into Belle as she bails – the milkshakes go all over Belles’ shirt.

Irene makes its quite clear that belle bought this on herself, but just before belle bails (to go home and change clothes) she grabs THAT bottle of off milk form fridge.

NEAR SURF CLUB – Rachel encounters jack. She is looking for Kimmy, and jack tells her where he thinks that Kimmy is.

CHARLIE’S PLACE – Charlie admits that he gave his gran the extra morphine, after Kimmy WAY winds Charlie’s trust (by lieing when he said he & Rachel have split – as Rachel is too bossy).

Kimmy & Charlie are about to go to the hospital when Rachel arrives. Rachel tries to play along with kimmy’s break up/bossy scenario, but Charlie runs away – after he suspected that Kimmy lied to him.

McADAMS MANSION – Belle finds the spare key, and enters the house. Kitty is in the kitchen but when she sees that its Belle in the house, she doesn’t interfere – even though she can see that Belle is vandalising amanda’s property with THAT sour milk.

After bell bails, kitty discovers that belle has ticked the off milk all over Amanda’s (no doubt expensive) rug.

CHARLIE’S PLACE – The police find something rather chilling … the funeral paperwork that Charlie is filling out is for RACHEL (not his gran)

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda enters, and finds kitty cleaning the milk of THAT rug. Kitty says that she doesn’t know who is responsible – as she had a nap and when she awoke the door was wide-open etc.

Amanda immediately suspects who did this.

DINER – Amanda charges in, and has a MAJOR row with belle. When Amanda says that Belle has ruined her $15000 rug, belle says that Amanda ruined her $15 shoes. Irene made it quite clear that she is also V angry with belle.

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel is WAY stressing about Charlie being out there somewhere – with the clear intent on hurting her.

DINER – Irene “suggests” that belles’ feud with Amanda must end. Irene then tells belle that she is going to Amanda’s place (in the hope that she can stop Amanda form pressing charges).

McADAMS MANSION – Kitty meets Irene at the door, and informs Irene that Amanda isn’t home.

Irene then wonders if hes’ seen kitty before, but Kitty throws her off the track by saying that she is an actress and Irene is bound to have seen her on TV etc.

DINER – Irene tells Leah & alf about Amanda’s actress mum.

She then tells belle to put a big box of napkins in the storeroom (form the kitchen). As belle does this, she accidentally drops his diary (with lots of pics loosely inside it). Belle puts all the photos back inside, but as she stands up, she doesn’t notice that one of the photos is still on the floor (albeit mostly beneath some shelving).

INTERCURT SCENE – Charlie (on a cliff top) phones Kimmy (bachelor pad). Charlie insists that he NEEDS to speak to Kimmy … or he’ll JUMP. Kimmy agrees.

WILLIAM’S DROP – Kimmy arrives, but there’s no sign of Charlie. Kimmy phones Rachel, but there’s no answer. Kimmy runs back to his car.

BACHELOR PAD – Kimmy rushes in. there’s no sign of Rachel – but Charlie is there !!! (end of ep)


The stalkers’ return becomes V public knowledge, whilst Kimmy frantically asks Charlie where Rachel is.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda's light blue (with gold band near the waist) halter top.

SILVER – Belle's Converse-like green running shoes

BRONZE – Rachel's purplish "layaered" long skirt

HONNORABLE MENTION - Leah's apricot top

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