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The Summer Bay Chronicles

Guest Amir

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Chapter 1:

It was a sunny afternoon, Sally was getting things ready for a picnic.

"Ready yet, Sal?" asked Cassie. "Nearly" replied Sally. "Where's Ric, Cassie?"

"I don't know, he said he was going for a walk with Belle".

**Meanwhile Ric is on the beach with Belle**

"You have to tell Sally, she has the right to know!" "I will, but I don't know how she is going to take it".

"Well just tell her she needs to know!", "Okay i will, but i'll tell her after the picnic".

"Make sure you do, you can't afford to be abused anymore by Flynn".

Ric and Belle hold hands and walk towards home.

"There you are we've been waiting a long time". "Sorry Sal, we just got caught up in something".

"It's okay, now lets get ready to go, Flynn rang and said he is there already". "Okay cool lets go".

A shiny, black Porsche pulls up at the diner. A tall man steps out of the car and walks inside the diner.

"Hi, can i help you sir?" The man just stands there still. "Excuse me, Where can i find Ms. Irene Roberts?"

"Well you are standing right in front of 'em. How can i help you?" "Well you could help me by dying!"

The man pulls a knive out of his dark drown coat and stabs Irene. The man quickly runs out of the diner and

drives off. Leah saw what had happened and runs up to Irene and rings the ambulance.

"Okay, we're here". Sally parked the car and they all got out. Flynn was no-where to be seen.

"Flynn?" Ric went out to the bush. Suddenly he spotted a body on the floor. It was Flynn's body.

Ric screamed and Sally, Cassie & Belle all came rushing. "Some one ring the ambulance!"

Taste of next chapter:

Someone wont make it, who will it be? Irene or Flynn.

The bay stirs up when the 'Lach' brothers make there way into town.

And Will & Gypsy make a shocking return to the bay.

What did you think..?

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