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Where The Heart Lies

Guest ~Natasha~

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Noah is Kim's!!!

Part: 1

Where The Heart Lies

Hayley lay against the pillow on her bed staring, at her engagement ring and smiling to herself. She was getting married in the morning and she was very exited about it, although at the same time she was scared something would go wrong and ruin the whole day for the happy couple. They had both been planning the special day for months and had got every little detail sorted. She had a beautiful dress, a venue and all the rest of the things they needed to get married and have the perfect day.

Even though at that moment in time, her fiance was vomiting violently in the bathroom after being escorted back from his stag party at two in the morning by the police. Hopefully he will feel better in the morning she kept thinking to herself.

Hayley heard her son crying in his cot and went over to pick him up and rock him back to sleep before he woke Irene and Barry up, not that Barry's son wasn't doing that already as he hadn't stopped throwing up since half an hour after he arrived back home. Now it was four in the morning and he was still in there. Maybe something is seriously wrong she thought, but she had already asked Irene and she said it was just a bad hangover and Hayley had no reason to doubt that.

After she finally got Noah back to sleep, Hayley went to look for something in her drawers. Then she found it and started to look at it, she had tears in her eyes. It was a photo album of when her and Noah got married. It was the most amazingly beautiful day ever for her, she thought to herself.

At that moment Irene came into her room, sat next to Hayley on the bed and put her arm around her.

"Oh did Noah wake you up? Sorry"

"No he didn't, Barry did when he went to check on Kim"


"You looking forward to tomorrow, well today considering its gone four"

"Yeah I suppose"

"You suppose?"

"It might sound stupid but it feels like I'm betraying Noah by remarrying, I thought I'd be with Noah for the rest of my life, not the rest of his" Hayley shuts the photo album and lays it down nest to her. She lies back and goes to sleep.

Then Barry comes in as Irene is leaving Hayley and Kim's room.

"Sssh" Irene tells him.

"Irene I'm calling Flynn, I think there might be something wrong with Kim"

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