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I have been thinking that since I have been with BTTB for over a month now, I thought that I would put up my first fanfic. It has already been posted on another forum so some members may have read it before. I have made some slight changes to the original version and I would love to hear/read all your comments good and bad :D

The fic begins with Jack and Martha's early days, and from then on, who knows!?!

Chapter.1: What have I done!

At the Diner Beth was talking to Alf and Irene about how Jack was having a hard time dealing with the lack of hearing in his left ear. “Well he’s been through some hard times lately” implied Irene, “so I think we should cut him some slack for not being in the best of moods.”

At that moment Martha walked in. “Who’s not in the best of moods?” She questioned. “Why love didn’t you know?” Said Alf; “Jack had a nasty fall last night in his bedroom…” “What?” interrupted Martha she tried to hide her distress but Alf had already noticed. He had known for a while that Martha had an attraction for the police officer, although wasn’t sure why she kept denying it.

“Is he ok? I mean, how did he fall?” stammered Martha; her face had gone slightly pale. “Well” said Beth. “No-one actually knows how he fell. I just happened to see ambulance lights over at the Holdens and ended up taking poor Lucas to the hospital. He was in an awful state about Jack!

I spoke to Tony and he said that he found Jack unconscious in his room. He had just gone into theatre when I left late last night. “

“Theatre!” Martha exclaimed, looking and feeling worse by the second (OMG what have I done? It was only supposed to be a stupid prank!)

“Yeah, something about his ear” Beth finished.

“Its ok love” said Alf, “we can pop over and see him if you like?”

“Thanks Granddad”.

At the hospital Martha started to feel apprehensive about going in to see Jack. What would he say when he saw her? Did he know it was her fault? Was he even awake? The thought of Jack not being all right overrode all other feelings so Martha took a deep breath and followed Alf into Jack’s room.

Jack was still asleep. He looked so defenceless lying there in the hospital bed with wires coming out of him and a huge bandage around his head. Guilt made Martha stop in her tracks, she couldn’t stop staring at him and realised…

“Hi Alf, Martha love, good of you both to stop by.” Said Tony softly. This shook Martha from her thoughts.

“Hi Tony, how is he?” said Martha.

“He’s not long been out of theatre and Flynn said we should know by tonight if his hearing is any better.” Tony said hopefully. “Should be waking up soon,” he added.

“Do you want to grab a coffee and bite to eat?” suggested Alf. Tony looked shattered; he’d had absolutely no sleep that night from pacing the room in anticipation for Jack to get out of theatre. “Sounds good.” said Tony, not really wanting to leave his eldest son.

“I’ll stay here a while, till you get back,” said Martha “and I’ll come and find you if he wakes up.”

“Thanks, love.” Said Tony. “Luc was supposed to come and see him this morning but he’s gone out with Mattie, so I haven’t really wanted to leave him on his own.”

Soon after Alf and Tony had gone, Jack began to stir and groaned in agony. Martha had sat down in a chair next to him and hadn’t been able to keep her eyes off him and she winced as she heard him waking up in pain.

She hadn’t realised that she had been gripping the side of his bed and stood up quickly, wondering what she should say to him.

“Jack.” She whispered, almost inaudibly. Jack’s eyes slowly flickered, trying to adjust to the bright lights. He saw Martha and tried to focus on her face. Am I dreaming? He thought, as he took in her beautiful features etched with worry. He thought he noticed for the briefest of moments, some other feeling in her eyes, tenderness? No, couldn’t be, that fall must have affected him more than he thought!

“Hey how you feeling? You gave us all quite a scare for a moment y’know!” said Martha, a bit louder this time.

Jack tried to reply but he was still groggy from the anaesthetic, so settled on moaning softly. He attempted to sit up but that made him feel really nauseous and he nearly fell over sideways.

Martha leaned over and reached for his shoulders to steady him. She stifled a small gasp as the covers and top part of his hospital gown slid off, revealing Jack’s gorgeous tanned body. She was so close to him and could smell his lovely musky scent. Martha glanced up to Jack’s face and noticed a faint line of dark stubble forming. Jack gave her a wry smile and for the briefest of moments she was sure he had felt that tingle of electricity pass between them.

Jack finished adjusting himself to a more comfortable position. He may still be groggy but he knew those feelings that had just passed between them and he wished that Martha had stayed close to him. It felt so comforting; he just wanted to be in her arms, and be taken cared of.

“Sorry bout that” Jack finally said. He was becoming more alert now. “So what brings the lovely Martha McKensie to my bedside?” Martha didn’t say anything; she didn’t know what to say she was still reeling from the realisation of admitting to herself that she actually had feelings for Jack!

“Ahh, you feel sorry for me.” Jack said without trying to sound too hopeful.

“Urm…” Martha finally stuttered. “I had better go find your dad, he asked me to find him when you woke up.” With that Martha dashed out of the room leaving Jack laying there with a cute grin forming on his lips.

Ok so that was the first chapter. What did you think?

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leaving Jack laying there with a cute grin forming on his lips.

He he! lol

Well, my god! I really do have a bad memory, because I'd forgotten about the beginning! It was fantastic! I loved every bit of it! You're a very good writer, and I hope to be reading more soon! :D Well done!

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I love this fic!!! I loved it the first time i read it and the second.......and now i think it's the fifth, lol! I'm so glad your posting it here and i'm so happy there are going to be more chapters than what i've already read. Yay, Can't wait for the update, your a fabulous writer!

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YAY. I'm so glad you decided to post this. I've been waiting for ages. It's definitely one of my fav fics. I can't wait till you post all the old chapters, so we can get onto some new ones.

Once again. YAY.

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