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Not So Planned

Guest kase

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Hey, this is my first fan fiction. It may be unclear at first but all will be revealed eventually.

Please read and review :)

Part 1


When he saw her look up startled as the door swung open across the room from her, Ric reached over and placed his hand over Matilda’s, squeezing it softly. She looked up and smiled weakly at him but he could see the fear that was in her eyes.

“You okay Mattie?” he asked. She looked at the stained tile on the floor in front of them and shrugged. He squeezed her hand again just before the door swung open once again. The young male doctor walked in front of the receptionist’s desk and the receptionist passed him a file.

“Matilda Hunter?” he read out looking directly at her and Ric. Matilda stood up and quickly gathered her bag to follow the doctor. She felt Ric’s hand grasp her arm before she could leave and she turned around and saw him staring up at her.

“You sure you don’t want me to come in with you?” He asked.

“Thanks,” she said gratefully, “I’m sure.” With another small smile she turned and followed the doctor into the room as Ric stared worryingly after her.

Surf Club

Outside the surf club, Ric pulled his car up to let Matilda out. She had hardly said a word since leaving the clinic. As she undid her seat belt, Matilda looked Ric in the eye and saw his concerned look.

“Look Ric,” she said, “I won’t lie to you, I’m not okay. But you have done more for me than I could possibly say and thank you so much. Please just stop worrying about me.”

“Mattie,” Ric started, “How can I not? You’re in pain, you’re hurt, and you’ve hardly slept. I could not imagine what you are going through, tell me how I can possibly not worry?”

Mattie smiled and took a breath, “Ric. I have the best friend in the world supporting me. He is over eighteen, he can drive, he has money; and quite frankly, without saying a word you make life bearable. Honesty, when I get through all of this, it’ll be because of you.”

“Oh I see,” Ric said jokingly, “you only need me for my ID right?”

“Yep!” Matilda retorted, opening the car door and stepping out, “Good to know you’re on the ball.” Ric was glad to see some genuine spark of happiness in her eyes as she said that, knowing that although she was strong and could shield most of her feelings she was going through the deepest pain at the moment. Ric put his car into reverse as he backed out of car park, watching Matilda walk into the Surf Club in his side view mirror.

As she entered the Surf Club, Matilda spotted Beth behind the counter at Noah’s, filling out the paperwork. Tony was standing by the counter chatting casually to her and he looked up as she approached.

“Hi sweetie,” Beth greeted her. “How was the movie this morning?”

“It was great,” Matilda lied. “Have you been busy?”

“Nah,” Beth replied, obliviously. “Do you have a shift now?” Looking down at Matilda’s gym bag.

“Yeah,” she replied. “I might go get changed.”

“Oh by the way Matilda,” Tony said, “Lucas arrived home this morning. He said he missed you before you left.”

Matilda only halted for a split second before replying, “Oh right. Yeah. Thanks Tony.” As Matilda left for her shift at the gym, Tony looked at Beth questioningly. Beth shrugged in reply, raising her eyebrows.

Catching her reflection in the mirror before walking out, Matilda’s eyes suddenly grew cold once again. Suddenly she felt vulnerable again, petrified of leaving the bathroom. She breathed heavily and slumped down on the floor, hitting the tiles roughly as she pulled her head into her hands and knees. Trying to breath slowly, Matilda felt a wave of grief hitting her as she tried to pull herself together. Wishing she could make all the conflict disappear, Matilda sank lower before letting out a huge sigh.


With his head under the bonnet of a car, Ric was working at repairing the damaged engine. His thoughts brewing on many thoughts, Matilda in particular, as he worked.

“Hey Ric,” he heard a voice call out to him. He looked up to see Lucas approaching him with a couple of packets in his hands. Catching the one he threw at him, Ric nodded in appreciation.

“Cheers,” he said. Lucas handed over a bag of hot chips.

“No problem mate,” Lucas replied.

“Didn’t realise you were coming back so soon.”

Lucas replied, “Yeah, it was only a short trip. Ton of work, but what can you do? I’m actually on my way to the uni now. Martha told me you were working so I thought I’d drop you off some lunch before I headed back.”

“Alright,” Ric replied. “Thanks mate.”

“No worries again,” he replied. For a few moments Lucas looked really uncomfortable to Ric, which puzzled him greatly. He then excused himself and continued on his way. Ric shook his head as he watched Lucas walk back to the university. Before returning back to work, a brown haired girl walked by. She walked up to him and stole a chip out of his bag and winked at him before walking off, catching him off guard and unable to mutter a word.

Surf Club

“Hey Mattie, you can finish up now.” Matilda heard Kim say when she finished instructing a lady on the gym equipment.

“Thanks,” she replied, grabbing some towels before she went to get changed.

“Yeah hey,” Kim said after Matilda reappeared from the changing rooms. “Mattie are you alright? You’ve seemed a bit spaced out today.”

“Oh, no. I’m just a bit tired,” she said trying to remain casual, “Too much homework. You know how year twelve is!”

“Ah right,” he replied. “Just let me know if you want to cut down some shifts.”

“Ta”, she said, smiling at him before leaving.

Hunter House

“Hey Mattie,” Tony greeted as she walked through the door. “We’re almost finished dinner, but you’re still welcome to join us.” Matilda saw Beth and Lucas at the table with him and shook her head.

“I might actually take a shower first,” she replied. “I might have some later, I’m not too hungry actually.” Matilda caught Lucas’ gaze for a brief moment before heading towards the bathroom. As she left Lucas stared intensely after her, wondering what was going through her mind.

“What do you reckon Lucas?” His thoughts were snapped back suddenly as he realized Tony was talking to him.

“Er, yeah,” He said still looking towards the bathroom. “Sure….”

Surf Club

Ric and his workmates were having a few drinks after closing up at the garage. Martha was behind the counter serving with Alf. After he had had enough he decided he would leave and go see how Matilda was doing.

“See you later Ric,” Martha said to him as he left. Before he exited Noah, Ric bumped into the same brown haired girl from the garage earlier. She smiled smugly at him as if she had caught him out, and then let out a laugh. She moved to the side of Ric without breaking their eye contact and entered into Noah’s casually, still with a smug smile on her face.

Hunter House

“Do you want me to do that?” Lucas asked Matilda, startling her as her mind had drifted away while she was scrubbing the dishes.

“Um, no,” she stammered. “Thanks though, Luke.” She winced at her nervousness. As he placed his mug into the sink, Matilda felt his hands graze hers. Knowing that she felt the same thing that he had, Lucas did not remove his hand away from hers. He saw that she had frozen and he moved his hand over hers and slowly traced is up her arm. The sensitivity on her arm was overpowering, as Matilda did not know how to respond. Breaking out of her trance she brushed his arm away abruptly.

“On second thoughts,” she stammered. “I would like you to do this.” Drying her hands rapidly on the kitchen towel, Matilda rushed into her room. Lucas felt bewildered by her sudden reaction, staring after her. He sighed, thinking that girl sent out different signals every time he spoke to her.

Matilda stared at the ceiling, lost in her thoughts. Interrupted by a door knock and then looking up, she saw Ric enter. She smiled at him.

“Hey you,” he said, spreading himself next to her on her bed. “How you holding up?”

“Not too good,” she laughed. “I didn’t expect Lucas to be back yet. But I don’t really want to talk about it now.”

“You don’t have to.”

Matilda looked up him and whispered, “I’m so tired Ric.” Ric looked down at her and put his arm around her, knowing she wasn’t talking only talking about being sleep deprived. Matilda soon drifted off to sleep while Ric stared at her, wondering how long she could do this to herself. Thinking about the intriguing brown haired girl he ran into earlier Ric suddenly felt guilty. But he shook if off as he felt Matilda stir next to him, he looked at her and once again the concerned crept into her mind.

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thanks for the comments! :)

here's the next bit. sorry if it doesnt make much sense or if there isnt much happening. I hope you like it anyway.

please review/comment!

Part 2


Lucas was shaking the water out of his hair as he walked out of the surf, carrying his board under his arm. While he was drying himself off with his towel he spotted Matilda sitting a while away. She was starring out into the water and although she was far away, he could feel her gaze rippling into the deepest secrets of the water.

“Hey,” Lucas said as he walked next to her. “Can I sit down?”

Matilda looked up and smiled at him, “Sure.” She felt as if today was going to be a good day for the first time in a while when she woke up. Lucas placed himself next to her and looked into the direction she was staring. He then stole glances at her, she looked so peaceful and tranquil today. Not that she usually didn’t, in Lucas’ view, only lately he felt she was harbouring some stress.

“Look,” he started. “About the other night, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I don’t really know what it was actually.”

“It’s okay Luke,” Matilda replied looking him in the eye. “Things have never made that much logical sense between us, have they?”

“I guess not,” he said. Both of them stared continued to sit there. Somehow, despite the strange relationship he and Matilda shared he couldn’t help thinking it had changed. Perhaps she had, now that she was going through a transition and finding her own way in life. He glanced at her again, she still looked peaceful. And beautiful, he never thought otherwise. She turned and smiled at him and once again looked straight ahead. Perhaps if she looked into his eyes longer he would be able to read her.


“Hey Ric,” Matilda said as she walked up to him.

“Hey Mattie,” Ric replied, putting down his spanner. He turned to face her, looking her in the eye. “It’s a nice day.” Matilda nodded.

“I received a call this morning,” she informed him. “My appointment is the day after tomorrow. Can you take me?”

“Of course,” he said. He gave her a hug and kissed her on the forehead. “Are you sure about this Mattie? I mean, really sure.” She nodded. Ric could only sigh and pull her closer.

Surf Club

“Hey Lucas, what are you doing here?” Tony asked. “I thought you were planning on studying the whole day.”

“I was,” Lucas replied. “But I needed a change of scenery. Can I just get a chocolate milkshake, Dad?”

“Sure.” The truth was, Lucas could not study at all. He felt restless all day, unable to concentrate even though there were no distractions around. He sat down at a table nearby, desperately needing to concentrate on his assignment.

“Can I take my break now Kim?” Matilda asked halfway through her shift at the gym.

“Hmmm, seeing as you’ve been extra cheerful I guess I should let you off” Kim replied. Matilda smiled and thanked him. She walked into Noah’s and up to Tony by the counter. She ordered a drink as well as noticing Lucas sitting there studying.

“His been trying really hard,” Tony said behind her. “Always been proud of Lucas being a good student.” Matilda smiled in reply, and then began to feel a wave of frustration wash over her. Before she could calm herself, she was breathing heavily again. Without a further word, Matilda rushed quickly out of the bar. Outside, she slumped against the brick wall behind her, closing her eyes and trying to calm her breathing down.

Lucas looked confused as he witnessed Matilda rushing out of the Surf Club. He had only looked up to see her run out but he was certain she was looking his way. Closing his book and shoving them into his bag, Lucas quickly tried to catch up with her. He looked around outside before realising that she was against the wall of the Surf Club with her eyes closed.

“Tilly, are you okay?” He asked, reaching out to hold her shoulder. Matilda gasped at his touch and opened her eyes. Still breathing heavily, she looked at him confronted and worried.

“I’m fine!” She replied weakly, “I need to go.” Seeing her rush off, Lucas was unsure of whether or not he should leave her. He eventually just let her go and he turned back into the Surf Club.

Hunter House

Matilda rushed into the bathroom and splashed water on her face. Her breathing was controlled again. Her hands were shaking as she realised that Lucas now knew that something was wrong. These anxiety attacks had been occurring frequently but she thought today would be different. She actually felt good for the first time in a while when she woke up. Sighing, she accepted that there weren’t going to be any perfect days anytime soon.


Ric was locking up the garage when he thought he heard a noise. Looking over his shoulder he couldn’t see anything so he chose to ignore it. When everything was closed, he walked towards his car and saw the brown haired girl sitting in the front seat. She smiled widely at him.

Confused, Ric asked, “How did you get into my car?” She raised her eyebrows and shrugged innocently, flashing her teeth as her smile widened. She raised a packet of chips up to him, offering him some.

“I’m just paying you back,” she said casually. Ric reluctantly grabbed a few before hopping into his car.

“Right,” he said. “Thanks…I think.”

“I’m Belle”, the girl introduced herself as.

“Hey,” Ric replied, “I’m –”

“- Ric,” Belle said, pointing to his nametag. “So where are you taking me tonight?”

Ric looked at her and decided that he had no answer to that question. So he did the only thing he thought he should and started the engine. Looking at her he flashed her the cheesiest and biggest smile he could manage before giving her a skeptical look and driving off.

Hunter House

Matilda was lying in bed again and heard a knock at her door. Expecting it to be Ric, she was surprised that it was Lucas. She sat up as he closed her door and sat on her bed.

“Lucas,” she started. “I am so sorry about before. I don’t know what – ”

“- It’s okay.” He stopped her. He grabbed one of her hands and held it gently in his. “I’m worried about you Tilly. I don’t know what was wrong but I want to help. I care about you.”

Matilda felt lifted by hope for a moment before something in her mind clicked. Suddenly she felt her breathing fasten again and before she knew it she was overcome by anger.

“You do not have any idea,” she cried, pulling her hand away. “Just leave me alone. I’m so sick of your mind games, and I’m sick of you.”

“Mattie!” Lucas replied shocked by her inflamed reaction. He tried to reach out for her again but she swatted his hand away.

“Just leave me alone,” she said angrily. “You make me sick. I can’t believe anyone can be so manipulative.” Lucas suddenly felt the blood drain from his face. He stood up quietly and left without a word, feeling stung and hurt by Matilda’s words. As he slammed the door, Matilda shut her eyes. When she opened them again she could see herself in her mirror on her dresser. Picking up a bedside table ornament, she threw it at the mirror.

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Thank you so much for the reviews! :) I'll try update some more. Here's the next part:

Part 3

Hunter House

Lucas stared at his ceiling about Matilda’s outrage. He had no idea that she felt that way about him. He didn’t realise what he had done, or if he had done anything wrong at all.

“I’m so sick of your mind games,” she had said. It was true, Lucas reasoned, that his intentions were never clear. However, neither were hers. The relationship between the two had never extended into commitment of a serious relationship.

“You make me sick. I can’t believe anyone can be so manipulative.” Lucas rolled over; his stomach sank, he had never seen Matilda so angry before. He did not know what to assume was going on between them, or with her. He hated the tension between them.

Surf Club

“Hey Beth, have you seen Matilda?” Kim asked. Matilda had not turned for her shift and the place was becoming busy.

“No,” Beth replied. “I left early this morning. I’m pretty sure she mentioned she was coming into work today last night though. I might try her on her mobile.” Beth took the phone off the hook and began to dial.


“Hello?” Ric said as he answered his phone. It was Matilda on the phone, sounding distant. His stomach suddenly squirmed, he felt extremely guilty for spending the night with Belle.

“Ric,” Matilda said. “The appointment has been put forward an extra day, would it be possible for you to cancel work today? I’m so sorry.”

“No,” Ric replied. “It should be okay. How about I meet you here at the garage?”

“Sure. Be there in about half an hour,” she answered. “Thanks Ric, see you soon.” When he heard the dial tone Ric felt even guiltier. He knew the sound of her voice meant that she had had a bad night, and he had abandoned her. He thought back to where he took Belle though. He hadn’t have had a fun night like that in such a long time, something about her made him feel really good. Somehow, even after one night he had managed to fall deep for her. That didn’t ease his guilt though.

Surf Club

“Her phone was engaged,” Beth informed Kim.

“Look its okay,” he said. “I’ll just get somebody else to fill in for her. If she calls then tell her she can have the day off.”

“Thanks Kim,” Beth said. “I’ll make sure she knows how she has put you out. It’s not like her to miss a shift though. Maybe she’s just stressed out.” Beth stared with a worried look on her face, thinking to herself.


Belle approached Ric as he was tidying up a few things around the garage. It looked as if he was packing up and leaving.

“Ric,” she said, poking him in the ribs. It caught him by surprise and he smiled when he turned around to see her.

“Hey Belle,” he said.

“You not working long today?” She asked him.

“Nah actually, I’m not,” he said. Ric scratched his head and put some more things away. “I have something I need to do later on today. I’m not sure when I will get back.”

“Oh right,” Belle said. She understood he didn’t have to open up to her about everything after only really knowing her one night. “Well I thought I’d say hi. I better let you go then.”

Before she could turn to walk away, Ric grabbed her by the arm.

“Wait Belle,” he said sincerely. “I had a really good time last night.”

“Yeah me too,” she said, smiling.

“No, I mean,” he stammered slightly. “I really, really had a good time.”

“Me too,” she said again. She looked away embarrassed, somehow all her confidence was leaving her and her defences were lowered by Ric’s gaze.

Ric pulled a strand of her hair behind her ear. “I needed to give you this last night.” He then leant over and kissed her softly on the lips, before breaking away. She starred into his eyes overcome. She then leant in for a more passionate kiss, their tongues dancing as she felt Ric’s hand pressed against her cheek. Not too long later Belle broke away, smiling.

“I should go,” she said. “You have something to do.”

“Yeah,” he replied, disappointed. “I’ll talk to you soon.” Ric watched Belle leave before he grabbed all his possessions and headed towards the car in time to catch Matilda. She looked a bit worse for wear and he couldn’t help but give her a big hug.

“Hey,” he said. “You’ll be fine.” He then kissed her lightly on the head and opened the door for her to get into his car.

Hunter House

Lucas groaned, as he turned stirred in bed. He only managed to finally fall asleep about two hours ago and now the lawnmower was heard coming from his neighbours’ house. As he sat eating breakfast, that feeling in his stomach still hadn’t left. He could not shake that image of Matilda last night, her face filled with anger. Her door was closed; perhaps he she felt more forgiving this morning and he could apologise.

He knocked on her door and did not hear a response. He opened her door to check that she was not in there and he found her bed empty. He sighed and walked out, closing the door behind him.

Ric’s Car

“I’m okay Ric,” Matilda said.

“Huh?” Ric looked at Matilda, taken back.

“That was only about the fifteenth time you’ve looked at me with that concerned expression.”

“You aren’t even facing at me!”

“Yeah,” Matilda said. “But I could still see it!” Ric rolled his eyes, laughing.

“Anyway,” she began. “Why are you in such a good mood?” She looked at him slyly.

“What are you talking about?” Ric replied, unconvincingly.

“Look Ric,” Matilda said. “I need to keep my mind off this. Tell me what has you momentarily smiling like a goof-ball.”

“I met a girl,” Ric said, laughing.

“Ooh, a girl!”

“Yeah, whatever,” he replied. “Nah, we spent the night in my car just talking.”

“Talking?” Matilda asked incredulously.

“Yes,” Ric replied. “That was all we did.” He could not help a smile creeping on his face as the two sat there in silence.

“You have it bad!” Matilda said, breaking the silence and rolling her eyes.

“What?” Ric asked wildly. “I like her. But I just met her yesterday.”

“As if,” Matilda scoffed. “I know you too well, you’ve fallen head over heels.”

“Yeah whatever,” he said again. “I have to concentrate on driving now!” Matilda laughed. Ric felt his spirits lifted as he knew his friend was genuinely happy for him and somehow he had managed to make her laugh.

Hunter House

Lucas threw his pen down in frustration. He knew he couldn’t work. Since he had returned to the bay, he had been distracted. The tension between himself and Matilda was becoming increasingly hard. He grabbed his wallet and keys off the counter and walked to the Gym, perhaps she was working today.


Ric could feel Matilda’s hand start to sweat as they waited once again in the reception room. He squeezed them gently and smiled at her. He could see her determined face smiling back at her but he knew she was scared. He was scared for her.

“Are you sure about this Matilda?” he asked. “Because if you aren’t, this is the last chance you have to back away.”

She let out a small laugh. “Since when do you call me ‘Matilda’?”

“Mattie, I’m serious.”

“That’s different,” she joked again. When she saw his serious expression she sighed. “I’m scared. But I know this is the right thing to do.”

“Okay,” Ric said, squeezing her hand again. The lady behind the counter then interrupted them by asking Matilda to follow her down the corridor. Ric stood up with her and gave her a hug, kissing her on the forehead again.

“I’ll be here when you are finished,” he said as she nodded. “And remember if you want me with you, just send someone out.”

“Thank you Ric,” she said. “I need to do this alone.” She then guided by the lady.

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thanks for all the comments! I'm glad that you are enjoying it! I'll try write some more tonight. For the time being, part 4 is ready :)

Part 4

Surf Club

“You alright mate?” Lucas looked up as Jack sat down across from him, still in his uniform.

“Yeah,” he replied. “Just having trouble studying.”

“Hang in there,” Jack said. Beth and Tony were at the bar together when Beth heard a message come through on her phone.

“Looks like Mattie is staying over at Ric’s tonight. Not that she asked for permission, and didn’t even reply to my calls earlier today”.

Lucas felt his heart sink. He would not be able to sort out anything with Matilda until at least tomorrow. Although everybody seemed reassured that Matilda and Ric’s relationship was platonic, Lucas could not help but feel uncomfortable with how close they were. He had never understood what they had between them and had always felt intimidated by Ric. Sometimes he suspected that Ric did not like him.

“She’s probably just stressed out,” Tony said. “Too many assignments, maybe she feels too pressured.” Lucas sighed to himself, wishing that he could afford to avoid his some of his assignments.

Ric’s Car

Ric focused directly ahead as he drove on the highway back to the Bay. Matilda had not spoken a word since they left the city together. He had pulled her into a hug when the clinic said she could leave but her body just felt weak against his. When he glanced over at her he could see that she had her eyes closed, obviously very exhausted. He turned his head back to the road as they approached home.

Hunter House

Matilda laid morosely in bed, not taking in any of the surroundings in her room. She felt like she was a stranger in her body, a stranger in her life. She looked across the room at her broken mirror. Ric told Beth and Tony that she felt sick when he brought her home this morning, and she had not left her room. She did not say a thing to Ric besides the fact that she wanted to be left alone. And she was now, completely.

Lucas paced around his room. He wanted desperately to talk to Matilda and to sort things out between them. The tension was becoming too difficult for him to deal with. He needed to work it out so that they could get their friendship on track again. He wanted to know what was wrong with her.

“Matilda?” Matilda did not look up as she recognised the voice to belong to Lucas. “Are you okay?” She remained still for a moment before looking up at him. His intense gaze locked into hers and she felt herself start to tremble. He reached out and held onto her shoulder softly, as she remained silent.

“Tilly,” he whispered, leaning forward. “What’s the matter?” Still, she did not say anything. Lucas did not attempt to push her for any further answer. It scared him to see her so repressed, as if a part of her had escaped. He leaned over slowly and gently kissed her on her forehead.

“I’m here if you need me,” he said quietly before getting up and leaving.


“Ric!” Ric turned to see Lucas sprinting lightly towards him. He had just come out of the surf and had his board under his arm, water still dripping down his bare chest.

“Hey Lucas,” Ric said. “What’s up man?”

“Just taking a break from studying,” Lucas replied, as the two walked towards Lucas’ pile on the sand.

“Well it’s good to know you do more than just study,” Ric said. “Seems to be all you concentrate on.”

Lucas stopped to dry himself and looked at Ric curiously. “I do have a life Ric.”

“Oh no,” Ric said, taken back. “I didn’t mean it like that. Just that you are the most academic person I know besides Mattie. It’s not a bad thing, I just don’t know how people do it.”

“Ah, I do what I have to do,” Lucas replied. He picked his things up and the pair of them walked towards the Surf Club together. “Speaking of Matilda, she can’t be studying that well if she’s sick.”

Ric suddenly felt uncomfortable, shrugging at his comment. “She’ll recover and hit the books soon enough,” he said, brushing it off. Lucas stopped walking and faced Ric.

“Look Ric,” he started. “It may not be any of my business, but I’m sure you know what is going on with her. Not that I want to intrude, I’m just worried about her.”

“Like I said Lucas,” Ric replied. “She just needs some time…alone, so that she can take a break from all the stress and get back to it."

“I’m just worried about her,” Lucas said defensively.

“I know,” Ric responded firmly. “But like I said, she just needs a break from everything and everyone.”

“Yeah?” Lucas said, firing up. “What about a break from you? I’m sure you won’t be leaving her completely alone.”

“I’m her friend mate,” Ric said, feeling irritated.

“Yeah, so am I.” Lucas pointed out.

“Look, whatever.” Ric started to leave before stopping again. “She will be fine,” before walking off.

Lucas cried after Ric, trying to defend himself, “Ric, I’m just worried about her. And what will happen to her marks if she falls behind. I know how important doing well in school has been to her this year.” Ric turned around angrily before walking back up to Lucas, causing Lucas to feel his defences starting to fade.

“You know what Lucas?” Ric said angrily. “You may think that doing well academically, getting your ‘dream job’, and earning lots of money are the only important things in life but not everyone does. Not everyone thinks so, and I wish Mattie would realise it too before she becomes anything like you!”

Lucas was left shocked as Ric turned around and walked off angrily. He threw his arms up in confusion before heading back home.

Hunter House

“Hey Lucas,” Tony greeted Lucas as he walked through the door to the kitchen sink.

“Hey,” he replied. Grabbing a glass from the rack, Lucas filled it with tap water and drank it down hastily.

“You alright mate?” Tony asked him worryingly.

“Yeah I’m fine,” Lucas said, trying to change the subject. “Shouldn’t you be working?”

“Nah I’m taking the day off,” Tony said, still eyeing his son with concern. “You know if there is something you wanted to talk about…”

“No, I said I was fine,” Lucas responded extremely irritated. He placed his glass in the sink and headed out the door to his room. Tony watched his son go, realising he wanted to be alone. He heard a door open quietly behind him and saw Matilda coming out of her room. She still looked considerably pale as she entered the living area.

“Hey Mattie,” Tony said. “You feeling any better?”

Matilda nodded, “A bit. I might go for a walk.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” He asked.

“Yeah,” she replied, nodding. “Was that Lucas you were talking to?”

“Sure was,” he answered. “Looked like there was something on his mind, but then again maybe he is still stressed over his assignment.”

Matilda again nodded before going out the door, leaving Tony seated worrying about both his kids.


“How are you?” Ric asked Matilda as they both leant on the ledges, looking towards the beach. Matilda shrugged.

“A bit better,” she said.

“Mattie, I saw Lucas before” Ric told her, glancing at her. Matilda looked at him. “I had a bit of a go at him.” She looked down, then at the beach again. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” she said. “I think its time to let everything go. It’s all over now.” Ric looked at her, unconvinced. He wrapped his arms around her and she leant against his shoulder, sighing.

Hunter House

“It was hilarious,” Beth was saying to Tony, as Lucas walked past them. “Lucas did you want to have dinner yet?” When he didn’t respond, Beth asked him again. “Lucas?”

“What?” He said, looking up. “Oh, I’m fine. Thanks Beth.” Walking towards his room again he stopped at the door, looking down. He noticed that Matilda’ sandals were gone. “Matilda not in her room anymore?”

“She went for a walk mate,” Tony said. “Probably gone to find Ric.” Lucas felt the anger rising in his chest again as he pierced a look at his dad.

“What a surprise,” he said sarcastically, walking into his room. Tony and Beth exchanged surprised looks at his sudden reaction.

“I have no idea,” Tony said to Beth.


Ric pulled Matilda into another one of his bear hugs when she decided to head home.

“You don’t want me to walk you?” he asked.

“No Ric,” she said exasperated. “I can walk myself.”

“Alright,” he said, holding her hand as they parted. “Just call me if you need.” He squeezed her hand before she left. When he turned around he saw Belle looking at him with her eyebrows raised. Before he could register why she did not look impressed, she shook her head and walked off. Ric sighed before running after her.

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Thanks again! :)

please review (be honest)

Part 5

Hunter House

Tony gave Beth another look as they heard the plates scrape against each when Lucas was trying to help set for dinner.

“Not trying to be any gentler are you?” Tony asked. Lucas only shrugged and tried to be more careful.

“Gee, sorry,” He said flatly, as he opened the cutlery drawer roughly.

“Look Lucas,” Tony said firmly. “I don’t understand what is going on, and you know you can talk about it. But, seeing as you won’t we can’t help you. So cut out the attitude.”

“Right,” Lucas muttered. Looking up at the clock, he slammed the forks on the table. “Maybe you should get Matilda to help out instead of spending so much time with Ric.”

Before either Tony or Beth could reply, Matilda had appeared in the doorway. She looked cautiously at what she had just walked in on and walked across to Lucas, taking the knives out of his hands and placing them on the table without saying a word. Lucas let out a frustrated breath before finding the napkins.


Rick rushed into the Diner to find Belle sitting alone. He had looked in the Surf Club before checking here and she had already ordered a double chocolate milkshake.

“Belle,” he said breathlessly. “It wasn’t like it looked like. Mattie is my best friend.”

“Right,” she said, not believing him. “Friend.”

“It’s true!” Ric exclaimed. Belle got up from her seat and sighed, heading out of the diner.

“When you believe that you don’t feel for her more than a friend,” she said, before she left. “Then I will.” Ric let her walk out, frustrated at her for not believing him.

Hunter House

Matilda continued eating her dinner in silence. Beth had headed over to Sally’s to discuss school issues and Tony was helping Alf out at Noah’s due to short staff. Lucas kept stealing glances at Matilda while they both ate without a word. Unable to stand the tension anymore Lucas stood up suddenly, took his unfinished dinner to the sink and went to his room. Matilda watched him go sadly.

Lucas slammed the door to his room, anger infiltrating through his body. He suddenly felt as if he had no control over anything anymore, but more importantly: no control over the situation with Matilda. What frustrated him even more was the fact that he felt he had no right to feel angry at that, him and Matilda were not even together and had never been committed.

Matilda sat in her room, she stared her broken reflection. She could feel her life moving forward, everybody else moving forward. But there she sat, not able to move forward too. Matilda took a deep breath and looking back into the mirror she saw Lucas in the reflection, the intensity in his eyes not marred by the mirror. When Matilda turned around she found Lucas standing really close to her. He bent down to look her directly in the eyes and when she looked away he tilted her chin into his gaze again.

“Tilly,” he said softly. “Let me in.” Lucas saw the sadness in her eyes and he desperately wanted to make it go away. He held her cheek with his hand and leaned in to kiss her gently on the lips. She didn’t back away from the kiss so he deepened it slowly, sliding his tongue inside her mouth. For a moment he felt Matilda relax into the kiss and he held her hip with his other hand, trying to deepen the kiss. Suddenly he felt her body tense as she gasped and pulled away from him, looking aghast. Her lip started to tremble and she pushed him further away.

“Matilda,” he cried, as she ran out the door. He looked at his own reflection in her mirror and kicked her chair in frustrated.


Matilda felt the chill of the breeze brush through her hair. The emotions that had overcome her when Lucas kissed her still engulfed her. She was confused and upset, not knowing what she could possibly do. She heard footsteps behind her and turned to see Lucas approaching her.

“Look,” he said, holding his hands up. “I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable. Matilda, you have to realise I didn’t want to upset you.” Matilda was overcome once again by Lucas being here, she looked away from him.

“Please,” he begged. “Just talk to me Tilly.” Matilda held her hands to her head in frustration, her thoughts spinning around. Lucas could not handle seeing her distressed like this, and walked forward. He grasped her shoulders with both his hands to steady her. “Come on Tilly.”

“You don’t understand!” Matilda cried.

“Then just tell me,” Lucas said. Not loosening on his grip, Matilda could not move away from him and looked into his desperate eyes. “Please Tilly.”

“Why?” Matilda asked him forcefully. “What do you want from me Lucas?”

“I just want you to be open with me,” he said desperately.

“But why Luke?” She cried. “You don’t care about me enough. What happened…it meant nothing to you. I mean nothing to you. I’m just some stupid school girl.”

“That’s not true,” Lucas said, defensively. “It did mean something.”

“No it never did,” she said, emotion pouring out of her words. “None of it. You just pretended like nothing ever happened. That it was a matter of convenience for you.”

“Matilda, I didn’t think you wanted a relationship,” He explained.

“No?” she asked. “You thought I would sleep with you for the hell of it?”

“No,” he said, stammering. “I-I don’t know. I just didn’t know what you wanted. After the first time, you didn’t say anything. I didn’t think it would be different last time. I thought you never wanted anything more than that.”

“Well I got a lot more Lucas,” Matilda shrieked, nearly hysterical. “Even though you pretended nothing happened, I couldn’t.”

“Matilda…” he said desperately.

“No Lucas,” she said, forcing herself free from his grasp. “You got me pregnant. You left me alone.” Lucas stared at her, bewildered. “Tell me how you could expect me to pretend nothing happened.

“Pregnant?” He gasped. Matilda just looked at him and shook her head; slowly she turned and walked away. Lucas remained on the wharf, staring after her in complete shock.

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here we go, thanks once more :) hope you enjoy

Part 6


“Mattie!” Ric called as he saw Matilda walking back towards the Hunter House, he was on his way there himself and had caught her. “Mattie!” She turned around with a distressed look on her face and Ric’s heart sank.

“He knows,” she said, frightened. “I told him.” Ric gave her a sympathetic look before sweeping her up in his arms.

“It had to come out sooner or later Mattie,” he said. “You knew it couldn’t remain a secret forever.” Matilda closed her eyes, and held onto him for dear life. It seemed as if nothing was ever going to get better. “Did you tell him everything?” He asked gently. Matilda shook her head, Ric sighed again.

Hunter House

“You have 1 new message.” Lucas pressed the ‘listen’ button the answering machine to listen to whom it was from. He heard his father’s voice, sounding urgent. “Hey there kids. Beth and I have just received a call from Jack. Martha has been rushed to the hospital, we’re not sure what’s happening but the baby could be premature. We won’t be home tonight; if you need us we have our mobiles. Look after yourselves.” Lucas looked worried when the news hit him, he picked up the phone to call his dad back and see if there was any news. He stopped though, when he saw Matilda at the front door.

“Tilly,” he started, putting the phone down and rushing to her. She just stared silently at him before heading towards her room. “Wait.”

“Just leave her Lucas,” Lucas turned around to see Ric was with her. Matilda walked into her room.

“I have a right to know Ric,” Lucas said angrily. “You can’t control her.”

“No Lucas,” he replied. “She doesn’t want to talk to you. So just leave her alone, you’ve caused enough damage.” Lucas let Ric follow Matilda without protest, then marched into his room and slammed the door. He felt his mind about to explode. He had no idea how to handle what Matilda had told him. He just needed to talk to her. He thought of Ric and kicked his trashcan angrily.

“Do you want me to stay a while to make sure Lucas doesn’t come back?” Ric asked. Matilda shook her head.

“I can look after myself Ric,” she said. “Maybe if you left without him noticing, he won’t come back.”

“Sure,” he replied, heading towards the door.

“Are you going to find Belle now?” Matilda asked, lightly. Ric’s heart dropped at the mention of her name.

“Actually,” he started. “Things didn’t quite work out between us.”

“Oh,” Matilda said, sadly. “You didn’t tell me that. What happened?”

“I didn’t think I should bring it up considering everything you had gone through,” Ric said. “She saw us together, formed her own ideas. I tried to explain it to her but she wouldn’t listen. Guess she doesn’t trust me.”

“Try explaining it again,” Matilda said, seriously. “Ric, you know that at some point in our lives we won’t be able to be this close anymore. It’s never been a problem because neither of us have had serious relationships but there will come a stage.” Ric looked at her sadly and nodded.

“Not yet,” he smiled. “I just figured people should accept it if they want to be apart of our lives. I’m not going to lose my best friend over a relationship.”

Matilda smiled back at him, “You won’t lose me. We’ll always be this close, just maybe not as close physically.”

“I guess you are right,” he said. He leaned over and kissed her lightly on the cheek. “Not yet though.” Matilda smiled as he left quietly, trying not to disturb Lucas.

Lucas heard the front door open and he knew that Ric had left. He could not wait any longer and rushed to Matilda’s room. He knocked urgently, and opened her door. She looked up at him, and his heart sank knowing that she desperately did not want him there.

“Please Matilda,” he said. “I want to know what’s going on. It’s my baby too.” Matilda felt her stomach twist as she heard him say the words “My baby”. He sat down on her bed and took her hand in his.

“It’s my responsibility as well.” Matilda looked frantically into his eyes and realised that perhaps she had underestimated him. She paused for a moment.

“Not anymore,” she finally said, softly. Slowly, tears trickled down her cheeks. Lucas looked at her horrified, he must have assumed the wrong thing. But the look in her eyes told him what he didn’t want to know.

“You had an abortion?” He whispered. Matilda nodded, not being able to stop the tears now. She had not been able to cry the whole time but somehow all the emotions that she had repressed had reached breaking point, as she started to sob. Lucas looked at her in shock.

“How could you?” he cried suddenly, getting up. “You didn’t even tell me, or ask me! You didn’t think I had a right to be apart of this situation?”

“Would you have wanted the baby Lucas?” Matilda asked angrily, through her tears. “Would you have wanted a child when you were completing your course at uni? Or would you have thought that it would jeopardise your life plan?”

“I don’t know,” Lucas said, almost shouting. “I don’t know if I would have wanted you to keep it. But I won’t know, because you took that choice away from me.”

“It was my choice,” Matilda yelled. “It’s my body.” Lucas looked at her, disgust in his eyes, and then walked out on her. Matilda then collapsed into more sobs, not being able to control herself.

Surf Club

Ric spotted Belle when he entered the Surf Club. He walked over to the table she was sitting at alone.

“Belle, can we talk?” He asked gently. She sighed but gestured to him that she didn’t object. “I really like you.” She looked into his earnest eyes.

“I really like you too,” she said. “I don’t think you are a bad guy. But I could see the way you looked at Mattie, or whatever her name was. I just wish you could see it too.”

“I like you Belle,” Ric exclaimed, in frustration. “Mattie and I have a really, really close friendship. If you had known either of us long enough you would see that.”

“Ric,” she said, firmly. “Please, stop doing this to yourself. You know you are head over heels in love with that girl. Maybe you’re scared of what will happen because of your friendship, but don’t keep torturing yourself.” Ric sighed, but he didn’t have anything to say to that. He scratched his head, and then just shrugged.

“Whatever,” he muttered, and left Belle at her table. On his way out, he collided with an angry Lucas. “Watch where you are going.”

“Why don’t you?” Lucas retorted, shoving him roughly. Ric grabbed the front of Lucas’ shirt in retaliation.

“What is your problem mate?” He asked roughly. Lucas jerked himself from Ric’s grasped.

“As if you don’t know.” He said. Alf came striding over to the pair of them.

“Oi, what the flamin’ hell do the two of you think you are doing?” He shouted, coming between them.

“Don’t ask me,” Ric replied. “He came in abusing me.”

“Yeah well I don’t care who started it,” Alf said sternly. “You both should know better than this. Now get outta here, the both of you.” Ric shrugged and left, bumping into Lucas one last time. “What about you Lucas? It’s not like you to go around starting a fight.”

“Well, maybe everybody is too quick to judge who I am or how I feel,” he replied, walking out. Alf was left perplexed, heading back to the counter.

“Flamin’ teenagers,” he muttered.

Hunter House

Matilda touched the remaining pieces of her mirror, running her finger along the broken lines. She flinched as one of the sharper edges cut into her skin. Looking at the small amount of blood starting to appear, she leaves her room to find a bandaid. On her way out of the kitchen she turned to see Lucas at the front door, his suitcase by his side. He looks at her coldly. Her heart stopped, when she knew he was leaving.

“Where are you going?” She whispered.

“To live on-campus,” Lucas replied. “It’s what you expected of me Matilda. Not caring about anything other than University and a job. You think I’m so predictable that I have nothing else to live for.”

“Lucas,” she said, heartbroken. “I was confused. You slept with me and then acted like it never happened. If you didn’t want a relationship, why would you want a baby?” Silence filled the room; Lucas could feel his eyes start to sting.

“Maybe you think I’m the one with the predictable life,” he continued without considering what she was saying. “Don’t blame me for your decision, we are both alike. You want to finish school and get a degree before you begin a family too, if you didn’t you would have kept the baby. Well here we are, we can both continue our lives now that the pregnancy is terminated.” Matilda looked at him in silence.

“I can’t be here anymore,” he choked. He picked up his suitcase and said, “The Cab is waiting outside. Bye Matilda.”

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alrighty, theres not much to go after this! im a bit iffy bout the next part so bear with me because its not great! hope you like it though!

WARNING:This chapter contains content that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Part 7


Lucas leaned back against the backseat, his heart still racing. He thought of the pain that Matilda had put him through when she told him that he had gotten her pregnant, and then to tell him she had it terminated. He could not believe she had made a decision without even consulting him. Of course, if she had wanted to abort he would have supported her. He just wished she had asked him for his opinion. Lucas sighed; he knew that perhaps she was right in saying that he had never shown interest to be responsible for his actions. He thought back to their relationship and how abstract it was. How purely based on physical interaction it may have seemed.

Their first encounter was at Jack and Martha’s engagement party, held at their house. Lucas could not help staring at Matilda the whole night, her peach dress made her look so damn good. He had followed her into the laundry, where he found her looking frantically through the washing machine.

“What are you looking for?” He asked her.

“My bracelet, I think I left it in the pocket of my jeans.” She had replied, becoming flustered. Finally, she located the jeans and almost shaking it to death, Lucas remembered the bracelet had fallen down at his feet. He picked it up for her and when he placed it in her soft hands, he knew she could feel the connection when their fingertips touched. Lucas, never being the type to make the first move, couldn’t help himself that night. He had never felt so driven for a girl before. He remembered the intense moment when he collided his body into hers, lurching himself into a deep and passionate kiss. Her hands had crept through his hair, driving him more insane. As their bodies intensified against one another, Lucas moved his hand up her legs slowly, before creeping up her dress. He heard her gasp when she felt where his hand had traveled. Lucas felt her breathing increase as he touched her where she wanted to be touched. Lucas knew what he was doing to her as she arched her hips forward. Lucas had felt relieved that the music was turned on loud when her breaths shortened as she let out soft moans of pleasure. He kissed her neck softly and remembered the scent of vanilla oil as Matilda’s breaths turned into pants. Her hips arched faster as his hands moved faster, until she halted with an expression of extreme intensity on her face, crumbling into his arms as he stopped. He let her compose herself as he stared at her beautiful face. Lucas remembered how embarrassed she looked when she realised he was staring at her. He had kissed her softly on the cheek before leaving her in peace, not wanting to make her anymore uncomfortable or to ruin the moment.

Lucas thought to himself that maybe Matilda was right, that it was expected that she would feel neglected by him. Perhaps she did what she did because she didn’t think she had another choice. Lucas felt his stomach lurch as he imagined what she had been going through. It was no wonder why she was being so repressed towards him lately. She was only seventeen when they first slept together, he could not imagine how she felt afterwards when she woke up to have him not beside her anymore. Lucas had never seen her in that way, as a child or minor. He had always seen her as an equal. He knew he had to go back, to apologise to her and to make her realise that she had not done anything wrong. He asked the cab driver to turn back, and he had agreed slightly disgruntled.

“Such an idiot!” Lucas muttered to himself quietly. Although he knew that he was doing the right thing in returning, he could not slow his heart from racing. He felt as if he was going to explode with all the pressure that had been building in his mind.

Hunter House

“Tilly?” Lucas called out when he entered the house, but she was not there. Frantically he rushed over to her room and opened her door with without knocking. His stood frozen as she saw Matilda lying on her bed, with Ric on top of her. She let out silent gasps as Ric planted kisses across her collarbone. Suddenly the two, who were too caught up in the moment, snapped as they realised that Lucas was standing there. They broke apart abruptly and the three of them remained still, shocked at the situation.

Overlooking the Beach

Ric held his head in his hands as he sat on the bench alone as the sun rose, dazed by his confused thoughts. If Lucas hadn’t interrupted him and Matilda in their liaison last night, Ric was sure that it would have gone further. He felt somebody else’s presence next to him and he looked to see it was Matilda who had sat down, her eyes blank. They sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity before Ric reached out and grabbed her hand.

“What happened last night Mattie?” He asked her, unsure of what else to say.

“I don’t know,” she said softly. “I’m sorry.”

“It wasn’t your fault,” he said, grasping her hand tighter. “I responded.”

“I shouldn’t have come onto you so strongly,” she said. “I don’t want to lose you, you’re my best friend.”

“Hey, hey, hey,” he said, putting his arm around her. “It’s okay, you won’t.” They sat in more silence, both of them scared to let go and face what had happened. Ric then pulled his arm away from Matilda and looked at her, her face worried and sad. The same sad face that she had been wearing for too long now, that he would do anything to make disappear.

“Mattie?” he said softly. She looked into his eyes. “I love you Matilda.” He saw her eyes widen as she took in what he had said.

“What?” she whispered. Unsure whether or not to believe what she had heard. Ric sighed and looked away from her. She had heard correctly, Matilda realised. Silence overtook the pair of them, as if to disturb it would disturb every other aspect of their lives.

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thanks guys! im glad you really liked the last couple of chapters. there's only one after this one. im not too confident about this next part but i hope you like it. its a little bit cheesy :P

Part 8

Overlooking the Beach

“Mattie,” Ric said, breaking the silence. “Please say something.”

“I don’t know what to say,” she replied. “How long have you felt this way?” Ric turned away from her, and shrugged.

“I don’t know,” he said. “Maybe I always have, just never realised it.” Ric could not stand the tension and silence between them anymore. He stood up and turned to go.

“Ric, wait,” Matilda said. “Where are you going?”

“I don’t know Mattie,” he replied. “I’m sorry for laying this all on you but if you aren’t even going to talk to me, I might as well leave.” He turned and left.

“Ric,” Matilda called hopelessly but made no further attempt to go after him. She sighed in frustration, wondering how she could possibly be more confused than she was. She thought back to last night, what Lucas had said. He was right; she had made an enormous mistake, taking his right away from him. She felt awful. Ric had come over to see her, to look after her. She couldn’t believe that she took advantage of him like that, when he held her in his arms she couldn’t help but to kiss him. To have him touch her, to have him want her. She wanted to feel needed and safe. Matilda sighed again, realising that she always felt safe with Ric.

Hunter House

Lucas felt like throwing up when he saw Ric on top of Matilda last night. In that split second he wished that he could change everything that happened between them for the last year. He did not contemplate how he would feel if Matilda were suddenly with somebody else, and he felt sickened by the thought. He heard footsteps coming from outside and he walked out to see Matilda coming home.

“Tilly,” he started as she said “Luke”. She smiled embarrassingly and gestured for him to go first.

“I’m really sorry about walking in last night,” he said as Matilda looked away. “I came back to also apologise about what I said before I left. I was angry and shocked. You had every right to do what you did and I am truly sorry that you felt you could not come to me about it.” Matilda smiled, somewhat relieved.

“Thank you,” she said, quietly. “But what you said was true. You had a right to know and I’m sorry for keeping it from you.” Lucas smiled at her too, still feeling extremely awkward. After a moment of silence, Lucas heard the words coming out of his mouth before he could stop them.

“So I didn’t realise you and Ric were together,” he felt stunned at his bravery.

“Oh…yeah, no,” she said, caught off guard. “We aren’t…together, I mean. Just, I’m not really sure what you walked in on. It’s a bit complicated.” She looked even more embarrassed and nodded towards her room. “I should go”. She smiled briefly before leaving. Lucas felt his heart lift and once again words flew out of his mouth.

“Well, to be honest it was a bit of a shock seeing you together,” he stammered as she stopped. “I guess I never thought about you being with anybody else. That thought is actually quite scary.” Matilda looked at him, confused.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I wish things were different between us,” he said, realising there was no going back. “Maybe if I hadn’t left you by yourself that day at Jack and Martha’s engagement party. Or that night Tony and Beth had a fight. To be honest, I didn’t want to. I was just scared that staying would have ruined things for us.” Both he and Matilda were looking at the ground, the words floating around them.

“I wish things had been different too,” Matilda said. “But they aren’t.” Lucas watched her walk into her room and felt his heart sink.


Ric kept jogging along the beach line, hoping to forget about everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours. He didn’t realise that he had run right past Matilda until he heard her call out his name.

“Stop,” she cried. He did, turning around to see her. Her innocent face, her hurt eyes. He held out his arms and pulled her in for a hug.

“I am so sorry Mattie,” he cried. “I care about you so much, I just want to be there to protect you all the time. You are so important to me, I don’t want to risk our friendship. I don’t know why I feel this way.” Matilda hugged him back, before letting go and looking into his eyes.

“I know Ric,” she said. “I care about you too. I love you so much and I understand why you’d feel this way. We’ve always been close, we’ve always been all that we’ve had. Everything is so confusing but I know that you are my best friend and I don’t want that to change.” Ric looked at her and smiled, sadly. She reached up and pulled him down towards her lips for a gentle kiss. When they broke apart, she looked at him intently.

“It felt different last night,” he said, finally. Matilda smiled.

“Yeah,” she said. “It did. Last night we needed comfort, we needed reassurance. We both went to the only person who has never fell short of giving us that. I do love you Ric, and I know you love me. It’s just a special kind of love that won’t ever be broken, or trotted upon. We won’t betray or cheat on each other. It’s love in its purest form.” Ric mirrored her smile, pulling her in for another hug.

“Come here, you dag,” he said as she laughed. “Where did you learn to pull such cheese from?” She giggled lightly, feeling better than she had in a long time.


Lucas’ heart skipped a beat when he saw Matilda standing on the dock that afternoon. Somehow he knew she would be there. He walked to her and his heart lifted as he spotted her smile.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” she replied. They both stood in silence for a while before Lucas said what he had come to say.

“Tilly,” he said. Her smile faltered as she saw the seriousness in his voice. “I know I did the wrong thing. Everything that happened between us wasn’t anything close to a fling. It wasn’t only physical. Not for me anyway, I felt a connection. I didn’t think that you would want to be in a relationship, but as long as I could be with you, only for a little bit, it was enough. You’re gorgeous, popular. I’m almost a stepbrother, and not to mention a nerd. A bookworm. I never felt I could measure up to you. I –”

“- you thought I was what? A slut?!” Matilda fired up suddenly. “Someone who sleeps around for the hell of it? The stepsister that you could seduce? Somehow, you were under the impression that I was using you.” Matilda scoffed, her eyes becoming watery. Lucas grabbed her arms again, holding her like the time she had told him about her pregnancy. Matilda’s eyes widened.

“Matilda,” he said, almost on the verge of breaking down. “I love you.” Matilda stood frozen; she looked away and back at him again. She could not take in what he had just said. It was the second time that day that someone had told her that. She shook her head desperately, trying to shake away all the confusion.

“Please Tilly,” Lucas said. “Just believe me when I say it. I want to be with you, not only physically, but every way possible. I love you.” Still, Matilda could not reply to him. Lucas suddenly realised she wasn’t going to say anything. He let her go, his heart almost breaking.

“Just think about it,” he said softly before walking away.

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okay i've finally finished the last bit...

I get the feeling many people won't like this ending...but oh well :S

Here we go:

Part 9


Matilda sat on the edge of the dock, staring out into the water. Her mind replaying what Lucas had just told her. The way he looked at her. They way he held her. She sat for what seemed like hours, wondering if it were possible that she could put what had happened between them behind her, and what she had gone through for him. No matter how much she tried to stop thinking about it, her thoughts strayed back to the clinic that day, when she walked in completely alone. What had happened to her on that bed, how she felt afterwards. Matilda pulled her head into her arms, wanting to break down, but not allowing herself to. How confusing her life had become.

Knowing she could not stay there all day, Matilda stood up and headed towards her home. Walking a while down, she noticed a familiar figure sitting on the hood of a familiar car. Ric waved as she approached him. He had a burger in his hands and was enjoying the sunshine. She climbed onto the car with him, leaning her head against his shoulder.

“What’s up Mattie?” he asked, offering her a bite, which she shook her head at.

“Lucas” she said softly. She could feel Ric’s body tense up, but knew he was remaining calm.

“What did he do?” Ric asked, attempting to stay placid. Matilda sighed, and shook her head.

“What didn’t he do?” She said, then more quietly, “Or say.”

“What do you mean?” he questioned. Matilda didn’t reply for a moment.

“He told me he loves me,” she said flatly, as if inserting emotion into that statement was dangerous in itself.

“You’re joking, right?” Ric scoffed. “After what he put you through?” Matilda sighed again and Ric put his arm around her. “What did you say?”

“Nothing,” she said, defensively. “Then he walked away.” She shrugged and looked down. Ric looked at her tentatively.

“Are you going to tell him how you feel?” he said quietly. Matilda looked up, both surprised and worried. “I can see right through you Mattie,” he said, causing her to smile.

“I don’t know,” she said. Looking down again repeated, “I really don’t know.” Ric pulled her in closer, squeezing her until she squealed. “Ric!” she cried, breaking free and punching him playfully in the shoulder.

“Alright, alright,” he said, laughing. “You’ll be alright Mattie, just do what you think you should do. But if you decide to be with him, don’t you dare forget what he did to you.”

“Okay,” she replied. “How can I, anyway?” He leaned in and kissed her on the forehead, before he realised that Belle was walking past. When he saw her, she turned away and walked on ahead. Matilda noticed this too. “Talk to her Ric.”

“I can’t,” Ric said, shaking his head. “She won’t believe me.”

“Make her,” she persisted. “Don’t let her slip away over a misunderstanding.”

“Well what about what happened last night, or this morning,” Ric said.

“Tell her,” Matilda said. “Let her decide whether or not she wants to be with you after she knows.” Ric knew she was right, but he didn’t know if he could face Belle. Matilda stared at him, with her eyebrow raised. He rolled his eyes at her. She stood up and hugged him a last time.

“Well, I’m off,” she said. “I know you too well to know that you will be after her as soon as I’m out of here.” Ric laughed as Matilda stalked off confidently. When she turned around she saw that he was walking in the direction that Belle was walking in, and smiled to herself. As Matilda approached her house, her heart started to beat faster as she dreaded facing Lucas. She knew she would eventually, but she didn’t know what it was she would say to him.

Hunter House

Matilda noticed that Lucas’ door was closed when she walked past his room. She headed straight for her own and sprawled herself on her bed as soon as she had reached there. The last time she was in her room, she was in horror at what Lucas had stumbled in on. She heard a gentle knock at her door and her heart sank.

“Come in,” she said softly. It was Lucas who opened the door as she expected. She sat up in her bed as he sat opposite her.

“I heard you come in,” he said. “Dad called, they still don’t know if the baby will make it. Martha is fine though. Physically anyway. It’s a boy.” Matilda’s eyes showed pure concern for both Martha and the baby.

“I really hope they will both be okay,” she said quietly. Lucas nodded. He reached over and took her hand in hers.

“Tilly,” he said. “I meant what I said before. About how I feel about you. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.” Matilda looked away, torn.

“I don’t know Lucas,” she cried. “I just don’t know.”

“Just do what you feel is right Tilly,” he said, grasping her hand firmer. “If you feel what I can feel between us, then trust it.” Matilda slid her hand from his and got off her bed, she brushed her hand through her hair and caught sight of her reflection in her still-broken mirror. She was sick of that same face staring back at her, that same broken face. She shook her head in frustration.

“Lucas,” she said. “What happened, what I did, I don’t know how I can just forget it.”

“You don’t have to,” he said. “It was my fault too, let me help you.” He hated seeing her distressed like this, and reached out and wrapped his arms around her. “I love you, I really do.” Matilda started to tremble in his arms. Slowly, she pulled away and gazed into his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “But I can’t do this. I can’t be in a relationship like this. The one thing that I learnt from what I went through was that, I needed a friend. Not a boyfriend, but a friend. The only way I got through it was because I had one.” Lucas placed his hand firmly on her cheek, their gaze still intense.

“Do you love me?” he asked. When she didn’t answer, he asked her again. “Do you love me?” Matilda backed away from him, not being able to answer the question. She looked desperately away, at anything except the intensity in his eyes, she looked once again at her reflection. She saw what it embodied, the broken panels of her broken soul. She looked into Lucas’ eyes again and ran out of her room, leaving him staring after her. That intensity following her as she ran.


When Matilda finally stopped running, she realised she was already at the beach. The waves crashing into her hearing, the sun shining. All her senses were blocked out. Her knees crumbled, bringing her crashing into the sand. Her thoughts circling in her mind as she realised what she had done. She had walked away from Lucas, this time for sure. She knew that no matter how much she wanted him and cared about him, it would not mend her heart to be with him.

By the time Matilda decided she needed to go home, she felt strong again. That once again she had made a decision on the basis of what she believed to be right, and that it would follow her for the rest of her life. As she made her way back home, she felt reassured that no matter what, she still had Ric. She still had her family. Matilda knew that she could not allow Lucas to be with somebody that she did not even respect anymore. Somehow though, ironically enough, by turning Lucas down she had gained a small piece of self-respect for herself again.

Hunter House

When she reached her room, knowing that Lucas would not have wanted to come across her, she sighed and leaned against her door. When she opened the door, she gasped as she came face to face with a complete reflection of herself. No longer broken, the mirror stood shining new. When she walked towards it, she saw a carving that was made into the right bottom hand corner of the mirror.

When she read it, she felt her eyes water. She looked up to see Lucas smiling at her in the reflection, his eyes filled with understanding. She smiled back at him.

“You are beautiful,” it had said.

The End

Hope you DID like it though!

Maybe I might do a sequel to it.

Please comment!


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