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Through Your Dreams

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As Martha laid up in bed, she looked out her window of her large mansion home in the bay. The home was huge, with a garden, expensive and beautiful items placed around the home, She heard her son cry from the other room, "Coming sweetie" Martha said getting out of bed. She walked up to her sons' room, It was a big bright room with blue and green walls, A photo of her and jack was on the top shelf of his bookshelf.

"Hey your okay" Martha said picking him up, she sat him down and started her days work. As the phone went, Martha by that stage had got Wyatt dressed and placed him in the playpen and picked up her mobile,


"Martha its Jess, listen has the model designs came in yet" She asked, **** Martha thought,

"Im still working on it" She said,

"Good, hurry up" She said hanging up. Martha walked towards Wyatt picking him up in her arms,

"Well at least you can't answer me, yet" Martha said as Wyatt looked at her.

Jack and Rachel walked down the beach, admiring the view,

"Jack, you are such a dork, you know" Rachel said, Jack smiled at her, and took her over to the rocks.

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Jack woke up the next morning with Rachel in his arms,

"Hi Sweetie" Jack said sitting up, as he did, he Bumped the picture of him and Martha together,

"Who's that babe" Rachel asked,

"An old friend" Jack lied getting ready for work. Arriving at the station, Jack sat down.

"Holden, we have an assignment for you" Peter said,

"Yes Peter what is it" Jack asked,

"We need you to protect this girl, be undercover and get a move on, please, I think that the killer might kill her' Peter said, Jack looked at the papers,

"Martha" He said.

Martha was about finished her paperwork when the doorbell rang, She heard Wyatt crying from his crib,

'Hang on" Martha said picking up the toddler, Martha opened the door shocked to see Jack standing outside.

"Martha' Jack said breathless.

"Jack, what are you doing here' Martha said, sounding angry.

"I'm your new bodyguard" He said, Jack looked at the toddler in Martha's arms.

"Hi little guy" He said,

"You stay away from him" She said letting him inside the home.

Jack followed her to a spare room,

"Here, peter said that u were here to fins my killer" She said

"Yeah, listen about what I did I "Jack was cut off

"Save it Jack for someone who cares" Martha said.

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Weeks went by and Martha stayed at home busy. Jack was her home watching the T.V when Wyatt ran up to him, Martha was still asleep.

"Hey little buddy" Jack said placing him in his lap.

Wyatt held onto the spaceship toy in his arms,

"You like this do you" He said flying it around in his arms.

Wyatt laughed at him. Martha woke up with a start,

"Wyatt" She said checking his room to find it empty, She ran downstairs to see Wyatt playing with Jack.

"You Idiot, "She screamed taking Wyatt from Jack,

"Hey chill out, I'm not the one that slept in crying." He teased, Wyatt laughed,

Martha took Wyatt upstairs and Jack followed, she placed him in the crib and turned on the light. Jack saw a photo of him with the words daddy.

"Martha is Wyatt my son" He said.

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Martha stood shocked, should she tell him or not,

"Well is he" Jack said, Martha sat on the couch, crying tears in her eyes,

"I don't know" Martha said, Jack looked at her,

"What, do you mean, you don't know, what kind of slut are you" Jack yelled,

"I" Martha started shaking at his voice, never had she seen Jack angry before, Wyatt was crying.

"Martha if you can't tell me, than I'm taking him with me" Jack said picking up Wyatt,

"Wait Jack, I'll tell you just put Wyatt down" Martha said,

"I was walking home after Tasha's wedding and this guy grabbed me, I tried to" Martha couldn't talk her eyes were red.

"Martha I'm so sorry, I" Jack said pulling her into a hug, Martha struggled but broke down into his arms, He stroked her face as she looked into his eyes, She leaned forwards and kissed her, Martha didn't stop and lay down under him, he countined up her neck and the rest.

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As Martha sat up in bed, her thoughts were interrupted by Jack carrying a tray of food in for her,

"Good morning" Jack said, He smiled at her,

"Good morning" Martha smiled, she grabbed the coffee as Wyatt cried, She tried to get up but saw Jack coming with him in her arms,

"So I have an appointment booked today at the hospital for u" He said as a brick came through the window. Rachel was outside,

"You slut Jack, I thought you loved me" Jack looked shocked she was the one that tried to hurt Martha.

Rachel was arrested as Jack was with Martha down at the hospital. Jack was waiting for Martha and Wyatt and walked into his home, where he lived,

"Dad" Jack said getting his boxes, Tony appeared with Mattie,

"Hey mate" Martha came through the door, A smile on her face. She handed Jack the papers,

"He's mine" Jack said laughing and smilng for the first time ever. He held Wyatt up in the air,

"Dada" He said Jack smiled as Martha came up to him closely,

"I love you Wyatt" Jack said and kissed Martha on the lips.

Tony had tears in his eyes, his son was happy.

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Jack and Martha looked at her family, Jack sat down holding Wa\yatt with Tasha and robbie came in.

"So, Martha, i love your line of work" Mattie said, everyone laughed,

"What is so funny' She said, Martha placed Wyatt on Tony's lap and got to her mobile ring,

"Hello" She said,

"Hello Princess, did you miss me" He siad laughing, Martha shivered, Jack looked worried and walked Martha into his old bedroom,

" Hey Whats wrong" He asked,

"Nothing" She siad happy, Jack smiled back but knew something was bothering her.

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As Martha lay in bed that night, she began to tremble as Jack rolled over pushing her closer to the edge of the bed, she fell back to sleep, dreaming when she was pregnant, She was walking in the park and this man came up to her, He pinned himself on her and then she woke up, The lights were on and Jack was sitting up striaght with her in his arms.

"Hey you okay Martha ever since your phone call youv'e been acting strange is theri something you want to tell me "Jack asked hoping she would tell him,

"No i just had a nightmare' Martha said clicking her teeth together as she shivered, Jack took her in his arms,

"Baby shh i've got you your safe" He siad,

"Jack i need your help i just" She said crying trying o say the word rape,

'The guy on the phone he raped me in the city and he tried to kill me" Martha siad as Jack looked shocked,

"Why didn't you tell me baby i could have had the cops looking for him" He siad,

"I didn't want you to leave me since i got raped, i don't blame you if you want to leave me i wouldn't" She siad.

"Martha i would never do that okay" He said, wrapping his arms tighter around her as she mobile went off.

Jack grabbed the phone as the man asnwered,

"Listen to me you son of a bitch you stay away from her" He said,

The phone went dead. As Martha cried agian, Wyatt was crying from his crib in his bedroom.

Jack walked into Wyatt's room grabbing the screaming child and teking him into their room.

"Hey sweetie" Martha said as Jack lay him on the bed, he got on the bed after lying him down and cuddled up to Martha and Wyatt.

"Baby don't worry i'll catch that son of a bitch if its the last thing i do" He said as her eyes closed.

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Martha woke up and walked into her sons room, as Jack woke up, He was going undercover today for some drug thing, i didn't ge tthe details but tonight, we are all going to the beach for dinner and then theirs a town meeting.

"Martha" Jack mumbled falling out of the bed. Martha who had just changed Wyatt carried him into the bedroom where Jack was laughing his head off from falling,

"Jack, you idiot you could have been hurt" Martha said in between laughs,

"You think that you would get rid of me that easy" He siad,

"No but just be more careful, it kills me that you are going out to do this undercover case, what if something goes wrong" Martha said, Jack looked at her in concern.

"Martha what arn't you telling me" He said sitting up,

"Nothing" Martha said looking down on the ground.

"Tell me" He said,

"Alright, i'm pregnant" Martha said,

"What" Jack said shocked, he was going to be a daddy agian,

"I found out a week ago" Martha siad,

"Cute, Wyatt will have a little brother or sister" Jack siad taking his son into his arms,

"Dada" Wyatt said, his first words came out as Jack held him produly.

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It was nine months later and she was taking Wyatt for a walk when a man approched her,

"Hey little lady mind if i walk with you" he said placing his hand on her shoulder,

"No thank you" She said taking his hand off him.

"Fine have it that way" He siad grabbing her, Martha screamed at the top of her lungs as people stopped, Tony was walking with Lucas along the beach and heard screaming in the distance.

"Jack help me" The voice screamed,

"Martha" Tony said running to her, The man had raced off seeing Tony appear,

"Dont worry i'll be back" He said,

Tony raced to Martha taking her in his arms, she was trembling, shaking. Lucas walked over to Wyatt seeing him sitting in the mud playing with his teddy.

"Hey buddy" Lucas said picking him up in his arms.

"Martha are you okay" Tony said as she gripped her stomach.

"The baby it's coming" Martha said as she fell to the ground.

Tony was waiting in the hospital waiting room as Jack was with Martha. Wyatt was asleep on Tony's knee holding his teddy. The entire town was their waiting. Jack was with Martha, she was screaming as the doctor said,

"It's a girl" He said holding a baby girl to Martha,

"She's beautiful" Jack said holding his tears back.

The doctor took the baby away to test her, He would be back soon, five mins later he returned with their baby. JAck took her in his arms and placed er in Martha's.

"Hello little one, you know that your brother is going give you a living hell when you bring home boyfriends" JAck said teasing.

"Martha, i have a name but i" Jack said,

"What is it" Martha siad

"Bree Katie Holden" Jack said, Martha had her eyes in tears,

"I take it as a yes" Jack said as his daughte opened her eyes for the first time,

"Hello Bree Katie Holden" Jack said as Martha smilied, He walked outside as he saw his father and others sitting in chairs,

"Jack" He said worried, Jack's smile calmed them

"It a girl you have a granddaughter" Jack said, as Wyatt raced off Ric's lap who woke up with a start,

"Dada" Wyatt said dragging his teddy across the floor.

"hEY BUDDY, You want to meet your sister" Jack said as everyone was starting to leave, except their family, Ric, Alf, Tony luke stayed.

"Come on" Jack said picking him Wyatt in his arms and walking into the room, Martha was awake, feeding Bree,

'Mama" Wyatt said as Jack placed him on the bed,

"Wyatt would you like to meet your little sister" Martha said, Wyatt noticed the baby in Martha's arms,

"Yah" He said as he turned to his teddy instead of looking at his little sister.

Rick and Alf entered first,

"Hey cos" Ric said making his way to the bed and saw the baby in Martha's arms,

"This is Bree Katie Holden" Martha siad, Bree was Alf's daughters name.

"She's beautiful" Ric siad taking the baby in his arms as Wyatt moved into Martha's lap to get attention.

Alf held her next before giving her a present form him and Ric and leaving them

Tony and Luke walked in next.

"Hey mate" Tony siad as Lucas raced to the bed,

Jack was holding Bree as Lucas was walking to Martha,

"Dad, Luke this is Bree Katie Holden" Jack said

"You named her after mum" Luke said as Jack placed the baby in Tony's arms,

"So Wyatt do you like your little sister" Luke asked, Wyatt was asleep in Martha's lap,

"Dad could you look after Wyatt tonight" Jack said yawing,

"Yeah sure" Lucas siad picking up Wyatt,

"See yah buddy" Jack said as Wyatt left.

The next morning Martha was leaving the hospital with Jack when a guy tapped on the window, the same guy who attacked her rang her,

"Hi i'm back" The message said in the mist.

"Jack" Martha said showing him the message,

'****" He siad, calling peter,

Police was at the hospital, Jack was leaving with Martha and Bree since she was suppose to be resting

"Come on we have to pick Wyatt up" Jack said as they entered their dad's home they were gagged to the chair,s, Wyatt was gone, and blood was on the wall,

next chapter

"Martha you want you son back come alone to the highwayat midnight, if not he will be dead" Martha started sobbing as Jack called the police, Tony and Lucas stayed with Martha as he and the police were getting ready for midnight, Martha was wearing a wire hidden and walked to the area, police were hidden as a car pulled p, they had blocked the road,

"Martha good to see you," He said as two men joined him, he walked closer to her, pulling her to him, she shaked,

"Hey i'm not that bad am i" He said,

'You are your a creep, i'm with Jack, i have his kids leave me alone" SHe said as she, the guys moved closer as Peter aimed,

"Where's my son" Martha yelled,

"not until i get what i want" The creep said grabbing MArtha

Peter raced in with a gun,

next chapter

"Freeze" he said as the police took them to the station, Jack held onto Martha,

"Jack where is he' MArtha said crying, Jack and Martha sat in slience as they went to the station, Jack was in the interview room,

'Okay pukn you tell mme were the hell is my son" Jack said getting out his zapper, and turning it on,

'I don't know" He siad smilng Jack warmed it up as the guy froze, He moved clsoer,

'Okay" He siad as it hit his skin,

"i'll show you" He said in fear,

"Good Peter" Jack said as he took the man to the car, they walked through the bush as Martha followed, they arrived at an opening and saw a hole with a caged lid o nthe top and a tiny area hole,

"Wyatt" Jack said, A scream from below, Peter smashed the lock as a boy was curled up in the area, he had a few cuts on him but he was terrified.

"Buddy" Jack said grabbing Wyatt from the hole and holding him in his arms,

"I love you Wyatt" Jack said as they walked to the car, they got to the hospital as Wyatt was getting checked out, the nurse had finished with him as Peter walked in,

"Jack how's Wyatt" Peter asked as he handed Wyatt to Martha how held him close to her,

"Okay, he has a broken arm but will live" Jack said

"The man David is been sent to prision for hurting your son" Peter said

"Good that bastad should never see day agian" Jack said

"Yeah i hope so" Peter said leaving,

"Jack" Martha said holding Wyatt who was opening his eyes since the attack,

"Wyatt come on teddy wants to see you" Jack said as they arrived at the holden household, Tasha and Robbie were sititng at the table having dinner as they walked in.

"Wyatt your okay" Tony said as Lucas walked in with bree who had just woken up, Wyatt saw his Teddy on the table

"Teddy" Wyatt said trying to reach with his bad arm, Jack picked it up quickly giving it to him as he hugged it,

'Anyway we better get off" Jack said as took Bree from luke.

"See yah" THey said as they left, as they got home Martha took Wyatt up to his room, They first put bree in the crib in her room, and tucked her in, Jack and Martha waited until her eyes were closed before they placed Wyatt to bed, Martha laid him down and placed his teddy in next to him.

'Goodnight sweetie, you gave mummy and daddy a scare today" Jack said as he and mArtha tucked him in, As the sky tured to black the stars came out and they were together as one as a family. Jack looked up at the skies and said softly

"Thank you for saving my son" THe star winked as night begun

The end

please tell me what you think


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