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This ride is rigged

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This ride is rigged

Sunday Mail

28 May 2006

A FEW Home and Away stars were in town yesterday to show their support for Novita Children's Services.

Novita is holding its annual Convoy for Kids today, where 700 trucks will ferry hundreds of kids with disabilities around the streets of Adelaide.

Soapie stars Amy Matthews, Jon Sivewright, Tim Campbell and 2006 Logie winner Paul O'Brien arrived yesterday to join in the truckin' good time.

Tim jumps at the chance to visit Adelaide these days so he can visit his sister Johanna, who moved here several years ago. He was most recently in town for Carols by Candlelight.

"We work out of Sydney, so it's great that we can get around and see kids in other states," he said.

"Sometimes I think: `Who am I to walk around with a photo of myself and a pen?', but the kids like it."

The convoy has been an annual event for 14 years, but this is the first time it has travelled through the heart of the CBD.

The big rigs will start off at the Distinctive Homes Dome at 10.30am, and will finish there for an all-day Convoy Carnival with face painting, rides and games.

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There seemed to be more than 700 trucks there! It took like an hour for them all to leave...my hand got tired from waving! :P

Yeah I bet that would hard to do especially with 700 trucks driving past.



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