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Sunrise to sunset for Grant

Guest Andy

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Sunrise to sunset for Grant

Daily Telegraph

29 May 2006

FIRST night nerves were palpable as 10 celebrity couples took to the stage last night in It Takes Two, Channel 7's musical follow-up to Dancing With The Stars .

It wasn't only the stars forced to perform duets before a live audience who were feeling the pressure. Host and reigning Dancing With The Stars champion Grant Denyer seemed to have his time slots confused.

Presumably mixing up his day job as the weather man on breakfast program Sunrise with his new prime-time role Denyer repeatedly said "this morning" instead of "this evening", reports television writer Sarrah Le Marquand.

"I did not, did I really?" was a shocked Denyer's response when alerted to his error after the show. "Oh that's great, old habits die hard."

Although Home And Away star Mark Furze and his partner Rachael Beck earned the highest score of the night from the judges it was Australian Idol Guy Sebastian who won the biggest cheer from the crowd.

"I think I had some very loud boisterous relatives who were high on curry," Sebastian said.

Like his former Idol graduate Paulini, Sebastian is one of 10 professional singers assigned a celebrity pupil -- Sarah Ryan.

Sebastian acknowledged the irony of making his name on the Channel 10 program only to now appear on another show on a rival network.

"It's a bit weird isn't it, but I guess we have got no specific ties to TV stations or anything," he said. "Both of us were a bit apprehensive at first but we are stoked to be part of this -- it is amazing TV."

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