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Mattie's Life Will Never Be The Same

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Hey guys.. i wrote this story on HAAC.. i am new to bttb.. well neways here is my story

'Mattie, you have been throwing up all morning and you look terrible, just stay home today and do the speech tomorrow,' Said her boyfriend Lucas as he sat beside her on her bed.

'No Lucas, the marks have to be in today, Ms Flecter said this is the last day to do the speeches cos our reports come home next week,' replied Mattie and she picked up her bag.

'Matilda, I am sure Ms Flecter will understand, i mean Beth know's you have been sick and she can talk to Ms Flecter for you,' suggested Lucas as he looked at his sick girlfriend.

'Lucas, i will be fine, trust me,' she replied as they walked out the door.

All morning Lucas worried about his girlfriend. Everytime they would start to walk somewhere, she would almost faint. She was very pale in the face. Not only did Lucas worry about her, but so did Cassie and Belle. Matilda continued to tell them she was fine, so they dropped it.

'Ok class, there is still a few people in here who have to do their speeches,' announced Sally as she looked at Matilda.

'Matilda are you ok? asked Sally

'Oh, yes Ms Flecter i am fine,' replied Matilda

'Are you sure cos you look very pale,' responded Sally

'It is probably just nerves, I am not that great when it comes to speeches,' said Matilda.

'Ok well then do you want to go first to get it over and done with?' asked Sally

'Um, ok,' said Matilda as she felt very dizzy.

Matilda got up and started her speech. All the sudden, Matilda was passed out on the floor.

'Call an ambulance,' yelled Sally.

'Matilda, Matilda, its Rachel, can you hear me? asked Rachel as she saw Mattie starting to wake up.

'What happened? asked Mattie and she looked up.

'Its ok Matilda, you passed out at school, we have just taken some blood tests to see what was the cause, we should have the results in the next 5 minutes,' replied Rachel.

'Oh my gosh Mattie, are you ok?' asked Beth as she raced in

'Yes mum, i am fine' replied Mattie as she explained the story.

Beth, Tony and Lucas were around Mattie's bed talking to her when Rachel came in with a piece of paper in her hand.

'Guys, i will have to ask you to leave for a minute, there is something i need to talk about with Matilda,' said Rachel as she came in

'But i want to stay here, said Beth, 'she is my daughter,'

'Im sorry Beth, it wont be long,' replied Rachel

After a little fuss, Beth, Tony and Lucas left the room.

'What is wrong with me Rachel, will i be ok,' asked Matilda looking nervous.

'Matilda, the reason you have been getting sick in the mornings is well,' said Rachel trying to find words

'Well what? asked Matilda curiously

'Matilda... you are pregnant,' said Rachel

Next Chapter- How will Matilda react?

How will Lucas react?

What happens next?

Chapter 2- Reactions

Matilda sat there speechless. Her and Lucas only did it for the first time ever about 3 weeks ago. How can her first time end up to pregnancy? Matilda felt tears rolling down her eyes. She was much to young to have a child. She wanted to finish school and go to tafe or Uni. How could she possibly do so if she has a child to look after. What about Lucas? he is such a smart boy. He will go far in life. Matila and Lucas both dont have jobs so they cant afford to look after a child. Matilda asked Rachel to not tell her mum about the pregnancy. Rachel didnt like the idea but in the end, she told Beth that Matilda was just stressed out from exams and need a few days home to relax.

Matilda and the family went home.

'Matilda, you have this weekend to relax and i will give you one or two days off school, but thats it! so enjoy this time you have off,' said Beth.

Matilda didnt reply. She went straight to her room. Cassie knocked on the door and was told by Tony that Matilda was in her room. Cassie was about to knock Mattie's door when she heard crying.

'Mattie, its me, can i come in,' asked Cassie as she placed her ear on the door.

Mattie quickly wiped her tears away and opened the door.

'Oh, hey Cas,' said Mattie

'Matilda, whats wrong, why have you been crying? is everything ok? asked Cassie

'Cassie, i have just found out the worse news of my life,' replied Mattie

'Well, tell me,' said Cassie

Matilda started to cry

'Im pregnant,' sobbed Mattie.

'WHAT! said Cassie extremely shocked

'Mattie, i thought you and Lucas only did it once for the first time a few weeks ago,' said Cassie

'Yeh, we did, but now i am pregnant,' replied Matilda

'Does Lucas know? asked Cassie

'Know what? asked Lucas as he opened the door

Matilda and Cassie tried to think up something

'Oh, know why Matilda has been so stressed lately,' replied Cassie

'Ummm, is there somethi8ng your not telling me? asked Lucas

'Oh no, just girl stuff' said Cassie

'Ok well ill let you two talk then,' said Lucas as he shut the door

'Ok, he obvisiouly doesnt know,' said Cassie

'Mattie, when are you going to tell him? she asked

'i dont know,' replied Mattie

'Mattie, he is the father, he deserves to know now,' said Cassie

Cassie, Ric, Mattie and Lucas were at the diner. Lucas could sense that there was something wrong with Matilda. She hadnt eaten for two days and she had hardly said a word since coming back from hospital.

'Matilda, you know what Rachel said, you need to keep your fluids up,' Said Lucas

'Yeh, I know Lucas, but cant you see im not hungry,' replied Mattie in an angrily way

'Ok Mattie, sorry, but i want you to get better,' said Lucas

''Oh yeh, and like any of this will EVER get better,' Matilda shouted as she ran out the diner.

'Matilda, wait! yelled Lucas.

Lucas caught up to Mattie. She had tears falling from her eyes. Lucas hugged Mattie while she sobbed into his shoulder.

'Matilda, i need to know whats wrong,' said Lucas

There was a pause

'Please Mattie, i love you and i am worried,' he said

'Ok Lucas, ill tell you,' replied Matilda.

'Well, stress is not the reason ive been sick,' said Mattie

'What! what is it then,' asked Lucas

'You have heard of what morning sickness is right? asked Mattie

'Umm yeh isnt that what pregnant ladies sometimes get? he asked back

'Yes,' replied Lucas

'yeh and??? why would you have morning sickness? asked Luc

'Well think about it Lucas... I am pregnant,' she said

'What! thats cant be possible,' he said back

'Lucas, believe it, i am pregnant,' she replied as she started to cry.

'omg, omg, i need to go for a walk,' said Lucas as he walked off.

Matilda leant on the ground and cried. Cassie came out and went over to support her. What was Lucas and her meant to do?

Chapter 3- Will Lucas support Matilda

Matilda runs away from home

Will Matildas accident kill the baby?

Chapter 3- The meltdown

Matilda was laying in her bed at 11.30 pm when she heard Lucas walk through the door.

'Lucas! where have you been for the past 8 hours? asked Matilda concernley

'I needed to think about things,' replied Luc

'And it takes you 8 hours to think? especially when you come home at midnight,' said Mattie

'Mattie, this is a big shock for me,' Lucas said as he looks to the ground.

'Yeah, me to Lucas, but what is done is done, i am pregnant,' replied Mattie.

'What are we going to do Mattie? i am not fit enough to be a dad,' asked Lucas as he pulls Mattie towards her and hugs her.

'Im not ready to be a mother but everything happens for a reason, this baby choose my body for a reason Luc,' said Mattie as she looked up at Lucas

'Matilda, are you thinking about keeping the baby? asked Lucas.

'Well yeah, its our baby Lucas,' said Matilda as she pulled away

'Matilda, you are thinking stupid, we cant have this baby, we cant afford to look after it and we have to finish school,' adviced Luc

'Well thats ok, we can get jobs and i can get home schooling,; replied Mattie

'Mattie, its not the easy hun, Matilda you have to accept the fact that we arent meant to have this baby, I want to have children with you Mattie and start a family but now, now is to early,' Lucas says as he goes to Hug Mattie.

'Dont touch me Lucas, how can you honestly stand here and say that this baby means nothing to you, demand Matilda

'No Mattie, of corse i dont think that, this baby needs a good life and that is something we cant offer at the moment, it needs care and support and we are two school kids, how can we offer the babie's needs? asked Lucas

'I cant believe you Lucas,' said Matilda as she went to her bedroom.

In the morning, Lucas went to go talk to Mattie. He opened her door to see nothing. Lucas had figured that she had ran away. Lucas went and got Cassie, Belle and Ric and told them to look everywhere for her. He said they cant tell anybody what they are doing cos then they will find out about the baby. After 4 hours, Lucas thought it was best to tell Beth and Tony that Mattie had ran away. He didnt say anything about the baby.

Mattie was walking in the bushes. Her eyes were full of water. The tears in her eyes made her not see properly. Matilda was walking when she tripped over a rock. She fell onto her stomach and started tumbling down a hill. She tried to stop herself by trying to grab onto a tree but instead her head slammed against a rock and knocked her out.

Alf organized a search party to try find Matilda. After a few hours of walking in the bush, Lucas saw Matilda's mobile on the ground. He picked it up and looked down the hill. He saw Mattie laying at the bottom of the hill. Lucas ran down the hill.

'Matilda, Matilda wake up,' yelled Lucas.

The search party heard Luc and raced over to his voice. An abumlance was called.

In the hospital as Mattie arrived, Rachel came racing over.

'We need to take extra care of Matilda,' said Rachel to the nurses.

'Why Doctor Armstrong, does she have a medical condition? asked one of the nurses.

'No not quite, she is pregant,' replied Rachel

'SHE IS WHAT!,' yelled Beth as she came running into the hospital

'Please Beth, be calm,' Said Rachel

'Calm! My daughter is PREGANT!

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