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Sez's Icons

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Hey guys sorry for the long absence again :(

I have been icon making but it's all been non-related to H&A. I mainly make Glee & Grey's Anatomy icons atm lol.

I'll hopefully make some Bianca and Liam icons soon (as I love them hehe).

For now if you want to have a look at my other icons there are over at my LJ: http://sezzysicons.livejournal.com/

Thanks for waiting lol :)

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Oh my gosh. Actually love the Glee icons.

What an amazing program! I love it.

& now you're making icons.

You're a gleek & I love you for it.

Thank you for the amazing icosn.

The other are great too by the way - but the Glee ones are my favourite.

Love Carina xxx :wub:

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