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New Address: http://baylinks.sharp-online.net

BayLinks: The Ultimate Home & Away Directory

BayLinks is the latest Home & Away site; which links up other Home & Away Fansites.

Sites will be categorised depending on their content, and a summary of features is located there too, you will be able to find all H&A sites on one directory!

Sites can be rated & reviewed by all people who want to rate and review them!

Any official or unofficial site to do with Home and Away current or old cast and crew can be put on there.

I think there are enough sites to do with HAA on the net, and some can be quite good, but you just cant find them so that’s the point of the directory, so you can see them all!

At the moment, we are still collecting a list of all sites, and if you can add to that, that’s fantastic.

Visit the site to add, rate, view & review: Click to visit BayLinks!

*(If anyone can help out with administering the site, please also go on there to read up what I need help with!- No website building exp necessary!)

Note: Site is working again, and has been designed into a better layout.

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I have had some people ask me if groups are allowed, yes, any site, group, image site, forum or anything to do with Home & Away is allowed to list in the directory...

We now have another Home & Away forum, except ours is add free :D !!!

I am looking for moderators at the moment, so if you want, please tell me.

and were still collecting sites in our database.

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I think it's a great idea. Will BttB be listed?

When i finish my exams (tommorow is last !!!) I will add a whole heap of sites, but its better if the admin of a site do it, as they can create a password to login and change their sites details when they want.

Please note that because it was on a free host, the domain stopped working last night, you can now access the site here: http://baylinks.110mb.com This is another free host (but still no ads!) and withing a week I will have a permanent location which is good.

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Does anyone know of a good host for us, that is free, as the place I was going to go with does not allow PHP, which is what the site runs on. Obviously its better without ads, but if it has limited ads thats ok.

Soon we will get a proper domain & hosting, but as the site is new at the moment, just trying too see if the site will work out, and we hope it will,. so if you know a a host for us, please PM us or write in this thread.

Also, Join our FORUMS now!!!

http://bayforum.110mb.com/ and sign up now!

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