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Tick Tock!

Guest Lilone

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chapter 1 - The Clock!

23rd of May 2006.

Police station.

‘Here you are I have been looking all over for you’ a women said standing at Peter’s office door.

Peter stood up from his chair just looking at a bullet which had his name on lying on his office table.

‘Tracey she knows every move I make’ shouted Peter.

‘Peter carm down’ said Tracey whilst putting the bullet in an evidence bag.

Peter snatches the evidence bag out of her hand and shouts ‘what is the point Zoë is to in far in front as if she is going to leave finger prints on the bullet. She is not stupid.

She was the most feared women in Summer Bay last year and again I let the stalker come back to Summer Bay’ said Peter not realising that Dan has just walked in to the station and heard everything.

Pete looks up and his brother.

‘Is it true Pete?’ asked Dan.

‘Tracey can I talk to my brother alone?’ asked Peter.

‘Id rather be here’ replied Tracey

‘Its ok ill talk to him and I will meet you in the dinner in half hour’ said Peter.

Tracey goes to the dinner.

‘Pete what’s going on’ asked Dan as he shut Peter’s office door.

‘its.. its….’ Said Peter

‘Is zoe alive’ dan shouted.

‘Yes that is why I returned because I found out she was alive’ said Peter.

‘So all this about you coming back because Claire dumped you was a lie?’ asked Dan.

‘No I and Claire did end but it was because I was getting to involved with the stalker case and I finished it because I knew long distant relationships wouldn’t work’ replied Peter.

‘Dan no one must know about what I have told you’ demanded Peter.

‘Of course I will not say anything’ said Dan.

Jack enters Peter’s office saying ‘Can I have the bullet to send off to forensics

‘Hold on the bullet… Pete what bullet’ asked Dan.

‘Its nothing’ said Peter.

Dan stood up and took the bullet from Jack hand and read the writing.

‘Pete why didn’t you tell me’ asked Dan

‘Everything is ok’ said Peter.

Laura runs in to Peter’s office and says ‘Pete it’s your apartment….. It’s been trashed’.

Peter, Jack and Dan head out to Peter apartment.

On the way to Peters apartment Jack rings Tracey to meet them their.

Jack and Peter run towards Peter’s front door and walk in to the kitchen area.

Dan waits outside for Tracey.

Pete starts to look around the apartment when he see’s a note saying ‘Well well I could but I want to hit you where it hurts’

‘DAN………. Get in my car and go back home now’

‘No pete I’m staying here’ replied Dan.

‘DAN NOW!!’ demanded Peter.

As Jack walked out of Peter’s bedroom he could hear a ticking noise.

‘Pete in here’

Tracey arrived and walked in to Peter’s bedroom to find Peter trying to disconnect a bomb which was in his pant draw.

Jack frantically dials the bomb squads number but It will be too late they have to disconnect it them selves.

‘Let’s get out of here now’ shouted Tracey.

But peter was determined not to let Zoë win.

Jack and Tracey watch the timer clicking down to zero and it’s on 8 seconds

Peter cuts the red wire but the timer is still going.

‘It should have stopped’ Peter shouted.

Tracey and Jack pull Peter away and run out the apartment.

As they are running out of the door they hear and gun shot then the bomb explodes


Who has survived?

Has Zoe killed again?

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Chapter 2 – The aftermath.

‘Pete’ shouted Tracey.

Tracey moved towards Pete who was not moving.

Pete slowly woke up and started to get up off the ground.

Tracey rang for an ambulance and the fire brigade as Peter’s apartment was on fire.

Tracey turned around to see Jack lying underneath Peter’s front door.

The force of the bomb threw the door of its hinges and landed on Jack as they were running out the apartment.

‘Where’s Dan my cars still here’ shouted Peter.

Peter started to look around when he could see Dan’s legs behind the boot of his car.

Pete runs over to Dan but is struggling to walk because of a big piece of glass in his leg.

‘Dan are you ok’ shouted Peter.

‘Ow my god DAN’ shouted Peter.

As Peter tried to wake up Dan he could see a bullet in his left leg and he was losing lots of blood.

‘Tracey its Dan he’s losing blood’ shouted Peter.

‘Where the f*** is the ambulance’ shouted Peter.

‘Its coming’ Tracey said as she was to move the rubble of Jack.

Peter tied his jacket around Dan’s leg trying to stop the bleeding.

As he looked up he could see a letter sitting on his dashboard of his car.

Peter went in to his car and read the note that said ‘is this close enough to your heart? Or do you love someone else more……

The ambulance arrives and Peter stands looking at the note while Jack and Dan are taking away in a critical condition.

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Chapter 3

Peter starts to get flash backs of when he was staying at Leah’s and he felt like he was being followed.

Laura arrived with Ken Harper.

‘Pete we will drive you too the hospital’ said Laura.

Pete walks up to Laura and takes the car keys and runs towards the police car.

‘I’m sorry, you take my car’ shouted Peter as he started the police cars engine.

‘Pete you need to go to the hospital’ Tracey shouted as she walked towards Peter’s car.

Peter did not listen and drove out of his apartments drive and headed towards Noah’s Bar.

‘Ken wait here with Tracey and I’ll go after Peter, Ill send a car for you’ said Laura.

Laura drives after in the same direction as what Peter did.

(The hospital)

Martha, Tony and Beth enter the hospital.

‘Where’s Jack, Is he ok?’ Martha shouted as she ran down looking in every room.

‘He’s in surgery at the minute he has severe head injuries’ said Nurse Julie.

‘Owe my god! Where’s Peter!?’ asked Martha.

‘Detective Baker?’ asked Julie

‘Yes’ replied Martha.

‘Only Jack and Dan Baker arrived in the ambulance no Peter’ said Julie.

‘Dan Baker what… Is Peter ok?’ asked Beth

‘I will go and ring Leah’ said Beth.

Tracey entered the hospital and heard Martha mention Peter’s name.

‘Hey I’m Tracey Peter’s friend’ said Tracey.

‘What happened?’ asked Martha

‘There was an explosion at Peter’s apartment today’ said Tracey

‘Is Peter de…..’ asked Martha

‘No Peter had to go off somewhere, he’s a bit shaken but he will be fine.’

‘I have ringed Leah she is on her way down here’ said Beth.

Tracey introduced herself to Beth.

Dr Green walks through the doors to where Martha, Tony, Beth, Tracey is standing.

‘Dr is Jack ok?’ asked Martha

‘Shall we sit down’ asked Dr Green


Peter is speeding down the road when he see’s Leah’s car speed past him.

Peter breaks suddenly and spins to do a 180 degree turn on turner’s lane.

Leah is really worried about Dan that she did not even notice Peter spinning round in the middle of the road.

Peter manages to get behind Leah’s car and starts pap ping his horn trying to get her attention.

Peter is frantically trying to get Leah attention but as she turns the corner on Clarkson road her car spins out of control and smashes in to a tree.


Will Peter be able to save Leah in time?

What has happened to Jack?

1 more resident’s life is put in serious danger.

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Chapter 4

‘When Jack was brought in he had suffered very severe head injuries which was causing a blood clot on his brain, he is out of surgery but not out of the woods I’m afraid’ said Dr Green

Martha burst in to tears whilst being comforted by Beth.

‘How’s Dan?’ asked Tracey.

‘I better wait until his brother or Leah arrives’ replied Dr. Green

Peter rushed out of his car and ran over to where Leah’s car had crashed into the tree.

‘Leah wake up’ shouted Peter as he frantically tried to find Leah’s pulse.

‘I need a ambulance now on Clarkson road there has been an accident’ said Peter.

Laura is driving down the road trying to find Pete when she spots the car.

Laura speeds up to help Peter.

Laura races out of the car and heads over to help Pete.

‘Laura help she’s not breathing’ shouted Pete.

‘Pete let me try’ shouted Laura as she pushed Pete out of the way.

Laura manages to get a pulse but it’s weak.

Pc Willis turns up at the crime scene.

‘Matt is the ambulance on its way?’ asked Peter

‘Yeah ETA 4 mins’ said Matt

‘It should be here now were losing her!’ shouted Peter.

‘Pete she will be ok!’ shouted Laura.

The ambulance arrives and manages to get Leah out of the car and in to the ambulance safely.

‘I’m going with her’ said Peter.

‘I will take your car back to the station’ said Matt.

Peter and Leah arrive at the hospital.

‘Detective you will have to stay here while the doctors look at her’ said Nurse Julie.

‘I want to be with her’ said Peter.

Tony runs up to Peter and drags him away.

‘Pete what happened?’ asked Tony.

Pete just sat down on a chair starting to get tears in his eyes.

Tracey walks over to Pete putting her arms around him.

Dr. Green walks up to Pete.

‘Hey Peter Baker?’

‘Yeah that’s me is Dan ok?’ asked Peter.

‘He is going to be fine; we removed the bullet from his left leg. You can go see him if you want but not for long his is still a bit drossy.

‘Ok thank you’ said Peter as he got up wiping his tears away to walk in to his brothers room.

‘You gave me a fright there bro’ said Peter as he looked at Dan.

Tracy walks through the door and says ‘Peter its Jack…..’

(Noah’s bar)

Ric and Cassie are sitting down having a drink when they decide to go home and help Sally with dinner.

When they enter their house Sally is not down stairs so Ric decides to take a look upstairs.

As Ric goes upstairs someone in a black out fit smakes Cassie over the head and Cassie drops to the ground. As the mystery figures carries Cassies body out the house she leaves a not on the kitchen table.

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Chapter 5

Ric walks down stairs. ‘Cassie Sally’s not here’ said Ric as he walked in to the kitchen.

‘I wish you would’nt play these games with me babe, you know I will always find you’ said Ric giggling to himself. As Ric searched downstairs he found the note on the table which says ‘well well if I can’t have the mum I will take the nearest thing to her’

Ric looks confused but ring Peter’s mobile.


Jacks room

‘Martha I’m sure everything will be ok. Look at me I was in a coma for three months and I came out fighting fit’ said Peter trying to hold back the tears.

Peter’s mobile starts to ring.

‘Peter Baker’

Peter its Ric Cassie has gone missing and theirs a note it’s like the stalker is back’ said Ric all confused’ said Ric

‘Mate slow down the stalker is dead where are you’ asked Peter.

‘At home I can’t find Sally her phone is off, QUICK!!!’ shouted Ric.

‘Martha I got to go I will be back later I promise, ring me if anything changes.

Peter runs out Jacks door and runs to Alf.

‘Mate I need you but I will explain on the way’ said Peter.

Caravan Park.

Ric runs towards Peter’s car which has just pulled in to the caravan park.

‘Quick she’s gone!’ Ric shouted frantically.

‘Mate just carm down where’s this letter’ Peter said trying to stay carm.

Ric ran inside, Peter and Alf followed.

Alf and Peter glanced at the letter.

‘Mate you have gotta admit this is pretty weird the same writing as what the stalker written in last year’ Alf said whilst looking at Peter.

‘It’s not the stalker, she is dead’ Peter said angrily trying not to tell them the truth.

‘I will get forensics to come over but I’m sure this is just a prank’ said Peter

‘A prank, Mate don’t you think this is taking it too far?’ replied Alf.

‘Ric who is Cassie’s mum’ asked Alf

‘It’s Sally she calls her mum, how thick can you be!’ shouted Ric.

‘Don’t talk to detective Baker like that he’s only thinking of where she could be’ said Alf.

Lara and Ken harper arrive at the caravan Park.

‘Pete what do you want us to do’ asked Lara.

‘Go and find Sally. Check every where and when you find her bring her to me. Don’t tell her why, I will tell her’ said Peter.

‘Ric you sure this is’nt down to Macca?’ asked Alf.

‘is that the bloke who has being staying at Dan’s place?’ asked Peter.

‘Well he was until Cassie dumped him’ said Ric.

‘this could be a possibility that this notes down to him’ said Peter even though he knows that its really down to Zoe.

Peter rings constable rice.

‘Ric its Peter Baker, you are needed!, I need you to go and search for a Macca makenzie in connection with a kidnapping. Just find out information about him but don’t arrest him just keep an eye on him I wanna know his every move’ said Peter.

2 hours later.

‘Mum are you ok’ asked Ric

‘Who ever was here wanted me but I was’nt so they took Cassie’ said Sally who was starting to cry.

Leah enters the house.

‘Have they….’ Asked Leah.

‘No they haven’t and it’s my entire fault’ sally shouted.

‘Sal it’s not!’ Leah said trying to carm her down.

Ric walks in the living room.

‘Where is she, no one could hurt Cassie’ shouted Ric as he punched the wall. .

‘I can’t bare this any more’ Sally said as she walked out of the door.

‘Leah let her go, she will come back’ said Alf.

The bachelor pad

Kim and Rachael are cuddling on the sofa when Rachael’s pager goes off.

‘that’s strange I’m not meant to be working emergencies tonight’ said Rachael.

‘Ok babe will I see you later’ asked Kim.

‘I promise babe’ said Rachael as she leaned in kissing Kim.

Rachael walked over to the door and headed to the hospital.

Kim started flicking threw the television channels when somebody knocked on the door.

‘Babe you missing me already’ said Kim thinking Rachael had come back so soon.

As Kim got closer to the door he could see a Pizza delivery guy with a helmet on with a pizza in his hand.

Kim opened his door.

‘Mate I think you have the wrong door, I have’nt ordered a Pizza.

‘I know it’s a promotional Pizza brand new taste free to everyone on the street’ the delivery person said with their helmet on.

‘I might aswell give it a try’ said Kim.

The delivery person opened the pizza box.

Police station.

Peter is sitting at his desk looking threw Zoe case files when Sally barges threw his door.

Peter quickly hides the files.

‘Peter I can’t stop thinking about the note…. But then I was there when she died and so were you so that can’t be true.

‘This is my fault who ever did this wanted me not Cassie’ said Sally and she began to cry.

‘We will find her’ said Peter.

‘I’m so scared’ said Sally.

Sally began to cry.

Peter hugged Sally but keeps getting flash backs of Zoe.

Sally just kept crying in Peter’s arms.

‘Sal listen I promise we will find her, no matter what’ said Peter who began to get tears in his eyes.

Sally stepped away from Peter.

‘Peter please’ said Sally.

‘Go back home and I will come round later’ said Peter.

Sally walked out of Peter’s office.

Bachelor pad

‘Babe Yeah I did miss you but after the year I spent away from you…… well I moved on’ said the delivery person.

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Chapter 6

Police station

Peter is sitting in his office with his hands on his head trying to think where Cassie could be.

Tracey Thompson enters the police station and walks over to Lara who is standing at the main desk.

‘Hey Tracey Pete’s in his office’ said Lara.

‘I just found this on Pete’s car but I don’t think he should see it, he is all reading losing it’ said Tracey.

Lara looked at what Tracey had just handed to her.

‘This was the same picture that was on Jacks video, Pete with a rope around his neck but on here there is numbers like it’s a time and date’ said Lara.

Peter hears Tracey voice and gets up to go out the door but listens to what they are whispering about.

‘With them numbers I think that it means he has 2 days and 3 hours until she gets him’ said Tracey.

‘That would make it Wednesday at midnight’ replied Tracey

‘She has had so many chances to kill him why has’nt she just done it’ asked Lara.

Peter opened his door and walked out to Lara and Tracey.

‘Hey what’s that their’ asked Peter referring to the picture that Lara had.

‘Just a fax from HQ’ said Lara.

‘No its not DON’T lie to me’ shouted Peter going over to look at the photo.

‘Its nothing’ said Tracey trying to distract Peter but Peter managed to get a glimpse of the picture.

Tracey gave Peter the photo.

Peter held the photo in his hand just looking at the numbers that where on the picture above his head.

‘Pete….’ Said Tracey trying to get Pete to talk.

Peter looked at Tracey and Lara and walked back in his office.

Tracey followed Peter to his office and shut the door.

‘I’ve had it Tracey she means it’ said Peter.

‘I’m staying in the Bay until she has been caught we will get her’ said Tracey.

Peter just sat in his chair staring at the latest calling car from Zoe.

‘You don’t have to you know’ said Pete.

‘Pete look at me’ said Tracey whilst moving his head so he was looking at her.

Pete looked in to Tracey’s eyes.

‘You don’t get it I’m not going to come out alive’ said Peter.

‘Yes you are you are the one who will be closing this case no one else’ said Tracey trying to make Pete see sense.

‘It’s not just these calling cards, I’ve not been sleeping all the dreams. I can’t stay in my flat without me jumping at every noise that I hear.’ said Peter.

‘Well I need somewhere to stay what if I crashed at yours’ said Tracey.

‘Really’ asked Peter.

‘Yeah I would if you let me’ said Tracey.

‘I can make a nice casserole as well, you look like you could do with a nice cooked meal’ said Tracey.

Bachelor pad

Rachael walks up to Kim’s front door when she can see blood on the door step.

Rachael starts to wonder what is going on and races to the door.

As she gets to the front door she see’s Kim lying on the floor bleeding with a gun shot wound to his chest.

Kim opens his eyes to see Rachael trying to stop the bleeding but he is really weak.

‘Rachael, I love you no matter what’ Kim said just as he lost consciousness.

Tony walks up to the door and see’s Rachael trying to stop the bleeding and say’s ‘Owe my god what’s going on’ shouted Tony who was in shock.

‘ring an ambulance’ shouted Rachael who was trying to get Kim to open his eyes.

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Chapter 7

Police station

‘Pete get your things were going home’ said Tracey.

Tracey walks out of his office to speak to Lara while Peter gets his things.

‘Lara I’m turning Pete’s phone off, he needs some decent food and a good sleep if you need him ring my mobile but only in emergencies’ said Tracey.

‘I’m ready’ Pete said as he walked out of his office door.

Pete and Tracey get in to Tracey’s car


Kim is brought in threw the hospital doors by paramedics.

‘Please save him’ shouted Rachael

Kim is taken up to theatre for the doctors to remove the bullet.

Bachelor pad

Lara and ken arrive to check the scene when then find one of Zoe’s calling cards saying ‘tick tock’

Lara looks at ken and says ‘I think we should call Pete’.

‘No Tracey told you that no matter what he’s not to be called, I will text Tracey and ask her if we should inform Pete’ said Ken.

Peter’s flat

‘Here we go a strong coffee’ said Tracey handing Peter a coffee.

‘Thanks just what I need’ replied Peter.

‘No what you need is a good night sleep and that’s were your going after you have drank that’ Tracey said.

Tracey’s phone started to bleep.

‘Is that mine where’s my phone?’ asked Peter.

‘Your phone is off you are not on duties the station can handle things for one night’ said Tracey.

‘Who’s it from’ asked Pete.

‘Its nothing that somebody else can’t deal with’ replied Tracey.

The text message was from Lara saying ‘Kim Hyde has been found with a gun shot wound, what we will do considering Peters involvement?

Tracey replied saying ‘He needs sleep telling him about Kim will only make him worse, tell McGrath that he can handle it until tomorrow!’

‘Right it’s time for me to get some sleep I’m exhausted’ said Peter.

Peter heads off to his room.

Tracey lies on his sofa drifting asleep whilst watching TV.

Peter is lying in bed tossing and turning not being able to sleep when he hears the toilet flush.

‘Tracey is that you’ peter called out.

Peter’s bedroom door slowly opened.

‘Pete it’s me I went to the toilet’ whispered Tracey.

‘I take it you can’t sleep?’ asked Tracey

‘No she keeps going through my mind’ replied Pete.


Rachael and Leah are waiting in the reception area awaiting news about Kim.

Dr. Green walks towards Rachael.

‘Rachael I’m so sorry we tried our best’ said Dr. Green

Rachael dropped to the ground with tears running down her face.

Leah put her arms round a devastated Rachael.

Out side Peters apartment block.

Irene arrives to find Peter.

Irene walks up the apartment steps and heads to number 7 which she thinks is Peters flat.

Irene knocks on the door and is greeted by……..

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Chapter 8

Peters Apartment

5 am.

Peter is slowly waking up and screams.

Peter jumps out of his bed and runs out of his room and falls backwards over his sofa on to Tracey who is asleep because he is that scared.

Tracey wakes up and say’s ‘Pete do you mind I was asleep’.

Pete just looks really scared and looks towards his room.

‘What’s wrong’ asked Tracey.

‘What’s in their’ asked Tracey but Peter just carried on staring in to his bedroom.

Tracey slowly got up and pushed Peter off her to look in his room.

As she moved towards his room and looked towards the window their was a card board cut out of Zoe holding a gun to Peters head with dead written on his head.

‘Pete grab your stuff were going’ said Tracey pulling him towards his front door.

Pete walked out of his door and turned around.

‘Tracey quick’ shouted Pete

‘what?’ asked Tracy.

‘Over their there is somebody’ shouted Pete as he raced towards the body.

As he got closer to the body he said ‘Its Irene’

‘Irene wake up’ said Pete trying to get Irene to come round.

Tracey rang an ambulance

Irene slowly started to come round and said ‘No 7 is eve’ before drifting off again.

‘No 7 is eve what does that mean’ asked Tracy.

Peter started to look around his apartment block and looked at flat no.7

‘In there’ shouted Peter whilst looking at flat 7

‘Irene everything is going to be ok’

‘Tracey stay here I will be back in a minute’ shouted Pete.

The ambulance arrives and Tracey follows Peter.

‘Tracey stay there’ Peter shouted.

‘I’m coming whether you like it or not’ replied Tracey.

Peter went in to his apartment and got his gun.

Pete walked towards flat no.7.

Peter slowly opened the white see through door then kicked the front door open and slowly walked in the flat followed by Tracey.

‘Owe my god’ said Tracey as she looked around the bedroom with all Pictures of Summer Bay residents.

Peter looked around his apartment in shock.

Police station

‘She was living next door to me the whole time’ shouted Peter whilst throwing the nearest item near him around the room.

‘Peter carm down’ Tracey shouted.

‘Car down a psychotic murderer has been living next door to me for god knows how long and I was stupid enough to not notice’ shouted Peter.

‘Forget that she was living next door we need to concentrate on getting Cassie back’ said Tracey.

Peters mobile started to ring.

‘Peter Baker’

‘Pete its Martha Jack woke up last night and he’s going to be fine, he asked if you would come and see him’ asked Martha

‘Yea sure I’ll be right there’ replied Peter.

‘Its Jack he’s awake and he’s going to be fine’ said Peter.

‘That’s great I will drive you to the hospital’ said Tracey

‘I can visit Dan and Irene while I’m their’ said Peter.

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Chapter 9


‘Peter, Jack’s in here’ said Martha. Walking towards Jack’s room.

Pete popped his head around Jack’s door and said ‘gud aye mate’

‘Hey long time no see detective’ said Jack while shaking Peter’s hand.

‘We thought we had lost you’ said Tracey

‘Yeah but Pete don’t forget what was said were in this until the end’ replied Jack.

Tracey looked at Peter who tried to change the subject.

25 hours until Wednesday at midnight.

‘Right mate I think we better be getting back to the station’ said Peter.

‘Yeah I will see you tomorrow’ said Jack.

‘Tomorrow’ peter said looking shocked.

‘Yeah the doctors said I can go home tomorrow and back to work’ replied Jack.

‘We will see about that’ said Peter.

Tracey and Peter left Jack’s room and headed to Irene’s room.

Peter knocked on Irene’s door and slowly went in but she was asleep so he and Tracey headed back to the station.

In Peter’s car

‘Pete you sure your ok’ asked Tracey.

‘How many times do I have to tell you I’m all good’ replied Peter getting mad from Tracey asking if he’s ok every hour.

‘Im just looking out for you as midnight is getting closer’ said Tracey.

‘Yeah 22 hours and 30 minutes until I get it’ shouted Peter.

‘Your going to be here on Thursday morning you know that’ said Tracey.

‘Yeah it really looks like that Maxine really makes empty threats don’t she!!!’ shouted Peter getting really wound up.

Peter’s mobile starts to ring

‘Peter baker’

‘Ok we will be right over’ said Peter with a grin on his face.

‘Who was that’ asked Tracey

‘Sally, Cassie has turned up’ replied Peter.

Caravan Park

Cassie was sitting down on the sofa drinking water.

Peter arrives with Tracey.

‘Hey Sal’ said Peter walking over to Cassie

‘You ok Cass’ asked Tracey

‘Yeah I think so…’ replied Cassie holding Ric’s hand tight.

‘Me and Tracey need to know exactly what happened but take your time’ said Peter.

‘Well me and Ric came home from Noah’s looking for Sal but we could’nt find her so Ric checked up stairs and I stayed down stairs. I heard a noise from the back door so I went over to check, their was nothing there so I headed over to the front door but as I turned around I was hit over the head the next thing I remember is waking up in a small shed’ said Cassie.

‘did you see who done this’ asked Tracey.

‘No but when I came round I had these clothes on and their was plently of food for me’ replied Cassie.

‘How did you get out’ asked Peter.

'That was the thing I fell sleep for about 1 hour about 10 o’clock and had enough strength to try and get out but the shed door was already open so I just ran but it was pitch black and I couldn’t see anything. I just kept running until I got on to the main road and ran here’ said Cassie.

‘Its as if Zoe wanted her to get out of the shed’ said Ric.

‘Cassie we are going to have to take them clothes for forensics’ said Peter.

‘Yeah sure’ Cassie took her Jacket off and handed it to Tracey.

‘I think I will go and have a shower I will give you the other clothes after I get in the shower’ said Cassie.

‘Just as Cassie was about to walk up stairs Peter noticed something on the back of her shirt.

‘Cassie come back here a minute’ said Peter.

Cassie’s shirt had a picture with Peter and a rope around his neck also 21 hours written on it.

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Chapter 10

‘What does 21 hours mean’ Ric asked curiously.

‘Some sick joke most probably’ replied Tracey but Sally looks at Peters face and realises that this time Peter is scared.

Ric goes up stairs to collect Cassie clothes.

Tracey’s mobile starts to ring.

‘Pete can I have a word out side’ asked Sally.

‘Sure’ said Pete walking outside.

‘Pete I know what’s going on the 21 hours is some sort of deadline for you’

Said Sally

‘Its not it’s some kind of joke’ replied Peter.

‘Pete why do you keep lying like this, I’m here for you, you can tell me anything’ said Sally.

‘It’s nothing’ said Peter.

‘There is’ replied Sally.

‘Ok well Tracey stayed at mine last night because I have not been sleeping but when I woke up their was a card board cut out of Zoe holding a gun to my head then when I got to work their was a picture with me and a rope around my head with 2 days and 3 hours written above the picture. Which makes it Wednesday midnight? Said Peter.

Tracey walked outside to Pete.

‘Pete I have go to get back to the city, If we go now we can book in to a hotel or you could go back to your flat and I will come back for you tomorrow’ said Tracey

‘Pete can stay hear’ said Sally.

‘I couldn’t ask you to do that’ replied Peter.

‘I not offering I’m saying you are, you have no choice’ Sally demanded.

‘Ok, Tracey I will ring you tomorrow’ said Peter.

‘Take care’ replied Tracey walking to her car.

‘Right I better get making dinner you look like you could do with a good meal’ said Sally.

Ric walked in to the kitchen.

‘Hey Pete’ said Ric.

‘Ric where’s Cassie’ sally asked.

‘She has gone straight to bed she said to say night’ replied Ric.

‘Ric Peter is staying with us for a while’ Sally mentioned.

‘Wicked but one thing, I wanna know some juicey gossip about that new detective and you’ laughed Ric while he was asking Peter.

‘Juicey gossip there is none mate trust me, she is too bossy for me I prefers a laid back nice kind of women’ laughed Peter.

‘Well I think Colleen is single these days’ Sally said.

‘I think we even have her number on speed dial’ replied Ric.

‘I think I will pass I’m still looking, but when I have found her you will be the first to know I promise’ peter said.

Half hour later

‘Right I’m off to bed. Night mum night Pete’ said Ric as he walked up to his room.

‘I think I better hit the sack to’ said Peter.

‘Yeah me too’ said Sally.

4 am

Sally turned on the kitchen light and made her self a drink.

Pete walked in the kitchen after Sally.

‘Hey you can’t sleep as well’ asked Peter.

Pete and Sally sat on the sofa.

‘Can I ask you something?’ asked Sally.

‘Yea’ replied Peter.

‘You know when you returned to the bay was it really because you wanted to be near Leah’ asked Sally.

‘Yes well no I had to come back because of the Zoe case but I missed everyone in the Bay then when I found out about Leah and Dan splitting my feelings for her just hit me. But I knew nothing would come from it’ replied Peter.

‘Im so glad you come back’ Sally said.

‘Thanks’ said Peter while looking in to Sally’s eyes.

‘I’m so sorry bout this if I could do anything about Zoe I would, but she just keeps playing with the town’ said Peter drawing closer to Sally.

Sally leaned in towards Peter and kissed him.

Peter pulled back from the kiss

‘Sal’ said Peter whilst they looked in each others eyes.

‘I can’t do this’ said Peter.

Sally sat back trying to figure out why Peter pulled away.

‘You have just lost Flynn, I’m an emotional wreck’ said Peter.

Peter moved away and went up stairs.

Sally looked confused

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