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Troubled Love

Guest ~Angel~

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this is my first fanfic. hope u all think its good.

please review!

chapter 1

martha was at home, ironing clothes.


"What is it, lizzie?" sighed Martha.

"Jason keeps on taking my dolls," shouted Lizzie. Martha walked into lizzie's, her 3 year old daughters bedroom and found her son, Jason, 4 years oldwith 2 dolls.

"Jason give lizzie back her dolls!” said Martha.

“I’m home!” jack said as he came in the front door. She went to greet him.

“Hi” she kissed him. Jason came out of his room. He covered his eyes when he saw them kissing. Jack and Martha saw him and they broke the kiss up.

“Sorry mate,” said Jack. “We didn’t see you were there.”

Jason went back into his room.

“I’m going to have a shower,” said Jack.

“Ok” said Martha. They kissed again and jack went into the shower. Soon jack was out of the shower.

“I’m going to catch a wave,” said Jack.

“Ok” said Martha. 10 minutes after jack left, there was a knock at the door. Martha opened the door. A girl about her age stood there.

“Hi,” said Martha.

“Hi,” said the girl. “My names Jessica. I’m jack’s ex-girlfriend. Can I talk to you about jack?”

“OK,” said Martha. She knew she’d hear something she wouldn’t want to.

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Glad you liked it!

here is the next chapter!

Chapter 2

Martha and Jessica sat on the sofa. martha eyed jessica suspiciously.

"What would you like to tell me," asked Martha.

"Well, a few years ago,” started Jessica. “Me and jack were in love. We secretly got married. But then jack accidently killed the chamber’s girl and then harry chambers chased him out of the city. Jack said he’d always love me no matter what happened. I felt like seeing him so I came to summerbay. I thought we could get back together. But now I’ve seen you with him and your children, I think I might leave it if jack wants to be with you.”

Martha didn’t say anything. She felt angry, sad and hurt.

“How could jack do this to me, she thought. How could he not tell me about his first marriage.

“I’ll go,” said Jessica. Martha didn’t even look at her. As Jessica went out the door, an evil smile crept up upon her face.


Martha sat quietly on the sofa. Her face was wet with tears.

“I’m back,” said Jack. He went over to give Martha a kiss but she pulled away.

“What’s the matter?” asked jack.

“I had a chat with Jessica, remember her,,” said Martha.

“Who on earth is Jessica,” asked Jack, confused.

“Don’t play stupid,” said Martha. “You know who Jessica is, your first wife?”

“My first wife?” asked jack. “his head was in a muddle.”

Martha started to shout.

“you got married and you never told me. How could you not tell me that,” shouted Martha.

“What are you talking about?” said Jack. “I never got married!”

“Jessica, your ex-wife just told me about how you told her you’d always love her no matter what happened,” shouted martha. She felt tears falling down her cheeks again.

“I don’t need you,” shouted Martha. “You can get back together with your ex-wife. Because I don’t need you.”

Jack stared at her. With that, Martha ran into their room. She got out a suitcase. She packed all her clothes in it. She went into lizzie’s and Jason’s room and packed all their clothes too.

“What are you doing, mummy?” asked lizzie.

“We’re going to go to somewhere else to stay,” said Martha.

“But I don’t want to go,” said Lizzie.

“Well we are!” shouted Martha. Martha took her suitcase and then lizzie and Jason. She walked out of the front door.

“Martha, I seriously don’t know who Jessica is!” said Jack grabbing Martha’s hand to stop her from leaving.

“Let go of me!” Martha pulled her hand away. Jack stared out the front door as he watched the 3 of them go.

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here are the next 2 chapters

Chapter 3

Martha woke up at half eleven in the morning. She had stayed over at Sally’s house. She looked around. Lizzie and Jason were sleeping either side of her. Lizzie had woken up a few times at night and everytime she had, she had said: ‘Where’s daddy?”. Martha had started to cry when she heard her say it. Martha finally got up and started to get dressed.


Meanwhile, Jack was drinking at ‘Noah’s’. He was confused. He had never met a girl named Jessica. Jessica was on the other side of Noah’s. she was talking on her mobile.

“So I have to walk up to him and start a friendly chat. Then I ask him why is he so miserable…”

“Yeah,” said the voice. “Tell him your name is Jess.”

“And then I start to comfort him?” asked Jessica.

“Yes. Then when Martha comes, say you have to go. Say ‘bye jack’ and he’ll reply ‘bye jess’. Hopefully he’ll say, ‘thanks for everything’. Then you hug him...”

“…And Martha sees us. Good plan.” She shut her mobile off. Jessica walked up to the counter. She sat down next to Jack.

“Hi,” said Jessica.

“Hi,” said Jack.

“I’m Jess,” said Jessica. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Jack.” Said Jack.

“you look really miserable, what’s up?” said Jessica. Jack told her about him and Martha. Jessica comforted him. after a few minutes Martha walked in. she saw jack with the girl who she knew as Jessica. Martha walked up to the counter and started her shift.

“I have to go now,” said Jessica. “Bye Jack.”

“Bye Jess,” said Jack. “Thanks for everything.”

Bye Jess? Martha thought. He lied to me before he knows Jessica, he even calls her by her nickname!

Martha watched as Jessica hugged Jack. Jessica went out of ‘Noah’s’.

“So how are things with you and Jessica?” Martha asked.

“Who on earth is Jessica?” said Jack, he was annoyed.

“You were just talking to her, you called her ‘Jess’!” said Martha, angrily.

“I only met her a few hours ago!” said Jack.

“and you were already hugging?” said Martha.

“I’m getting sick of you Martha. I was going to apologise to you, I was going to ask you if I could have another chance, but you and I can forget it!” shouted Jack. He got up and walked out of ‘Noah’s’. Jessica was hiding outside. She grinned evilly. Martha was crying. Her heart was broken. She knew she wouldn’t get Jack back that easily.

Chapter 4

Martha was in the shower, trying to wash away all her worries. Everything was going wrong.

“I might as well ask him for a divorce,” she said to herself. Martha got out of the shower. She wrapped her hair in a towel and then she put on her clothes. Jessica was really starting to get on her nerves. Meanwhile, Jessica was outside Sally’s house. She had come in from the window. She had a knife in her hand. Martha walked out of the bathroom, and as she turned , she felt something go into her side. She fell to the floor. Blood was dripping out. Jessica smiled her evil smile and she took out her phone again.

“Yes. Corey, everything’s done!” she said and she shut the phone. She ran out. Martha was left there, blood spilling out….

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i finished the chapter before going!

Chapter 5

Jack was driving past sally’s house. Suddenly, he noticed that the door was open. He reversed his car until he reached the entrance to sally’s. jack got out of the car and went inside to see why the door was open.

“Hello?” he called out. “Anyone home.”

He walked up the stairs, when he reached the top step, a plittle puddle of blood was in front of him. jack was shocked, he then saw Martha lying on the floor. He ran over to her.

“Martha?” said Jack. He saw the knife. “Oh god!”

Jack pulled out his mobile and called for an ambulance.


Jack was waiting in the hospitals waiting room. Alf burst in through the door both of his hands were held by lizzie and Jason.

“I just found out!” said Alf. “What happened to her?”

Lizzie ran over to jack and sat down on his lap. Jason sat down beside them.

“I don’t know, I just found her on the floor.” Said Jack. After half an hour, the doctor came out.

“Is she ok,” said Jack, standing up.

“Yes. We managed to do a little work,” said the doctor, he explained what happened.

“You can go inside, but she will be resting,” finished the doctor. The 4 of them went inside. Lizzie gave martha’s cheek a kiss. Martha’s eyes opened and focused on lizzie.

“Hey…” said Martha.

“How are you feeling love?” asked Alf.

“I’m fine,” said Martha.

“How can you be fine?!” exclaimed Alf. “you’ve just been stabbed. Wait until I find out who did this to you!”

“Grandad…” said Martha.

“Lucky Jack found you…” said Alf.

“Jack found me?” said Martha. Martha looked at jack who had been standing in the corner quietly. Alf noticed the tension in both of them.

“I’d better go,” said Alf. “I’ll drop lizzie and Jason at Sally’s.”

“Okay,” said Martha. “Bye.”

After alf and the children left there was a silence.

“How are you doing?” asked Jack.

“I’m ok,” said Martha. “I’m used to getting stabbed by people.”

Jack noticed the sarcasm in her last sentence. Matha lifted herself up until she was sitting.

“Can you remember what happened?” said jack.

“I’d gotten out of the bathroom and then I felt a sharp pain in my side, that’s all…” Martha shrugged. “How’d you find me?”

“I was driving past and I noticed the door was open. I thought I’d find out what was going on,” said jack. They both went silent again. They both found it awkward being in the same room together, alone.

“I’ve got to go,” said jack. He picked up his jacket and made his way towards the door.

“Jack?” said Martha.

“yeah?” said jack.

“Thanks for everything,” said Martha. Jack smiled. The next thing they knew was that they were kissing and neither of them pulled away

please review!

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hi guys,

sorry i took so long... :rolleyes:

here's the next chapter...

Chapter 6

Jessica walked down the road. she turned a corner. there was a shed outside. she looked around to see if anyone was looking. when the coast was clear she opened the door. Corey sat in a chair in the corner.

"Where's my money?" she asked him.

"What money?" said Corey, pretending to look innocent.

"Stop fooling around!" Jessica said.

"I told you i don't have any money for you!" said Corey. he put tape on her mouth. he took out a knife.

"No Corey!" she mumbled. "Don't!"

But it was too late. he withdrew the knife from her body. he got out a black bin bag and put her body inside. he threw the body into the river.

"Bye!" he grinned.


Martha walked through the forest. she was getting very tired but she needed to find it. she had lost her necklace and it had cost her a fortune to buy it. suddenly, 2 hands grabbed her.

"Help!" she screamed. a piece of tape was stuck on her mouth. she felt herself being dragged. the next thing she knew, she was sitting in a shed. her hands and legs were tied and the tape was removed from her mouth with a hand. the person stood in front of her.

"Corey!" she said, horrified. he grinned wickedly.

"Please don't hurt me!"

"You fell for the the lies my friend told," he said. "I never knew you were so easy."

"Your friend?"

"Yes, my friend Jessica," he said.

"Lies?" she said.

"I got her to lie," admitted Corey.

"None of it was true?" martha asked.


Martha realized what a fool she had been.

"So where is Jessica now?" she asked.

"She's gone? Dead?" said Martha. Corey smiled wickedly again. then it all came to Martha.

"Wait until i tell the police about what you did!" she said.

"You won't be able to!" said Corey. he took out a matchbox and lit the match. martha looked horrified as he dropped it and the shed went up in flames...

Please review!

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Chapter 8

“She’s not answering. It’s gone to voicemail,” Jack informed Alf. Jack cancelled the call.

“I wonder where she is?” said Alf.

“She text me saying she’d lost her necklace and was going to go find it,” said Jack.

“lets go find her,” said Alf. Jack nodded.

“I’ll come too,” said Tony who had also been listening in.


Martha woke up and started coughing. She stumbled across and then grabbed it. She coughed a few more times. Her clothes were sooty and burnt. She saw Corey lying on the floor. The keys of the shed were in his hand. Still coughing, she grabbed the keys and made her way towards the door. She walked outside, a bit wobbly. Suddenly she fell to the floor. Her mobile rang again but she couldn’t answer it…


Jack threw his phone onto the seat beside him in frustration.

“Calm down!” said Tony. Alf, Tony and Jack got out of the car. They split up and went in different directions. Jack spotted smoke among some of the trees. He called Martha’s number again. He heard her ring tone from a distance. He ran where the sound was getting louder and louder. Finally he stopped to look up. Her mobile was ringing from the smoke part. He ran until he found the shed.

“Martha!” he said. He called Alf’s number.

“What is it, Jack. Have you found her?” said Alf. Jack told him directions towards the smoke. A few minutes later, a breathless Alf and a breathless Tony came rushing to Jack. Martha coughed but didn’t open her eyes. Tony went inside the shed and saw Corey lying on the floor, lifeless.

“Jack, I think there’s something you should see,” said Tony. Jack left Alf with Martha. Jack was shocked to see Corey. Then, Jack heard Alf calling for an ambulance.


A few days later, Martha was sitting on the sofa. The news of Jessica’s and Corey’s deaths spread around town. Martha had moved back in with Jack. Jack came up from behind Martha and kissed her cheek.

“Hey,” he said. Martha was so deep in her thoughts that she didn’t hear.

“Earth to Martha,” said Jack.

“Sorry, I was…” said Martha.

“Thinking of Corey and Jessica,” Jack finished the sentence for her. “Martha it’s over, you’ve got to let it go.”

“I’m trying,” said Martha. “Jack, I’m sorry.”

“For what?” Jack said confused.

“For not believing you about Jessica,” said Martha.

“It’s okay,” said Jack. HE TURNED, TO GO UP TO HIS BEDROOM.

“And Jack?” said Martha.

“Yeah?” said Jack.

“I love you,” said Martha.

“I love you too,” Jack smiled.



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