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Maybe We Can't Turn Back

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'You look amazing. Do you know that?" he whispered into her ear. Martha felt her heart beating louder and faster. Turning to face him, she locked their fingers together and kissed his soft lips. "I love you, Jack" she smiled. He stroked his fingers gently through her hair, simply replying "I love you too"


"Jack you ready?" Martha called as she applied the final layer of lipgloss. Jack emerged from the bedroom, fastening up his shirt. "Yes. Honestly. Do you ever stop nagging?" he sighed. Martha laughed and gently punched his arm. "Watch it you" she smiled. Jack picked up his jacket from the sofa and handed Martha her bag. "Let's go" he said, tossing the car keys to her.


"Hey. Come in!" Tasha squeeled. Martha entered the aprtment, closely followed by Jack. "Wow this place looks great" Jack said, admiring the way the once old and dingy apartment had been transformed into a real home. "Thanks" said Robbie "As you can probably tell, Tasha picked the interiors" he said, nodding towards the pink cushions on the sofa.


"Here, we'll do the washing up" said Jack, as he and Robbie began taking te plates to the kitchen. Robbie pulled a face at him. "Don't winge Rob, it's your turn anyway" said Tasha as she handed him her half empty plate. Robbie tutted, and began walking to the kitchen. Simply muttering under his breath "And you could have at least ate the veg"

"So how are things with you and Jack going?" Tasha asked, once the boys were out of sight. "Oh they're going great. It's so nice to be wih him" said Martha. Tasha could tell something was wrong, as Martha's voice began trembling. "What is it Mac?" she asked. Martha wiped a falling tear. "It's us. Me and Jack. I don't know what to do" she sobbed. Tasha looked at her. "I think we need to take a walk"


"Have you told Jack any of this?" Tasha asked as she and Martha sat on a bench looking out towards the sea. Martha shook her head. "I can't Tash. He'll hate me. I know he will"

"No he won't. He loves you. You need to tell him now. That way you can talk about it." Martha let tears stream down her face. Tasha placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Mac, I think you two are made for each other. And I know you do too. I don't want to be the cause of heartache but you need to tell Jack. He has the right to know"

"Oh, and what exactly would I say? Oh hi Jack, although you've been kind enough to let me into your life and you've loved me more than anyone ever could, I think you should know I've slept with one of your best friends. He won't just forgive me, Tash"

"Look, you know Jack. He's not going to hate you for it"

"Yes he will. The day we got back together, I promised him. No more secrets. No more lies."

"Then tell him. You guys will work it out" said Tasha, trying to sound as convincong as possible.


"Sit down. We need to talk" said Martha as she took Jack's hand and lead him towards the couch. He sat next to her. "I need to talk to you too" said Jack.

"Look Jack, I erm.. There's something you should know"

"I know I love you. I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know I want us to be together forever" he smiled. Martha felt her heart sink as she watched him take a box from his jacket pocket and open it, revealing a sparkling diamond ring. "Martha Mckenzie. Will you marry me?"

What will Martha's reaction be?

Will she tell Jack the truth?

Who did Martha cheat on Jack with?

Can their relationship survive?

Find out soon.....

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Thanks. Sorry it took longer to post. Here's part 2. NOTE:Parts of this contain material some people find not suitable for younger ages.

"Jack, I...... I don't know what to say" Martha sobbed as Jack held the open box towards her, revealing the sparkling diamond ring. Jack wiped away a tear with his thumb. "Just say yes" he whispered to her. Martha cupped his face into her hands. "I love you Jack. More than you'll ever know" she cried. Jack smiled. "Is that a yes?"

The silence that crept between them made Jack's stomach feel like it was doing somersaults. Martha stared deep into his eyes and smiled at him. "Jack Holden, I would love to be your wife!" she shouted and threw her arms around his neck. Jack kissed her and placed the ring on her finger. "It's perfect" she admired. "How did you know what size to get?"

"I got Tash to get a ring from your jewellery box. I know it's invading your private space but I had to do something. I'm sorry" he whimpered. Martha kissed him. "I forgive you" she whispered softly into his ear. He could feel his heart beating louder and faster as their bodies pressed together. Words were invisible to them as they gently entwined together. Breaking away from her, Jack stood up. "What?" asked Martha. Jack held out his hand to her. Martha took it and smiled as he led her to the bedroom.

As they entered the bedroom, Jack slowly lay Martha onto the bed and began softly kissing her body. She removed his shirt and locked their fingers together. Their special night was only just beginning.....


One hour later, they lay side by side on the bed, wrapped in eachothers arms. Martha smiled as Jack ran his fingers through her hair. "I love you" he whispered into her ear. Martha gently stroked his arm. She looked up at him. Their gazes met one another. For the first time, on this special night, she noticed the colour of his eyes. They were a spectacular brown. Chocolate brown. Deep brown. Perfect brown. "I love you too" she smiled. Jack climbed out of bed. "Where are you going?" you smiled. He turned and looked at her. "We're going to tell people."

"What? Already?" asked Martha. She felt her heart thud as reality set in. She'd spent the last few hours in some sort of dream world. Her fairytale. Yet, her dark secret lingered over her, and she desperatly wanted to protect it. She couldn't risk anybody finding out. Especially not Jack.


A few minutes later, Jack re-entered the bedroom. "I called some people, they're coming round now" he smiled. Martha, now out of bed and dressed in underwear and one of Jacks old jumpers, stared at him. "Who did you invite?" she asked. Panic rushed through her. What if he'd invited him? she thought to herself. He smiled. "Everyone"


The loud knock of the door was definetly not one Martha had wanted to hear, but she followed Jack anyway. As he opened the door, she fixed a smile and greeted her guests. One by one, they entered the living room. Then Martha's heart thumped as she came face to face with him. The person who had the power to wreck her happiness. "Hullo Martha" he grinned. Jack rejoined his fiancee, after talking to his Dad and held out his hand. "Thanks for coming Peter......."

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lol Nicole. Here's the next part:

The night seemed to go slower than any other night they'd arranged with friends, and Martha was growing more and more uncomfortable being around Peter. She prayed that the night would end and she could just crawl into her pyjamas and climb back into bed with Jack, shutting away the rest of the world. Yet she knew she couldn't. She had to face up to her mistakes. She walked over to Peter and grabbed his arm. "We need to talk" she whispered, as she grabbed his arm and pulled him into the bedroom, shutting the door behind them. He moved towards her. "Couldn't wait to get me alone, could you?" Peter smiled, leaning in to kiss Martha. She moved her head and sat on the bed. "Look Pete, what happened between us was a mistake. I'd never do anything to risk what I have with Jack, I love him"

"So, why did you do it?" asked Peter. Martha closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. "I don't know" she whispered. "I was attracted to you, and I knew you were attracted to me, but I knew nothing would happen because I was with Jack, and then that night, we had that massive argument, and you were there. I just...It was a mistake" she cried. Peter nodded.

"OK, so how does that explain all the other times. The night Jack was working late. The night you said you were going on a night out with Tasha. How do you explain them Martha?" Peter asked. He'd moved in front of Martha and she could feel his breath on her skin. She desperatly tried to move, yet Peter seemed adament she wasn't going anywhere. "Now, it might have been a mistake to you, but it wasn't to me." he grumbled. Martha felt tears trickle down her face. "Pete please. Just leave Jack and I alone. I'm begging you. Let us be happy"

"And what about me?" asked Peter. "Martha, I really care about you."

"I'm sorry Peter" she cried. Peter nodded. "OK" he said and walked out of the bedroom, leaving Martha sat, tears streaming down her face, confused and angry.


"Sorry I took so long, needed to have some time alone" said Martha as she went back to the living room. Jack looked at her. "You OK babe? you seem upset". Martha smiled softly. "Yeh, I'm....." he gaze met Peters. He was looking at her, and he looked unimpressed. "I'm just great" she said turning back to Jack. He kissed her. Peter stood up and cleared his throat. "Can I have everyone's attention please?" he said. "I'd like to make a speech". Martha could feel her heart racing. Surely he wouldn't? Not here? Not now?

"I just want to say that Jack had been telling me all night how happy he is and how much he loves Martha. He keeps telling me she's the most important person in his life and how he wants them to be together forever. And, from what I've heard, and seen, tonight, Martha seems to want the same. And I'm sure you'll all agree with me when I say I wish them a lifetime of happiness together" he said. Martha untensed her body and raised her glass so it was on level with Jacks. Peter looked at them and felt a stab of hurt and jelousy. "But, I'm afraid I can't let that happen"..........

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lol Nicole. I wasn't going to update just yet but I thought I'd better had:

Jack looked at Martha, confused and then at Peter. "Pete, what's going on mate?" he asked, slightly worried. Martha took Peter's arm and dragged him outside. Jack followed closely behind. "Martha, please tell me what's going on" called Jack as Martha continued pulling Peter down the street. Peter roughly pulled his arm away and looked at Martha. "Tell him" he said, his eyes staring at Martha. Martha looked at her feet. "Please, not now. Not here" she said. Jack stood, a confused look fixed on his face. "Martha, I don't understand what's going on" he said in a slightly nervous tone. Peter raised his eyebrow. "Shall I tell him?" he asked. Martha looked at Peter. She could tell from the look in his eyes that he wasn't joking. She shook her head. "Go away Peter. Jack and I need to talk in private" she cried. Peter shrugged. "Sorry Mate" he said and turned his back.


It was twenty minutes later and Jack was stood by Martha, who was sat on the couch, her head buried into her hands. "Why?" he asked. His eyes filled with tears. Martha looked at him. "I don't know. I was crazy" she sobbed. She placed her hand on Jack's arm. "Jack please...."

"Dont touch me!" he shouted, moving away from her. He watched as she stepped back. "Don't come near me." he shouted. "Just get out!"

Martha wiped away a felling tear and quickly left. She could feel her head spinning. She needed to talk to Jack. Sort things out. She didn't want to lose him. Yet she knew he needed time alone.


Jack stood in the living room. His eyes red from crying. He looked angrily at the photo of himself and Martha on the shelf below the mirror, and anger spread through him. How could she hurt him like this? She'd sworn they'd be together forever, No more secrets, No more lies. And yet, here she was, telling him their whole relationship had been a lie. He couldn't see how there was any way back for them.


The door slowly crept open. Martha walked in. The broken frame that held a picture of her and Jack told her he hadn't 'thought' about things. She called out his name and watched as he emereged from the bedroom, a suitcase following behind him. "Jack, please...."

"I'm sorry" he cried. Martha felt her knees go weak. "We can work through this. Jack, I love you. I'll never hurt you again. Please" He shook his head, and held her left hand. "Keep it" he cried, looking at the engagement ring he'd given her only a few hours earlier. "I don't want it back"

"Jack no...." she cried. Jack picked up his suitcase and simply exited the house, turning only once to look at her. She stood, crying. "I love you, Martha" he sobbed. Martha ran to him and took his hand. "and I love you. Come back inside we can sort it" she cried. Jack shook his head, picked up his suitcase and walked away. Martha stood frozen in the doorway as she acknoleged the end of the relationship......

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OK, I've decided how to do it. I'm not saying though, you'll just have to read on:

The apartment seemed so empty since she had left, yet Jack knew he had done the right thing. He sat back on the chair and sobbed. He was madly in love with Martha and he didn't want to live without her, yet he didn't know if he wanted to live with her.

Picking up the phone, he dialled her number and listened as it rang. "Hey, Its me. We need to talk"...


"I'm so glad you called, I was thinking about you all last night and...."

"Martha stop!" Jack snapped. She stopped and looked at him. "What? I thought you wanted to sort this out" she asked as she looked at him. He looked into her eyes. "I do, but I don't see how we can. You hurt me and I'll never forget that. I don't know if I can trust you anymore"

"You can, Jack. I promise you. I ended things with Peter as soon as I realised I was in love with you. I don't want this to end Jack, you just have to tell me that you think it's worth a go" she cried.

"I know it's worth it. I've spent 3 years knowing it's worth it. I knew I wanted to be with you the day I met you, but I never thought you could hurt me this much"

"Jack, I am so sorry"

"Sorry isn't going to fix this, Martha. Yes, we love each other and yes your sorry, but how can I trust you again. I'm not going to be able to. And even if we did give it another try, you're going to be looking over your shoulder everytime you talk to another guy, wondering if I'm thinking you're having an affair. It won't work."

"So, it's really the end?" Martha cried as another tear rolled down her cheek. Jack sadly nodded. "Yes"

Martha nodded, too weak to fight. "OK" she sobbed. Jack wiped her tear "I love you Martha" he said. She looked at him. "I love you too". They embraced in a final kiss, before Jack exited the house. "I love you" called Martha. He turned and looked at her. "I love you too. Goodbye Martha"

She looked into his eyes and, realising it was really the end, simply replied "Goodbye Jack"

xXxXxThe EndxXxXx

that seemed like best ending for the fic. I hope it got the seal of approval :)' Thanks for reading x x


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