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Fri 19 May 06 - " When I Last Danced, ..... "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" When I Last Danced, I Was But The Learner, Now I Am The Master ”

(Screened in Australia on Fri 19 May 06 - Episode # 4190)

NOAH’S – Beth has a MAJOR go of Luke & his friends. She insists that they pay all the damages, and for the drinks they consumed. She insists that all but Luke get out of her sight.

She then verbally lays into Luke, but he rebukes her attacks before bailing.

BLOCK OF FLATS – The stalker (with glasses, and straight hair) is looking at a pic of peter & a map on the bed of her new flat. A tradesman comes to the door, and the stalker introduces herself as Maxine. Tradesman says he’ll see if he can quickly fix her plumbing problem, if not he’ll come back later.

POLICE STATION – jack enter peter’s office, and peter tells him that HQ have requested that jack work with peter on the stalker case. Peter insists that jack can’t tell anyone, and is annoyed when jack says that Martha already knows that she is. Jack adds that Martha will be able to keep secret.

BACHELOR PAD – Leah brings over some groceries, and she & Dan talk bout how he is. Dan says that the brain swelling is constantly going down and that he will be back to normal real soon.

BEACH – Luke staggers on the sand. And walks this way for a bit before having some more alcohol. He then removes his shirt and dives into the water (having missed that “no swimming” signs on the beach).

NOAH’S – Tony enters, and sees all the mess. He wants to ‘talk” to Luke, as he hated being deceived by Luke’s good boy act etc.

BEACH – Tony & Beth are walk on the sand when they se Luke’s shirt etc. they search for him but he is nowhere to be seem. Tony & Beth are way worried.

BACHELOR PAD – Leah & Dan talk some more before she bails to get some coffees from the diner. As she leaves, both Dan & Leah look like they know tat they can make their relationship work again.

BEACH – Beth & Tony have had no success find Luke, so they speak to Alf about the possibility that Luke is in trouble out in the ocean.

DINER – when peter complain about getting little sleep, because pf annoying neighbors, colleen suggests ballroom dancing, and the ballet classes that lance went to as a kid made him V tired.

Colleen adds that she & madge Wilkins have signed up to attend ballroom dance classes at the surf club. When Leah hears this, you can see that she is interested too.

BACHELOR PAD – Leah suggests to Dan that they should go to the ballroom dance classes together. He agrees.

SURF CLUB – Alf & co prepare the surfboat to look for Luke, whilst the likes of Tony & Tilley are way stress about Luke. Beth suggest that Tilly (and cassia) that they go to hunter house and see if Luke goes back there)

HUNTER HOUSE – tilly & cassie enter, and tilly is WAY stress bout the way she treat Luke when she last speak t him.

The girls hear a noise coming form Luke bedroom. They investigate – and find Luke in bed. He says that he did get caught in a rip in the surf, but got to shore and walked home. Tilly is a combination and relieved and disgusted.

SURF CLUB – Alf & co comment about Luke as the dance instructor hands out cards for signing on for the class.

Colleen enters and says that made has pulled out at the last minute – she took offence to colleen wanting to lead in the dance as colleen said that she has more experience. Colleen is now looking for partner, and Leah & Dan suggests Alf. He’s not keen, but eventually agrees.

Dance classes begin, and Alf complains about how many left feet that colleen had. Things are made worse when colleen says that she was paid for the both of them for the full duration of the dance class course.

Meanwhile, Leah is doing the teaching to Dan (nice opposite to Ada being taught the dances of DWTS). The instructor however suggests that they will dance better together if they are closer together.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tony WAY goes off at Luke. That doesn’t work, so he asks jack to speak to Luke. That doesn’t work either – and Luke insists “no one understands” (note – is this all because Luke thinks that Tony & jack are forgetting the mother that he never knew ???)

DINER – peter tells jack that they’ve got to go and walk on stalker base. Because jack is with Martha at the time, Peter tells Martha to DEF keep her mouth shut bout all this.

BEACH – Tilly approaches Luke, and tries to talk to him; she hits that same brick wall that all others have with Luke of late.

BLOCK OF FLATS – jack & Peter approach Peter’s flat. The tradesperson we saw earlier asks if he can tend to the problem in jack's flat, but jack suggests that he busy and the tradesperson can deal with it later.

When peter & jack go inside, the tradesperson goes to the flat next door. Maxine comes to the door. She is pleased the tradesperson can fix her plumbing now, and she looks towards Peter’s flat .. loving the she is sooooooooooooooo close to him (end of ep)


The stalker is on the move with her revenge – 5 ppl will DIE !!!!!!!

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