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End theme shortened

Guest NuttyNeighbour

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has anyone in the UK noticed that sometime in the last week, they've cut about five seconds out of the closing theme?

Here's what it was since it was lengthened at the start of the new season, with the bits in bold being what they've just cut out.


everybody needs good neighbours

With a little understanding,

you can find the perfect blend.



should be there for one another.

That's when good neighbours,


good friends,

Ooh, good friends

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As I understand it, the BBC have cut about seven seconds from the closing credits. The Aussie version lasts 42 seconds, the UK edit lasts 35 seconds.

I can understand why the long closing credits were cut down, as the BBC has a limit on how long closing credits should last, however to cut seven seconds seems pedantic.

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The Australian edit lasts 1 minute 14 seconds, or it did until this year when Network Ten reduced it down. I'm not sure what it's currently running at.

The BBC edit has been 35 seconds since 1995, which is when their new credits policy came in. As Neighbours is a show under half an hour it can only have a maximum of 30 seconds of credits. However, Programme Acquisition managed to swing an extra 5 seconds.

The new remix of the theme they were using ran to 40 seconds until someone noticed and demanded it be cut back to 35 seconds.

Yes, that's how I understand it. Surely the BBC could have just used the old version rather than that ugly-sounding in-house edit though.

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What was so terrible about having five extra seconds? Isn't the EastEnders end credit sequence longer than that?

Neighbours is under 30 minuites. EE gets a longer end credit sequence simply because it lasts 30 mins and Neighbours doesn't. As it stands Neighbours still gets 5 more seconds than it should apparently. :rolleyes: BBC policy.

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